Changes in BC

Well something is happening in BC that is not going right. Make excuses all you want the fact is your team is 0 and 2. Both QB's look like Kevin Feterik out there and no sign of improvement. The fact DD went down to injury pushed these two QB's in BC to do more then they can. It seems the team has lost its will to win plain and simple. Until dirt bag Wally kicks some but look for no change. As far as the Riders they are Champions for 2007 and seem to win even with problems in their line up. Can not dispute it. It was an ugly game but good teams win the ugly games as well.

BC's problem isn't a mystery, just look at Joe Smiths numbers. When you can't run the ball, any defence already has an advantage on you. Could be o-line issues in BC, not unlike Wpgs problem right now.

....i thought Glenn looked bad....but after watching Jarious Jacksons' performance against the Riders...and a qb. nobody heard of....I guess i'll have to stay with least he did something in the last-half...(didn't like the last play by Glenn when he went down untouched and didn't bother to get up though...i believe you should be giving a 100% all of the time and that didn't go over well)...however getting back to B.C.'S problems....Someone said it best...maybe Bucky and Jackson are career back-ups, guess they better show something against an uninspired Bomber team this weekend or Wally will be wondering why they decided to let D.D. head off to cowtown... :wink:

As much as some of us think a "two headed monster" also known as a QB controversy is bad and can be disruptive in the dressing room, just like here in Toronto, the previous few years when DD was around with the Lions and previously Printers, this competition made BC a better team.
Now without Dave who was the better QB when not injured, the two remaining are nowhere close in talent and do not push each other the same way. Like when Dave was number 1, and the rest were either 1a or 2.

As my 0-8 record in Big Dave's pool shows....alot things I never dreamed of as well! :cry: :cry: too sporty :lol: :lol: what a laugher...we're certainly doing as well as our respective teams... :lol:

whatever soup stick this up you pipe! sum history shows your riders are light years behind the Lions
I've been watching/cheering for the Lions since I was 3 years old which would be 1980! since that time 1980-2007 the Lions have won 281 games sask 203. Points scored during that time for the Lions -13,627 riders 12,402. um that's 78 more games won 1,225 more points scored! The Lions started in 1951 riders 1910! so in 97 years you have won the grey cup 3 times in 56 years the Lions have won 5 times! B.C and sask have both been to the grey cup 9 times B.C. won 5 lost 4 Cups sask won 3 cups lost 6! so until you've caught up with the Lions (editted for childish language)!

Perhaps Its parody in the league Papa, who knows. :lol: :lol:

Last two weeks its been different aspects of the team that opponants have been exploiting. Lions front four have been having trouble stopping the run. Both Reynolds and Cates got into the secondary. While in the Rider game, the defense got way more QB sacks, they couldn't stop the run.

Hate to admit this to RW2005, but there have been some Coaching mistakes.

(1) 13 men on the field, extending the Rider drive at a critical time of the game.

(2) Not utilizing Joe Smith enough. One dimensional offense.

(3) Not giving the hook to Jarious Jackson soon enough. (A very dismal first quarter.)

Not taking away anything from the Riders, after all their 3rd string QB moved the ball against us, but boy Did Cates tear up the running game. :expressionless: :expressionless:

Yes not sure but I believe that is dirt bag Wallys fault and this is what I have been saying even when he was the coach for the Stamps. He makes mistakes like most humans do but great he not. Good he is. His bug mistake is getting rid of DD no doubt about it. If I were dirt bag Wally I would scoop up Sankey before the Riders do. Sankey can move an offense down the field the two jokers they have now are proving each time they can not handle their offense.

ooohh. Way to bring up the 3 cups argument, whats next the crap on the lawn, oh wait you did that already. I will repeat my very last statement for you:
What have you done to us lately?

quoting history from longer then 5 years is in my opinion completely useless, as the teams are dramaticaly different. That is if the discussion is about the current teams, which I think is what the discussion is about.

From what I read Wally is stickin with things and going with JJ friday! I really suspect Bucky is hurt worst than the public knows! I don't agree with flyin off the handle and makin drastic changes given that most of the team has proven success together. I'm not sure what is up but somthing is up with this team that only they know about! I'ts hard to watch games like friday! I only hope we get it goin! If not i'm preppared to take it like a man but I don't have to like it! GO LIONS!