changes for sure

Leos assistant gm Roy Shivers at Cardinals, Raiders, 49ers and Chargers camps looking for defensive backs and receivers.Shivers obviously been told by Buono to shore up seconday and receiving core.

I read how Mr. Braley flew out west yesterday to talk to Wally.
Although it is well known that Wally would never be fired, ok maybe not as a GM, but would he shake up things by stepping down as a coach?

Yeah I seen that, "Lions owner Daved Braley in town for high level meetings with organization. Big Boss not happy with 0-5 start. Don't see Wally Buono getting fired but Braley wouldn't make a unplanned flight to VAN to suggest minor changes either.News1130Sports.

It's going to be interesting in the next few weeks that is for sure. Last year the Lions won their opener in Edmonton on July 04. They would not win again until September 03 against Montreal after suffering 7 straight losses!

This year they've opened the season with 5 straight losses. That's gotta hurt and something has got to give. It's one thing to barely squeak into the playoffs, it's another to be a Grey Cup contender. I've not checked the archives but I believe another loss and the Lions will have set a club record for the most consecutive losses before winning their first game of the season.

1958 - lost 10 in a row to start the season.

Hey, good for you @oldclarke! Thanks for checking into that.
10 in row? Ouch. I guess we have a ways to go if that's any consolation. :frowning:

Don’t forget the franchise started in 1954 and was basically going from the ground up more or less. I doubt very much the Lions will match that streak…for the next game at Empire Field vs Sask. - I say B.C. wins it.

Well if we don't I don't see how we get back into the hunt for a playoff spot - Sask is going to wake up at some point and start winning.

I sure hope you're right @oldclarke. We need the win so bad.

YoEleven~ you're bang on. I was hoping for a Calgary win tonight and they got it. I was hoping they would win so that the Lions if they ever get back on track will have a crack at 3rd spot. If the Roughies had won there would be that much more separation between 3rd spot and the last place Lions.

I don't know what to expect when B.C. meets Saskatchewan. The Roughies looked pretty good tonight. They looked better than a team that has won only one game. I guess if we say the cup is half full then the Lions are only three games out of second spot with Calgary having only won 3 games. But I'm not sure I can really say half full cause the flip side of that is "half empty" and the Lions cup isn't just half's EMPTY! lol

Yep execution is a big problem with the team in that every unit is taking turns having execution problems.

Changes are needed and you can find a few good players in NFL camps but I feel that is not a good sign.

Notice how we are starting really bad like 1-8 last season and then 0-5 this season? What is happening is we are unprepared with Personnel to compete in the early CFL season. After the NFL cuts start Wally starts getting better talent onto the team and thus makes a better 2nd half of the season surge.

However this is only going to get you a 8-10 season at best and will mean the team is starting 0-7 or 1-8 as the talent at the start of the year is not good enough--

We need players signed and committed to the team for multiple seasons. We are picking too many guys off waivers and then relying off NFL cuts. Relying on NFL cuts is like saying we DID no scouting during the off season and were not prepared at all--

The million dolllar question is WHY did the Lions not address all the issues During the off season? Is it good enough to take other peoples cuts and then rely on NFL cuts.

If this was the first season the Lions started out badly like 0-5 it would be ACCEPTABLE but this has happened 2 years in a ROW and Wally did the same thing, in that he brought in PRINTERS, brought in some NFl cuts and relied on that to save the team-

We need long term answers to develop cohesion-

One thing you can look at for a GM is his SUCCESS rate on a player is HE HIT OR MISS on guys he brings in--

Judging by the last few seasons Wally has missed more than often- Kept an ancient secondary- Signed Davis Sanchez, brought in Printers, Tad Crawford, Derrick Armstrong, Dobson Collins---
Wally has brought in too many players onto our team and released so many, this shows he does not have a great EYE for developping a team long term.

Wally is a good coach but building a team and coaching a team are 2 different things, and 2 different personailities and thinking styles are present.

Hopefully positive results come out of the meetings between Braley, Buono and Brass on the direction/and or the next step that is in the best interest for the B.C. Lion's Football Club.