Changes in Hamilton

OC and O-Line coaches are gone. Mention of Gibson possibly coming to Edmonton. Not sure if I like that... :?

Hamilton is close. Maybe an upgrade in Coaching and a couple more player upgrades and the Ti-cats could challenge Montreal for the East.

...I think it'll be a tighter eastern division all the way around.......It depends on how good of a recruiting job the cats carry out....If not...they're starting from scratch.... ALSO ..IF the Bombers can turn six of their four-point losses into will be very intersting :wink:

More info on Gibson and Burratto leaving.


Word is current Ticats QB coach Khari Jones is on the short list.


What's your source?

[i]Defensive coordinator Greg Marshall is not expected back with the club.

There will be a push to hire deposed Edmonton head coach Richie Hall because of his close connection to Ticats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille, sources tell

The two worked together in Saskatchewan.

Hall will likely be on the short list for the head coaching job in Saskatchewan, if Ken Miller gives up that post to concentrate solely on football operations. Riders' offensive coordinator Doug Berry is expected to be the other candidate to take over as coach.

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Found it here:

Bellefeuille has started vetting candidates for the offensive co-ordinator job. Hamilton quarterbacks coach Khari Jones has already been interviewed.

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I would hope that whoever Tillman hires as HC will be able to hire his own assistants. Otherwise if Gibson is already pre-ordained to be one how is that different from what Maccocia did to Hall (ie forcing his guys on Hall as assistants)?

Bellefeuille is hiring his own C.O,s. He will make or break his H.C. career with the choices he's going to make.
Stubler would be a better fit in the Hammer than Hall as D.C, and Berry would be a good Hamilton rep as O.C, IMHO
As for S.T C.O, not sure whos available, but hopefully Bellefeuille finds soemone with imagination on kick returns.