Changes for next game

Let’s give a look see at some players replacing those that are not performing.

Alex Green had a horrible game while John White was getting better each game .

Daly has shown enough poor play that Stephen or even Langa deserve a look.

Leonard needs to be taken out after a horrific game and multiple bad games and no good games.They targetted him and Daly and they had a field day with them. Seeing what Josh Johnson and Freddie Williams can do replacing Leonard is a good idea.

Get Tracy back in there if healthy enough.

By the way, is there any chance Westerman or Saunders can come of the 6 game injury list early. If so get them in there.

Omg, what to do at the receiver position with Banks out and not much left other than Tasker. If Saunders and Tolliver cant come off the 6 game injury list early then I would start Sinkfield for Banks. I would also bring back Chad Owens as he still has speed and is in good shape and knows June Jones’ offence from his time in Hawaii. Id also try to bring a few fast receivers utilizing Tillman, Jones, Glanville’s contacts and they would have 3 weeks of practice before the playoff game. I would then only start one national receiver in Buren and put Jones on the Bench and the dress tasker, sinkfield, the new speed guy, and Owens with John White at rb

This is what I hope will be done but I think June Jones is too stubborn and will keep playing Green, Jones, Leonard, and Daly. I think he will alter his offence to more run options for Masoli and a more shory passes to possession type receivers like mcdaniel, Buren, tasker and Green out of the backfield. I agree with others that we need a good rush end which should be on our shopping list for next year.

White is not in Alex Green’s class.

Not even close.

Coming off an injury, Green looked good when the plays were executed as they should be.

Focusing on the secondary I am in agreement with the O.P.

I’d replace Daly with Courtney Stephen; I’d replace Leonard and Rolle with Josh Johnson and Frankie Williams.

And I wish there was some way to get a decent pass-rushing defensive end in there; Howsare and Capicciotti just aren’t cutting the mustard.

Charleston Hughes leads the league in sacks, yet again. Would that the team had kept him.

I actually like how Daly has played for the most part. There have been schemes which don’t play to his strengths but he seems more aggressive than Stephens did when he was in there. Stephens may be a better athlete but I don’t think safety is his best position.

You have a good point that maybe safety is not stephens best position but it looks like he has put on some weight and been making big hits on special teams. Jay Langa is also an option. If either of them fail misetably we can always go back to Daly mid game. Daly is just so darn slow and he missed a sure interception to only have the ball pass him by and into the hands of an ottaws receiver. Also he almost never comes to the aid of db as we always see him showing too late on td’s and long throws. His spead us his biggest fault but his hands and football sense against the pass is marginal but he is pretty good at moving up and helping out on the run

You do realize that we’re in the playoffs?

Why the hell are you already talking about next year? What do you criticize Jones for playing Green the in the next sentence talk about short passes to Green?

You gotta stop whining. You seem to be only posting when you opinions are all NEGATIVE after a loss. You’ve been complaining about DE’s forever!! Give us all a freakin? break.

Can you tell I’m annoyed with you?

You need to pick up the phone, call Glanville and advise him of the errors of his ways. Then call June Jones and volunteer your vast experience to replace him as DC. You have all the answers that ail this team.

Just kidding. ?

Don’t call, you’ll be embarrassed ?

One change would be to stand up against Ottawa when they take free head shots at vulnerable star(or any) players.

Big deal, they would have evened up the penalty, maybe someone woulda got booted over it, but at least Ottawa might have realized the cats will stand up and do something when they get pushed around.

Maybe then the receivers will not have short arms and hear footsteps and drop passes they normally catch. Once a defence knows they can punish guys with any hit, dirty or clean, and there won’t be pushback, they will feast.

That changed the game I thought. There needed to be a brawl at that point to tell them it stops right then and there. Instead, our receivers shrunk and Ottawas db’s grew bigger.

I know penalties hurt and taking one then would have hurt, but its also important to show them that you wont be pushed around. And its not like we wont get called for penalties anyway.

Lay out Ellingson next week with the same hit. Why not? its only 15 yards. You take liberties with us, we take them with you.

Where to start with incredibly idiotic post? In order of bolded highlights:

  1. How much is that on O-Line blocking and actual good play by the 2colours defence?

  2. Daly is Jones' pick, so get over it. He is a physical Safety, has a nose for the football, and apparently has a higher "football IQ" than Stephen.

  3. Eastern Division All-Star DB last year. Probably should have been the Most Outstanding Rookie finalist. He gets a pass in my books, especially since he is routinely lined up against every premier Slot Back in the League.

  4. Once again JALEN SAUNDERS SUFFERED A TORN ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT - the same injury that Zach and Toliver had. There is no way he would be ready to play until the middle of next year. You have been corrected on this multiple times - I guess your memory retention is an issue.

  5. Duh.

  6. Sure, bring back the guy that had a major foot injury IN HIS FIRST PRACTICE WITH THE TEAM!!! Your broken record needs replacing...

  7. They would not be eligible for the playoffs. That's why Sinkfield was on the roster as a game-day scratch last week.

  8. Jones has proven himself to be a decent receiver, getting open an busted plays, is a deep threat, and leads all National receivers not named Sinopoly.

With all that said, I am ecstatic that you are not the team's General Manager.

I think the only changes that should be made are starting Khalid Wooten , Keon Lyn and Kevin Elliott next game . ;D

I totally agree with you Beatlejuice that the hit on tasker was intentional and brutal and could have killed or concussed him. I was disappointed that we did not immediately retaliated and that we didnt start hammering their receivers

8)Well why not....they are already on the team, so why not get them all into the starting lineup :smiley:

It's already do or die time !! :wink:

Yup . Yes sir , you couldn't get 3 better go to guys then these three . Really no sense in having them be just "spectators" on the sidelines . ;D

Jones has to adapt.
They have a plethora of running backs and need to start using all of them. They have to design new packages for the talent that is still standing. I’d let Masoli run more in the playoffs. He might need to use his legs for first downs instead of using Speedy.
Also, I’d switch something up on defence. Breaux needs to be more involved. Teams are playing eleven on eleven and basically sacrifice a second rate receiver to keep him out of the action. Maybe move him inside or have him follow someone like Ellingson all over the field. They need to treat Delvin like he’s a weapon that needs to be utilized. Offences, in effect, have been designed to avoid him. Don’t let them.

Listen to Jones’ pressers. What he says about the good teams is that they do the same things every game, but they do them very well. I think we can expect the Cats to do the same things next week, and Jones will be expecting them to do those things well. If they do, we maybe win, if they don’t, we probably lose.

Or maybe he's just wrong and they do vastly different things he can't see