Changes in BC

In an earlier interview, Buono alluded that changes would take place if the Lions start slowly. Wonder who will be given the bench, or pink slip?

wally buono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home-and-home with Winnipeg coming up. I bet if they lose one of these, heads will start rolling.

wow either BC or Winnipeg will start the season 0-3!!

i never could have predicted that

So getting rid of DD was not a good idea after all.
The Lions two QB's look horrid.
Hey almost like my Argos, as both are currently inept.

The lions will be fine. We couldn't get a run game going without Murphy and Rasouli in the lineup and popcan Joe has been our bread and butter the last few years opening up the defensive secondary coverage to stop the run. Nor could we last week when Rasouli went down and they had to throw a backup in without game time yet.

Without DD the lions are fine but it will take a little while for either JJ the adult film star to get into synch. Remember last year we started slow as well.

By the way Riders... how does it feel to have your quarterbacks demolished early in the year? Now you guys can see how it feels to play a season with cripples in the pivot.

Mervin, you just don't get it, do you? If the Riders lose, it will a team effort. We won the game last night because of a team effort. If we had lost that game, there would be no excuses. Injuries are not an excuse for losing games, you have to have confidence that your back-ups or 3rd stringers will do the job, its why you kept them on your roster in the first place!

right now the 3 teams i predicted to be thw best this year have looked the worst, although my bombers at the 2nd half started to get it back togethewr . please milt just spread some touchdown magic!!!

Swervin - the Riders of today are much like the Lions of the last 5 years - getting it done with 2nd or 3rd string at some positions. The riders depth is showing and in previous years having one or 2 of your stars going down would have sunk the season - not anymore.

I posted last year about the Lions when I said they would loose. You could see it in there over confidence. It's not so much that they expected to win - when other teams beat them they came back with reports in the news of how the other teams only won because the lions had an off game. At the beginning of the season this year the Province had an editorial where they actually had the gall to say that the Lions should have been the grey cup champs and all but for one game they where off where the best of the league.

That is what the problem with the Lions right now. Attitude. They have replaced Hunger and desire with entitlement. Wally needs to tell them they are NOT the best team and if they do not bring it every game they could loose. Maybe nearly 10 years of being the powerhouse of the CFL has built in this mentality in much the same way as before Tillman the Riders had a loosing mentality. I don't think the Lions are far from being a power house again. They just need a new fresh attitude and to be hungry again.

The Lions current back-up qb's have always been over rated. It's one thing to come off the bench in relief, quite a different thing to start for a whole season. They were never quite the same when Dickenson went down last year.

I dont think either team deserved to win this game. Take out Cates and Wake and this game is the worst ever lol. Ive never seen so many QBs in one game suck so bad. This game was won and lost by a couple bad turnovers, not by some team effort or lack of team effort. Effort was seriously lacking on both teams IMO.

...this is a very poetic statement, and IMO incredibly accurate...

JJ the adult film star? WTF? I must've missed that in Lowell's blog!

What's the story there?

Once the O-line situation stabilizes, the Lions will be fine.

hmmmm... I think I'll let the Wally who brought up Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickensen, and Doug Flutie decide if JJ and BP are over rated rather than an armchair coach.

Lets see there rocket scientists. Is the problem a) JJ and BP suck, or b) last year Joe Smith ran 281 times (15 carries per game) and for 1,510 yards (83.9 yards per game)?

When the Leos lost last year to Sask Aug 2nd, Smith had 9 carries for 55 yards. When they lost to Montreal and the Peg he had 74 and 78 yards.

When the o-line is back in form and healthy and big ramblin Joe Smith heats up, JJ and BP will have no problems whatsoever.

I was thinking the exact same thing earlier. I kind of figured B.C. wouldn't be as good this year, but I didn't think they'd be flirting with 0-3.

I think Buck's problem is more about injuries than lack of skill. He's not a great QB, but I'm sure he could get the job done. Jarius just sucks.

....something is stinking in Bomberville....don't know whats going on in the back-rooms but something ain;t right,,,, in the first half of the Als. game i thought i went back in time and was looking to see if Daley was at the bench...Glenn couldn't get anything going...the defence might as well of stayed in the locker-room...the second half was a little better but the game had slipped away long before that....There better be some corrections made....orrrr i can see a split happening in the next 2 games and both B.C & Wpg. are going to be left scrambling to find some quick remedies.. :roll:

yup keep flappin! from what i've seen in the last 2 years BC ruled the CFL since 2006 won the cup came back won 14 games and sum mundain team who won a few near the end of the season won a game( western final) which they should have not 1 and then beat a fluff team and then takes credit as this mean bad green team! lol you riders are paper champions you are a joke! flukes and b.s and you are actually proud of this! well considering you only win somthing every 20 plus years guess your take what you can!true champs well you know they just let you win! lol

haha. I love fans like you. You don't realize that with every word you write that you make your point less valid.

Here is a history lesson for you.
BC last year was 14-3-1
Riders 12-6
In games against each other last year The riders won 2 of 4 (including West final and I didn't include the preseason game the Riders won, but its preseason, its kinda like when we kicked your a$$ this preseason it doesn't matter)
In games in 2006 Riders went 3-2 (including the West Final)
In Games in 2005 Riders went 2-1 against the Lions (not including the preseason game the leos won)

So there Hot Lion, while you say you have ruled the CFL in the last 2 years, I say The Riders have ruled you the last 3 years + this year. With riders having a 8-5 record against the Lions, or if you want to include preseason, 10 - 6.
Plus we are the Current Grey Cup Champions, and West division Leader.
In other words, what have you done to us lately???

Billy just to follow that up....I think TSN showed at stat that said BC was 6 - 11 against the riders and would now be 6 and 12. This all the while they have dominated eastern teams and Calgary and Edmonton.

So for BC fans to cry it is only one game the Western Final, doesn't reflect the true story.

1 - 3 isn't so bad, even 0 - 4 isn't the end of the season. If Mike Bishop can go 11 - 1 down the stretch, anything is possible. :wink: