Changes in Edmonton

Kavis Reed is now the OC and Kerry Joseph will start at QB: ... er-offence

Kavis Reed has no history on offense (he was the RB coach in Saskatchewan in 2009) and we all saw how well Joseph did the last time he started against the Cats. Edmonton could be ripe for the picking this Friday.

I agree Reed has no resume on the offensive side of things. . .but are you sure about RB coach?

I know he was D/C in Hamilton and Toronto; in Saskatchewan he was ST coordinator the year of the infamous 13th man on the Grey Cup field goal. . .

Not unheard of for an ST coordinator to also be an offensive position coach. Andy Bischoff currently wears the same two hats in Montreal.

And of course we all know how well that's turned out, don't we d&p ? :lol:

Not sure why I'm allowing my optimistic side show through but this makes me think a win in Edmonton is more possible now and I think the cats will win against BC at home so that should bring us up to 7-8.

Saskatchewan's gonna beat Toronto next week and Edmonton the week after, and Toronto will also lose to Montreal. We'll be tied with Toronto at 7-8 with one game left against them which we have to win, and Edmonton will be 5-10. Winnipeg if you even want to worry about them will be 3-12.

I'll probably be disappointed yet again but I'll keep dreaming anyway. Even if we went 1-1 and the rest of the games fell into place that wouldnt be too bad. At least we'll be two games in playoff position.

No comment. :lol:

just curious, why then did you comment?

8) Yes, Reed was the ST Coach and RB Coach for the Riders in 2009.

Thanks Tipper, I was not aware of that.