Changes for 2023 - your wish list please!

Hosting the Cup in 2023 I would like to see the Cats splash out on some quality players.

The O-Line is solid and the addition of Riley and Beard speaks to the team looking ahead to 2023 (I hope).

QB - I'd bring in BLM. I'm tired of experiments. I'd take Schultz over Evans - at least then were not hoping for the good Schultz to show up.

Receiver - someone over six feet tall. Preferably two, a slot receiver and a deep threat.

DB - someone over six feet tall.

Coaching - A new OC. Condell's bag of tricks is empty.


I disagree about Dane - the level of ALL QB play drastically increased once the O-line finally sorted itself out into being something competent. However, the 6 sacks and strips of both Dane and Shiltz were from basic protection breakdowns.

I fully agree with taller, stronger, play making receivers. I would appreciate the same thing in the secondary, with players under 30. We REALLY need to shore-up the D-line (new DE, new DTs to replace Johnson and Laurent, and backup Wynne) too.

BLM's best days are FAR behind him. With a long history of shoulder injuries on his throwing arm, I feel that he is no longer capable of being a starting QB on any team in this League.

Coaching - Orlondo HAS to go. By the very nature of his promotion, he's ultimately responsible for all things both off and on the field. He is completely unqualified for his position of Prez, having zero contract/business/negotiation/etc experience. He's the one who ultimately makes the decisions on both playing and coaching personnel. He's the one who signed-off on the O-line to start the year, he's the one who signed-off on Domagala instead of Small (and kept with Domagala even though he's virtually the worst punter in the League), he's the one who apparently thought Papi White was worth a roster spot.

He had lightning in a bottle in 2019, we all know what happened in 2020 (all our aging players got older), 2021 was a BIG regression even though we made it to the Cup, and 2022 was an even further regression and losing in the first round.

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Only a few player changes, I if HC would move Richard Leonard to receiver/kick return, Cut Woods, open up the QB starter competition in camp and bring in another QB with CFL exp, leaning towards Shiltz who will benefit from regular playing time! On Offence fire the OC and bring in someone who understands a balanced Running and Passing game, and who can co ordinate the 12 as one unit, on Defence scrap the Rush 4 Prevent zone from the playbook permanently ! Thats all

Condell fired. Good start.

Special teams co-ordinator needs to be replaced. Did we fake a punt, FG or surprise short kick all season? Did we block a punt or FG? We were spoiled by the genius of Jeff Reinebold, for sure.

We certainly need tinkering throughout the lineup.


replace Johnson and Laurent, and backup Wynne * bad idea
Orlondo HAS to go * bad idea He'd be scouped up in a minute by Ottawa or the Als .
Kept Domagala even though he's virtually the worst punter in the League * bad idea He's close to the top in punting and kickoff averages (previously posted on this site) . He's made TD saving tackles this year . He's an athlete and Canadian .
The coaching staff that won 15 and lost 3 in 2019 didn't get stupid over night . We had a tsunami of injuries to key starters . We lost free agents to the salary cap . Our QB play was inconsistent most of the year . It wasn't a great season but you don't blow up the team . You continue to upgrade the talent . 2023 is just around the corner . :smiley:


I'm proposing that the two oldest, most-injured, under-performing, and EXPENSIVE DTs on the team become free agents. Same with the aging, small, and under-performing DBs that continually get beat and run over by larger players.
Why is finding a decent backup to Wynne a BAD idea?
My opinion is that Orlondo is a terrible Prez and a BAD Head Coach - as evidenced by the last two years of decline. It's WAY past time to part ways - he simply hasn't performed well enough. For crying out loud, the team we just lost to made a coaching change mid-season, and fans of THIS team want to stand pat? Frankly, any other team can put up with his baggage.
Small out-performed Domagala kicking in TC - end of story. Domagala was instrumental in LOSING games early in the season, or have you forgotten his horrid FG %age? The ONLY reason he was kept was because of his passport - and Hayes punted better than him in the last two games.
We lost free agents WHO WERE NEVER OFFERED CONTRACTS IN THE FIRST PLACE - as has been documented with Acklin and Mauldin. Yes, we DID make up for injuries on the O-line, but it cost us draft pics. We now have 4/5 of a decent O-line, and it only took 2/3 of the season. For the SECOND SEASON IN A ROW.
The team also did NOT find, either through Free Agency, scouting, NFL cuts, Negotiation list, etc ANY adequate replacement for Addison. Yes, they eventually signed Godwin and Johnson, but they are FAR from Addison's level.

Since Orlondo is in charge of all things Football, all these issues fall directly on his head.

Wynn is the best DL on the team . He's an all star who got hurt .
Addison is the best receiver on the team and he got hurt . Take Lewis off of the Als and what do you think happens ?
Tim White is a definite keeper and an all star . They are hard to find .
You want to tear down the team and start all over again . The Chicago Bears are doing that now and who knows maybe in 5 years or so they might be good . It's better to keep the core and add pieces each year . The Colts just fired their head coach and O Coordinator because they're 3 - 5 - 1 and their owner Jim Irsay is a moron . They were 9- 8 last season and 2nd in their division . They lost their top RB to injury and they're falling like a stone and the owner fires a very good coach . It makes no sense in the NFL . It makes no sense in the CFL . Who do you replace Orlondo with when pickings are very slim . Khari isn't the answer . Who then? The answer is you hang on to good people in your organization .


Cats have a decent foundation but really need to groom a QB to be the guy.
As far as young QBS with good resumes Jamie Newman is that, but his actual development this season was horrible. Thrown to the wolves and then forgotten.

I think our O-Line is excellent.

Secondary excellent

Need a couple good young National receivers.
Watching the Philpots this year was amazing. We keep drafting big dudes in the first round that do not contribute to the play calling of our coordinator.

Hills is a keeper

Small and Hayes keepers

DLine needs some youth and Wynn's health

Need a new O-Coordinator and QB
I think there is an excellent foundation in place.

We need to find our solution @ QB and if we could entice Rourke to come home for 1 Grey Cup hosting full season as a spring board to the NFL, that would be awesome.

Rourke is still under contract to BC next year. He may get another NFL tryout and leave in the option window. Otherwise look for BC to try to extend him with a big signing bonus and renegotiated contract for 2023-2024.


Do the opposite of what the Riders did…..

Have PINBALL come in and buy us a team like the Argos have done for years. Count
the number of GC's toronto has had over what we have had in the last 30 years.
Score is Argos- 6, Ticats- 1


(The Old Guy Now)


One thing I don't want to see is a one year mass attempt to win a Grey cup and sell off half the team the day after the game and tank it for 5 more years.

  1. Get this multi-headed, Three Stooges routine of GM's figured out. 1 is all we need, please.

  2. Invest in the O-line. We did see some improvement in the bak half of the year but it was up from total crapola.

  3. Before investing in the O-Line, send Mr. Condell somewhere else. Get an OC that wants actually utilize the run in all 18 games and...Dare I say...Feature it with a big RB like Wes Hills????

  4. A good underneath possession receiver that goes to the marker. Another tall speed threat on the outside to compliment Tim White would also be a nice addition.

  5. We MUST go out and get a serious sack threat at D End. We're OK at DT and Howsare's good if not spectacular but can be free'd up with a threat on the other end.

  6. Gotta get better coverage guys in the Secondary. This is most likely why Washington had to go to a lot of soft zones. We are pretty bad in man coverage.

  7. Unpopular take...but...If we can get someone for Simoni Lawrence, I'd be inclined to listen...


I don't think the Cats are very far off from being a top team again. A few key moves could get them right back into the contender mix:

  • Fire Condell and bring in an offensive coach who knows how to run a more balanced attack.
  • Find one good possession receiver who can make contested catches in traffic, especially in the middle of the field.
  • Bring in one quality offensive tackle.
  • Take a hard look at the back eight on defense and see if anyone is past their best-before date.

Here is how I would approach the off season personally. Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

  1. Fire Tommy Condell
  2. Ask Orlondo to step away from HC and just focus on being President
  3. Hire Buck Pierce as HC/QB coach
  4. Promote Khari Jones to OC/Assistant HC
  5. Fire Mike Gibson
  6. Hire Peter Dyakowski as OL coach
  7. Trade Dane Evans and a 3rd rder to SSK for Kian Schaffer-Baker and a 1st rder
  8. Sign Bo Levi Mitchell to a 2 year 250k contract
  9. Release Kay Okafor, Papi White, Don Jackson, CVZ
  10. Make a play for Kenny Lawler
  11. Fire Casey Creehan
  12. Hire Chad Owens to be assisant ST coach
  13. Make Ed Hervey the sole GM, Drew Allemang asst gm/Director of scouting
  14. Draft a WR and/or OL rd 1
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We have Ternowski and Smith, but the Ti-Cats need a QB like Rourke to spread the ball around.

Everybody needs a QB like Rourke.


I wish to go undefeated in November.


There is a Rourke playing for the Ohio Bobcats as a junior QB . He could be eligible in the NFL/CFL drafts if he declares for the NFL Draft . He is bigger than his brother and seems just as accurate . He'll be in a bowl game or two this year and next .


Maksymic for OC
Richie Hall for DC
Vernon Adams Jr at starting QB
Greg Ellingson at WR
Brescasin at WR
Jeffcoat at DE
Keep Beard at C
Keep Small at K
Leone at P

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I hope we can get Kurtis, but knowing this front office they will probably pick another fullback.