Changes for Next Yr. (NEW QB???)

I read a tweet yesterday from a TSN/CFL annalist suggesting the Ti-Cats pick up this young QB out of Boise State for next year. He was a 2010 Heisman Trophy Finalist, he looks good enough to play in the NFL but it seems his size limits him from that opportunity. I also read on the net that we do own his rights if he were to come to the CFL. I posted some highlight vids below... What do you think about this guy? I think he would be very successful here in the CFL..

Besides Glenn has done the most he could do here. In 2010, I think he had a stellar season with over 5,000 passing yards and 39 tds. But the inconsistency has been the barrier between mediocrity and greatness. We have young, speedy, tall receivers. We need a young QB similar to Lulay to lead us. The presence of Avon Cobourne will also help out another great future player (Terry Grant). [url=] ... re=related[/url]

I don’t know much about Kellan Moore, although the Sporting news designated him the #1 player in the nation.
It is a shame the NFL retains prejudice against smaller stature QB’s, even though Moore tips the height chart at 6’ 0 even…

On March 28, 2011 the Sporting News named Moore as the #1 player in their annual list of the top 25 players in the nation.[9] He is ranked ahead of Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Oregon running back LaMichael James who both finished ahead of Moore in the 2010 Heisman voting.

Yeah It would certainly be nice if this guy landed in TigerTown. Andrew Luck is probably going to go first overall in the NFL draft and sign with the Colts despite the rankings of SI. If Kellen doesnt get picked up down south I could see him coming down here just to get another shot at the NFL.

nope just make a major upgrade of our O line and we will be fine...... :roll:

Remember we did lose Marwan Hage, one of the premier linemen in this league. I dont know why Jimenez was scratched, but as far as i remember he was pretty good too...

Personal issues with Coaching Staff is the Rumor
Jimenez is nasty Olineman you already know how feel about Marcel..
this one reason .. He not vet Friendly..

Moore will be NFL bound- Doug Flutie, who made it was only about 5'9.

I dunno, frankly I'm all for sticking with Glenn and Porter unless there is a clear upgrade QB offer on the table. That means either Burris for Glenn's price or Ricky Ray if somehow he becomes available (which I doubt). AC and Lulay aren't going anywhere, I'm not sold on Durant and Buck Pierce doesn't have a lot of miles left.

My thought is give Porter 3 games of complete trust, if he doesn't show improvement/that he can handle the job give the team back to Glenn and immediately start looking for a new young QB to replace him. If this means giving Boltus reps, or drafting Quinlan or picking up a QB from the south, do it. I feel that we've given Porter plenty of rope over the last few years and plenty of chances.

After proving he could play with the big boys for years in the CFL....

It might be a good idea to bring him in for a look if he isn't drafted down south. He wouldn't be the first QB to come to the CFL from Boise State; not even the second. Both Dinwiddie and Zabransky played there. Supposedly, Moore is better than both of them, so maybe he's got potential. That said, I saw a lot of throws in those highlights to wide-open receivers. Some good throws too, but I would have expected a lot more pinpoint throws on a QB highlight reel.

Wasn't there a Tiger cat player that came from Boise state?

...100% agree. :thup:
Make this change & we will have an efficient offensive machine.


very true.
and how many starters in the NFL today are 5'9?
or even 6'0 for that matter....none to my knowledge.

NFL teams look for QB's that are a minimum 6'2 which is actually considered smallish in the NFL.
The optimal preference is closer to 6'3 or 6'4 now.


Moore WILL get drafted. Too much up side. And he's got all the tools. I watched him dice up my Dawgs' defense in the season opener in the Georgia Dome. We're a lot better now than we were then, but the kid was really on fire. He's pretty much unstoppable when he throws in rhythm. However, if he's only 6-0, there's a chance he might never work out. Smaller QBs are faced with a challenge in that NFL O-linemen are routinely over 6-3. If the QB can't see over the line outright, he's gotta have throwing lanes to find receivers. Flutie had the mobility that allowed him to find those throwing lanes on his own, or he could just bootleg or waggle to one side and find receivers that way. Moore is mobile enough to buy himself time in the pocket, but he doesn't have the mobility to find his own lanes.

Now, I have no idea how big the kid really is, but espn lists him as 6-1. He may grow another inch, but that's right at the cutoff.

As much as I'd love to see the Ti-Cats land him, even if things don't work out, I think he ends up in the NFL for at least one season, maybe two before he can't find a place to carry a clipboard in case a start goes down. Now, there's about an even chance he'll be in the NFL for 8 or so years playing some here and some there.

But I don't know that Porter wouldn't be a good option. He's versatile, but can be accurate enough, especially if he gets more time with the #1 Offense.

Still, don't throw Glenn under the bus just yet. He's inconsistent, but the team really seems to play for him and you can't underestimate that.

Go Ti-Cats! Next year's just a few months away...

Drisan James?

Even if Kellen Moore isn't considered NFL material, he'll likely still get a tryout down south. He's not an option until 2013.

Major I beg your forgiveness. You know I meant to respond to your message. Tammy and I wish you and Allison all our very best.

Man you really know your stuff John. You have forgotten more about football than I have ever known. GO DAWGS GO!!!

James (#11) was the "hook" part of the famous hook 'n ladder play from the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma a few years ago:

Thanks, buddy. You know what they say, in the South, football's not a sport, it's a religion.

A couple...Drisan James recently...and we didn't have much luck with our own Boise State QB...Jim McMillan back in the mid 70's...TONS of expectations, but like all Boise State QB's (Dinwiddie, Zabranski, Hendricks), he was a bum...

I don’t think that out of the 32 teams in the NFL somebody will almost certainly take their chances on him. If however, he doesn’t stay down in the NFL, he is definitely worth a look.