Changes at Tim Hortons Field for 2017

Apparently some of us think going to a game is the opportunity to sit in the seats and watch the game in the company of those sitting around us. The game is the primary purpose. Some of us think it is an opportunity to mingle on the concourse and watch with friends from different sections. The game and the mingling are all part and parcel of the experience. Some of us think it is an opportunity to "have a few" while in the atmosphere of the stadium, the game is part of the day, but secondary to the experience. None of us necessarily "wrong", just different, and like all differences, sometimes hard for others to understand.

Can't we just express our thoughts and opinions without the sniping and personal insults?


Is a response with nothing but a thumbs up really a response at all? It makes it seem like you think that we all care about you agreeing with something, but without adding a sigle thought to the discussion. A forum fly on the wall...

Myself I prefer to stay in my seat all game and watch. Before the game, halftime, and after the game are the times I meet up with friends and shoot the s@$t. Although if the option is there and people are gathering on the concourse during the game in a respectful manner to each their own as they paid the admission. I will say the concourse standing has made it mostly better for me because I am dealing less with the every 5 mins get up and get more beer guy that stumbles back and spills it on myself and my 4 yr old. They tend now to just stay on the concourse and my son and I can stay seated the majority of the game without some drunk tripping and spilling on us.

If my agenda was to stand around and get loaded I would stay home in my mancave personally.

The majority of fans are older and they will stay in their seats.
The heavy beer drinkers prefer to stand on the concourse and watch from there close to the refills.
Can you imagine if 20,000 fans decided to wander around and stand on the concourses?

I hear you, Habsfan.

I went to a couple of games near the end of last season. During one, I had five drunks sitting down the aisle from me and between going for beer and washroom breaks, I didn't get a moments peace. That is, until I moved down a row. The other time, I had a couple of young guys who treated their seats like they were in the concourse. They stood for long periods of time blocking my view of the field and the action.

And there have been many more of these incidents over decades of attending Tiger cat games.

I like to bring my radio, earphones and binos, sitting in my seat at THF watching and listening to the game.

I wish those who desire to stand about and drink (a LOT) would gather in the concourse and allow those of us who are there to see the game to do so without repeated interruptions.

It seems that the ONLY way to do that without the annoyances is in front of the television.

I would think the new bar, BBQ's, and tables in the south endzone would ease congestion on the concourse. During game play, the south endzone was always a dead spot with almost no one around. Encouraging people to congregate there should open up the concourse quite a bit.

For me it's not football if there isn't drunk people and the people they annoy. I find the more expensive seating extremely boring fans, and the fairly expensive full of know it all lifers that lend their expert commentary to the entire game only to be interrupted by the PA and their phones. It's important to find a section you feel comfortable in then hunker down with seasons pass.

I have came to expect and accept there will be drunks at a football game long ago. It is the constant every 5 seconds the need to get up and go for a beer mid play that bugs me. Then come back barely able to stand trip over their own feet and spill beer on my and my son I can't stand or the person that can barely keep their eyes open and starts falling asleep beside and invades your space or your child. Nothing worse then some guy that wreaks of booze and cigarettes wanting to use you or your child as a pillow. Now with people being able to hang out in the concourse it has reduced that.

I am 37 now, but even as a 20 something I much preferred to watch the game sober and remember it. I am at a sporting event and paid good money to watch the event I have never understood the need to get so liquored up you can't even speak or walk properly at a sporting event.

Last year there were a couple of fellows in front of us, probably guests of the regular STHs, who seemingly watched the Blue Jays on their phones the entire time. If there was a big play, they would both turn and watch the replay on the Jumbotron. Once in a while one or the other would look out onto the field, but mostly, it was the phone, or maybe the Jumbotron.

At one point, one of them left and came back in about 20 minutes with beer for both and then in the second half, the other did the same. Maybe charging phones? They came late and left with about 10 minutes to play. Seemed a waste of time, money and effort to me, but like I said in an earlier post, I guess we all enjoy the stadium experience differently.

I solved that problem by choosing seats in the middle of a section. People to the right of us go to the right to get to the concourse, and people to the left go left. We aren't disturbed at all during the game.

I remember going to the 99 Grey Cup and having seats on the end of the row. The rest of the row was filled by staff from Hooters restaurant. They were getting up and squeezing past me the whole game. It was very distracting.

You are complaining because Hooters girls in them tight red shorts kept squeezing past you

You are complaining because Hooters girls in them tight red shorts kept squeezing past you