Changes in Moncton

It appears the only change among the 46 is Kelley back to the PR and Denson coming from the PR as the 46th player. They've forgotten to put him on the chart, but he is on the Active Roster list.

Hard to believe, after all this time, they're finally planning to start Thigpen on offence (at WR). The "tall" experiment has given way to a "speed" experiment, at least for this week.

The plan to dress Terry Grant for the first time is interesting. It looks to me like the only way they can accomplish that would be to not dress both Barkari Grant and Aaron Kelly. The other two Reserves would be Powell and Denson.

And, yet another experiment with the same old DBs.

All reasons to tune in, even for those who were thinking of not bothering.

I'm guessing they didn't like B.Grant's butterfingers as of late, thus inserting Thigpen at WR. (I've always though Thiggy would be a good fit at the flank)

Obie seriously needs to shore up the defensive secondary and the porous O-line. 5 sacks last week is completely unacceptable.

Somewhat interesting considering I have suggested the Terry Grant move and Thigpen in a pervious post. There is no way the team will succeed if they don’t find a way to put the 3 fastest players on the field at the same time. Steele and Smith have not been getting the job done, so enter Mullander and Kirk. The secondary will improve if the front 4 get pressure on Henry B. I like the moves but question the timing. Brings me to the conclusion the coaches do not understand they must create a miss-match. This is an important game considering Monteal beat Edmonton last night. Oskee Wee Wee…

so true..., imho, this, if anything, is the primary reason for the club not (yet) meeting pre-season expectations of the club's performance.

To be so deep into the season without having solved this issue is a concern and if they don't solve it then I'm afraid we're looking at an early play-off exit (provided we make the playoffs at all).

8) Obie had the past off season, and half of this year to shore up the D Secondary, and he still hasn't done it !!!
  Obviously some of the players they signed were over rated !!

   And this was supposed to be the Cats priority during the off season ??   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Historically, the most successful offenses in this league have found ways to stretch the attack vertically with deep threats on both sides of the field. I have been calling for this change for the greater part of two years. Thiggy has been a receiver in college and his presence in space will cause defences to adjust. If used correctly, he is going to make Chris WIlliams all the more dangerous because teams will have to pick their poison in safety coverages or play it safe. Opening up the intermediate and short passing game for Stala and Cobourne out of the backfield is critical for this offense to succeed. Glenn is a rhythm QB who is effective when he has his go-to-guy getting free underneath (see Bruce the last couple of years).

Stala has become that guy, but since the Grant-Kelly-Carter-Mann group hasn't had a whiff of consistency, we are seeing teams sit on Stala's routes. Teams are cheating their coverages and there has been little in consistency in fighting back....

When you have a QB who cannot throw open a deep passing window because of his arm, you need SPEED to get receivers loose across the field in seams where the QB can hit them on the fly. Even if Thiggy proves to be more of a decoy, having him flying around IS going to get defences on their heels. It is about bloody time!

Oski Wee Wee,


I know why we have to keep Carter, it's just too bad that there are not enough Canadian receivers out there and the import rules will not change soon. The guy is inconsistent and has hurt us.

Studying the depth chart again, they could keep Kelly in by making Means a Reserve.

Confirmation now on my second thought above (the plan is to dress Kelly) from the dressing room shot in this "TiCats set for TD Atlantic"" video report:

If this prediction turns into reality Sunday afternoon then I will start a petition for Obie to hire Oskie Oui Oui.

The more reports I read, the more confusing it becomes trying to predict who the 4th Reserve (in addition to B. Grant, Powell, and Denson) will be, if they really are dressing Terry Grant. My first thought was Kelly and then saw his jersey hanging in the locker room changing my thinking to Means. But he's in according to this:

[url=] ... -secondary[/url]

With the reference in that column to better tacklers, could they be thinking of sitting Shivers?
Or, was the dressing room film taken prior to the Saturday walk-thru and maybe all 46 put on their jerseys for that? If so, then it likely is Kelly.

If all these reports are accurate, then the team, as they've done more than once this season, is trying to hide their true plans in an inaccurate chart -- Is Means a back-up DHB or starting CB? Is Thigpen a back-up SB or starting WR? Is Kelly really a starting WR? Is B. Smith really @ DHB? Is Young really @ CB? Is Hinds really @ CB? Is Shivers really starting @ S?

I doubt it will fool the Stamps, but it will annoy the covering media and confuse the fans.

Designated on game day -- B. Grant, Kelly, Denson and Albert Smith.

So, Kelly does sit out, but Smith is a surprise. There were no hints in the media that he'd be out in favour of Powell.

Starting that petition yet Ock?

Yeah, where do I sign?

DBack Loyce Means seems to be a good find by Obie , he should cause some moves in the defensive backfield. :thup:

Loved how Means had the ability to look at Forzani's hands and knock the ball out. He's got some crazy fast wheels.

Good start. Now he just needs to find 4 more.