Changes in the offseason wish list.

Bit early I know but there are a few things I would like to see immediately after Sunday.

  1. Miller announces at least one more year as HC
  2. Jim Daley takes over as HC in Calgary. (OK I would be happy with him just gone.)
  3. RGM to be cut, possibly give Jason Armstead another chance if he can keep out of trouble this winter.
  4. An announcement of a domed stadium in Regina.
  5. Chick gets cut and comes back to Sask.
  6. Some announcements of re-signings with our superstars that extend past 2 years.
  7. Call up Ritchie Hall and bring him home.
8) Clermont signs on for a couple more years.

I really only have 1, and that's to see Daley gone. Calgary probably has the 2nd worst special teams behind us, and they killed us last game in that department. I think Daley being gone immediately improves whoever we have back there, be it Dorsey, or Grice Mullen, or anyone.

I also wouldn't mind seeing the team bring back Richie Hall as DC, but if the Riders play well on defense on Sunday and bring the Cup back I don't see it happening. I'd rather win the Cup than have Richie Hall back, priorities are clear on that.

That all of those who are jumping back onto the bandwagon would suffer broken legs and be out of action next season.

  1. I don't know how long Darian has in his current contract but I think a priority should be to sign him to a long term deal. 2. Get rid of Daley.

Agree, but reverse the order of priority...

  1. Get rid of Daley
  2. Ink Durant to an extension

and then I would add

  1. Find some young Canadian O-Linemen to bring to camp to push the veterans (and have some reserves for injury)


  1. IF Miller decides to leave, get a new HC from outside the organization. Whether Hall, Dave Dickenson, or someone else. I don't think Berry is the answer as long as DD is QB. Berry's offensive schemes just don't match DD's skillset as well as they should.

I still don't trust Brendan Taman to run a good team, but I'm willing to be proven wrong.