According to Drew Edwards :lol:
Let me guess... James out Bauman in, Shivers out Beswick in.. there! Fixed :smiley:
Seriously though, let's throw some draft picks around in bring in a threat or two.We suck at drafting anyways.

While on the topic, i'd love to hear idea's from the peeps on the CFL network about possible changes ahead.What do you think the Ticats will do in the coming week? Make a trade or two? Sign a big name FA like Ryan Grice-Mullen, Randee Drew, Ian Smart or Sideeq Shabazz?

Personally I think we'll see 1 trade, an average one nothing too insane.And then I believe we'll see James released in favour of either Challenger or Grice-Mullen.

Grice-Mullen isn't available. He's still on the Dolphins' roster.

My bad! :slight_smile:
I made that list looking at the CFL FA list that's why, but I also notice Foley is a FA :lol:

James needs to learn how to catch before he can start again.. the guy is soft.

8) Well, according to Drew Edwards in this mornings Spectator, the biggest change could be at starting QB !!
 Porter could get the start in Regina.

 Let the QB controversy officially begin now !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

How about we stop playing a man short on D every play and put a safety back there that can actually make a play.

Boy is that an understatement...How old OBE can find some good players but seems to major in bums

[quote="Tipper"]8) Well, according to Drew Edwards in this mornings Spectator, the biggest change could be at starting QB !!

 Porter could get the start in Regina.


If he runs alot he might be effective!!

Porter is to slow on his reads and locks into a receiver. If you recorded the Montreal game watch the replay when he threw the interception. Emery never moved out of position. Porter followed the receiver across the field never once looking to the middle to see if the linbacker had vaccated and threw it right to him. He’s got miles to go before he’s a real starter. The fact that they may be thinking of starting him suggests a hint of panic.

MB seems to have gotten away from developing a QB for the future. He's all but forgotten about Porter when what worked last year was to start Porter and let him run the defense ragged, since nobody in the world believes Glenn is a threat to complete a deep pass anyway, Porter's mobility will keep a defense honest and more off balance and add an extra dimension for them to worry about. Then you put Glenn in the second and third quarter to either mop up or provide some kind of spark whichever is the case. It worked last year. Then Marcel got into this either-or line of thinking and that's not working. Go with what worked last year until MB got confused. You start Porter, and establish a running game, then when the secondary is winded from chasing Porter around, you throw Glenn in to exploit it PROVIDED he can ever complete one downfield. Bottom line is Glenn needs to be a more complete QB. He's just looking for receivers and not improvising like Porter can do when a play breaks down. Glenn tried to finally improvise against the Habs but fumbled and that was effectively game, set, match.

I think glenn will be ok but i feel the play calls are what are making him look bad . When we last played winnpeg the recievers caught everything but in Montreal it wasn’t that way you have to help out your Qb sometimes .Here is an example of bad play calls that 3rd down and 2 yards to go you hand off to cobb when the running game this year has sucked I new it wasn’t going to work from the stands in Montreal IT HASN’T WORKED ALL YEAR so why try .It would have been better to place trafralis or porter in so the defence would have to respect the mobile QB.

Marcel going back to Porter? :lol:

Don't think it was Glenn's fault that his receivers dropped passes, his O-line couldn't protect him, his running back didn't hit the holes with authority and couldn't protect the ball at the goal line, and his OC's playbook looks like it was written in crayon by Michael Bishop.

This is a pure MB panic move, not long-headed, simply change for its own sake. Porter hasn't had any meaningful playing time this season. Start him next week and you're all but guaranteeing you'll be 1-4.

WOW, Drew made it sound like the Ticat's were going to bring some new guys in or something but nope, it's a record 150th Porter vs Glenn article.Why exactly was this a must read?

As soon as I saw that they were even considering putting in Porter I got scared.

Someone who can get into the cam frame and have an impact...GASP...LOL :wink:

Time for Barker to take his place. It may be rough at times, but he will make plays!

Oski Wee Wee,


Agree. Cats are WAY too hung up on Beveridge.

I'd go as far as saying that AA is in order to address their beverage addiction :lol:

I'll agree with that, actually. Beveridge is okay as a back-up but its Barker's turn to show that he has what it takes.

I don't think Changing Glen is the Answer ..
The Play Calling has been suspect at Best
The lack of Balance Worries me
The Team Needs Look at Packages.
why have they not use the Fullback to get short Yardage.
Brown has great Size. he should be able to get a yard