Changes In Starting Ticat Lineup vs. Riders-Oct 21/07

The Ticat depth chart has been posted for tomorrow’s game against the Riders. Here are the changes in the starting lineup and the players they are replacing noted in brackets:


Running Back- Anthony Davis (Terry Caulley)
Right Slotback- JoJo Walker (Nate Curry)


Left Cornerback- Lawrence Gordon (Dwight Anderson)
Safety- Sandy Beveridge (Tay Cody)
Right Defensive Back- Sir James Delgardo (Michael Roberts)
Right Cornerback- Richard Karikari (Lawrence Gordon)
Left Defensive Tackle- Howard Hodges (Darrell Adams)

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

What happened to Caulley? Why isn't Cody starting? When will Curry return kicks again?

Its about time they replaced Robets. Delgato isn't the greatest but he has shown a lot more game than Roberts when he has played early in the year.

and bradley still isnt starting because?

caulley has an injury at least that was reported friday on chch sports

Its a ratio thing. They want to start him but can't because all the import starter spots are filled so they have to go with non-import Karikari at corner. I'm sure they will do some shifting during the game to give bradley some playing time.

I read about all this in an article about the secondary from earlier this week..

again why Talman Gardner not in the Lineup..

Terry Caulley is out of the lineup
because of a ‘wonky’ ankle…hmmm?

Cody was tested this week at a halfback spot
but Sir James Delgardo has been penciled in there.

Jykine Bradley was tested at one corner.

Richard Karikari gets the start though.


D.C. Ed O’Neil suffered chest pains last game.

He has been at home in Buffalo this week
after a 2 day stay in the hospital.

and it looks like I made the right decision to cancel my trip to Regina for the game.

Hey Onkight dont go by this list, its changing now

Best wishes to Ed O'Neil! Get well soon!

I wish the Cats would go with the veteran CFL experience of Bradley, Cody and Karkari with Gordon at the corner and Beveridge at safety.