Changes for 2023 - your wish list please!

Buck Pierce is intriguing and would only leave the Bombers for a promotion. He's proven to be an effective QB Coach and OC in Winnipeg but unfortunately he has no experience as a HC. Would the Ti-Cats be willing to gamble the 2023 season with a rookie Head Coach? If he doesn't work out then they would have botched a home Grey Cup appearance.


Doesn't Condell hold assistant HC under his title?
Maybe that would amount to a promotion for BP.

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Changes on the O that I would like to see : Durant gone, RT Kelly gone , one or two more competitive QBs, a healthy Addison or add another burner receiver.

Changes on the D : move Wilson to MLB , add a tall, nasty DE , consider a Tampa 2 D with Adeleke and "Kats" at safeties

SPT : add another burner returner to give Woods a shot at CB.

Coaching staff : add a QB coach while losing Creehan


And Walter Fletcher please!

Unless you get rid of Condell and his pass heavy offense, adding more halfbacks are usless.


The Ticats Management have a lot of work to do

TiCat F/A's

Matthew Shiltz (A)

Running back

Wes Hills (A)
Sean Thomas-Erlington (N)


Steven Dunbar Jr. (A)
Lemar Durant (N)
David Ungerer (N)
Papi White (A)
Tim White (A)

Offensive line

Colin Kelly (A)
Kay Okafor (N)

Defensive line

Malik Carney (A)
Julian Howsare (A)
Valentin Gnahoua (G)
Micah Johnson (A)
Ted Laurent (N)


Kameron Kelly (A)
Simoni Lawrence (A)
Curtis Newton (N)
Jovan Santos-Knox (A)
Kyle Wilson (A)

Defensive back

Ciante Evans (A)
Richard Leonard (A)
Jumal Rolle (A)


Michael Domagala (N)

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I would keep:
Hills, ST-E, Dunbar, T.White, C.Kelly (but bring in competition), Carney, Howsare, K.Kelly, Newton, JS-K, and Wilson.

There is 24 listed potential FA's .
So if someone told me that I could keep only half of them and would have to let the other half go the following listed below would be my dozen keepers .

QB.....Matthew Shiltz
RB.....Wes Hills
WR....Tim White
WR....Steven Dunbar
DE....Julian Howsare
DE,,,Malik Carney
LB....Kameron Kelly
LB....Jovan Santos-Knox
LB...Kyle Wilson
DB..Richard Leonard
DB..Jumal Rolle

And I will pick 1/3. Or 8
White (Not Papi)

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So I'm guessing that your Kelly would be Kameron then and not Colin ?

Kameron, correct.

I was surprised how few valuable Nationals were FA.

Thought so on Kelly .

Actually looking at the Canadians on that list I am surprised that most of our better ones are already signed for next year . As for the ones listed as potential FA there is only a total of 6 mentioned and I honestly wouldn't sign any of them .

The six Canadians listed by the way are...

Lemar Durant - wr
David Ungerer - wr
Kay Okafor - ol /dl
Curtis Newton - lb
Ted Laurent - dt
Michael Domegala - k


Buck Pierce has no experience as a Head coach?
And Orlando did?
At least Buck played offense, so that part should improve, I think .
I say, go for it .
Put Orlando back in the front office, and make Pierce an offer as a Head coach .

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Danny McManus as GM to start ..
I'll like to See Kahari Jones as OC atleast
Maybe Bo as Ticat ..

I would go with Buck Pierce as HC/OC
Danny McManus as GM and Head Scout.
BLM has QB.
Jeffcoat as DE
L. Whitehead at WR
Trade Evans for a national Vet. Offencive Lineman
Keep all our good Vets.
Basicly buy a Winning team.

     (the old guy)
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This means what?

I meant BLM,just mixed the letters buy mistake.

OK, gotcha thanks

I would get rid of Condell for reasons cited above and multiple other threads.
Guy who goes under the radar is Craig Butler (he's no Jeff Rienboldt); special teams coach.

  • did he not recognize Domagala was not going to cut it. Had plenty of evidence from last year. Could have won some of those early games with better FG kicking and xtra pts.
  • Special teams got fooled with blocked kicks Argos & Sask games.
  • fooled again on a ST kick in Calgary
  • don't recall a punt or Kickoff for a TD this year.
  • no blocked FG or kicks by us.

Only good thing was the cover teams appear to be decent and finding Small mid season.

Move Orlondo upstairs; pursue Scott Milanovich from Colts; with new HC for Colts - Scott is the odd man out.

Need to assesss Addison ...he may have to be released for health reasons.

Shore up both D line & Oline.

A DB that can cover Gino Lewis ...(lol probably not possible)

Bring in a QB to compete with Dane; but lets give Dane another year to develop.

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Dontae Bull OL Fresno State is gone for the season . He had his broken leg operated on and his 6th year of eligibility is over . He was recently ranked #2 in the CFL Scouting Bureau list of draft eligible Canadians .
Suddenly Sidy Sow OL East. Mich . , Theo Benedet OL UBC , Gabe Wallace OL Buffalo , and Daniel Johnson OL. Purdue move up the ladder .

Previous rankings had Mathew Bergeron OL. Syracuse , Kyle Hergel OL Tex State , Rusty Staats OL West. Kentucky , Elliot Beamer OL Western , Giovanni Manu OL UBC , Anim Dankwah OL Howard , Christy Nkanu OL Southern Utah and Edouard Paradis OL Houston Baptist .
There should be a gem or three in that list .