Changes in the Bomber camp

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Just read this from the Winnipeg Free Press. Hopefully my link works and more importantly…hopefully you can read the comments from Bomber fans at the bottom of the page over this latest move by Kelly. Man…there’s alot of unhappy Bomber fans in Winnipeg.

And I’ll bet there are more than just a few fans wondering if Doug Berry would have fielded a better team this season.

I never thought they should have got rid of berry

I didn't question at the time letting Berry go; he did seem to have lost the team. Just my impression.

Replacing him with Kelly, now that's another question entirely.

I agree he might have lost the team,i think he blew up on the sidelines to many times.
But I think hwas a great coach with a great record Im supprised another cfl team didnt pick him up

An interesting point.

If a new regime were to take over a CFL team they could do much worse than to hire Berry as offensive coordinator and Stubler as defensive coordinator.

Might see either or both of them back next season in those capacities.

Then, there's this:

According to Sportsnet, the Bombers have forced Stefan LeFors to take a $60,000 pay cut from $150,000 to $90,000 as a result of becoming Michael Bishop's backup.

LeFors's reaction: "They didn't put me in the best position. But when I feel like I have a gun to my head, what am I going to do?"

Orlando Steinauer on Sportsnet indicated that this does not sit well with players across the league or the CFLPA and there may be some action on this if the Bombers acted outside of the CBA.

Par for the course in Kelly's Heroes. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


what a classy organization.

And to top it all off this is the guy they wen't out and traded for...this is the guy they annointed #1...this is the guy that is now a back up behind Michael Bishop? out of shape and as usual can't hit the broad side of a barn....and they are going to force LeFors to take a pay cut....I didn't think you could do that...they should release him....EDM will pick him back up for just his salary and end up trading him away and getting him back for nothing....

If I was a bomber fan i'd be embarrassed....very embarrassed. This thing is a bigger train wreck than the Argo's. I love it. I really do. It's about time somebody other than Hamilton was the laughing stock of the leauge.

Im surprised lefors made that much to begin with lol

I wonder if lefors will get in trouble for going to the media about this,maybe it will be like the bruce situation lol

Our QB Are better then Him.

I'm from Winnipeg... and an avid Bombers fan. And I will go an record to say that our biggest mistake was getting rid of Glenn. I've read some of your comments on him, and will readily say that, although there certainly are those who claim he is an average QB, that I felt like he could have continued to grow here. People forget that he took us to the Grey Cup. I think you should feel lucky to have him.

Kelly's biggest mistake, and proabably his downfall, was shipping Glenn to you guys and putting Lefors as #1. If he had kept Glenn and groomed Lefors, Lefors wouldn't have been exposed for how bad he is, Kelly would have been given some patience, and chances are Glenn would have won us at least two of the games we lost because of a completely inept offence. And now look at is... we have nothing to build on and no direction for the future.

Oh well. What can a fan do but keep hoping though.

Dave I agree wholeheartedly. I wish more people here would recognize the talent we have here with Glenn as our potential starter....

I believe if Glenn had started our home opener we'd have won it. Starting Glenn and grooming Porter makes perfect sense to me.

As tough as the past three years have been in Tiger Town, I wouldn't trade them with Winnipeg for what Kelly is doing to the organization.


"Kickers Serna and Renaud bright spots for struggling Bombers"

Oski Wee Wee,


As we all know, things aren't good if the only bright spot on your team is the kicker (no offence intended to ours).

The media is overreacting with this, the team was going to cut Lefors if he refused, Printers refused a pay cut and now he's mopping floors somewhere for a living, the media didnt care about that.

Lefors should never have received such a ridiculous contract the guy can barely throw 40 yards.

Printers refused a pay cut in the offseason. It's difficult for most CFL stories to find traction at that time, media-wise. Something called hockey... LOL

LeFors? It's certainly in the sights of the CFLPA and its players for its timing. And the Mike Kelly era has been full of bad timing to date.

Oski Wee Wee,


Along with bad releases, bad trades, bad treatment of players, poor attempts to spy on teams, something stupid to say when ever a reporter talks to him, terrible offense under his system, terrible coaching in general, would not shake MB's hand after losing to Hamilton, all around tool that's for sure.

This is bush league the players don't have the right to ask for a raise half way through the season so the team shouldn't be allowed to rewrite his contract. try that crap in the real world you will have a problem.Makes the whole league look bad.It will be tough to recruit when you are pulling that nonsence off :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: