Changes at Tim Hortons Field for 2017

A huge bar in the south end zone along with BBQ and some communal tables, full access to walk through the north end zone, a few craft beer options, and more standing room tickets for sale? I love all of these changes.

Encouraging people to hang out in the south end zone should free up a bunch of space on the concourse. The only downside is there's going to be a lot of empty seats during the game. I predict more people than ever out of their seats, wandering about the stadium spending money. At least if people are in the end zone they can still see the game, and make some noise if a big play does happen.

looks great

I found this pic of Civic Stadium in 1960, shows how far the Stadium has come.
As you can see, parking was not a real issue back then!(yet cars still parked on front lawns)

Notice how new BMO field seating is eerily similar to old Civic Stadium seating.

The best change that the team could have provided for this season is to give to their customers a food vendor who can produce quality eats at a reasonable price or to vastly improve the service from the one they currently have.

Despite what the press release may state, here the organization CLEARLY has NOT been listening.

Coors banquet Bar Eastside Rocks :rockin:

I know they say young people love all these areas, but damn I'm 23 and like to stay in my seat. I sat in the coors end zone for a game for a work thing and thought it sucked compared to my $20 nosebleeds. Can't really see the game so you talk the whole time, which was good for the networking but not great as an actual football fan. Unless the play is in the red zone in that end.

Maybe they should sell standing room only tickets to a lot of these spaces and sell the seats to those who like to sit.

Most people have at least mild ADD now, and can’t just sit and watch a game. I personally find it sad.

You and I are a rare breed.

This is great I like the improvements.
Yes young people can easily get bored and they can wander around the stadium, stand on the walkways gather with their friends have a beer. Standing on the concourses and the end zone patios&bars is a trend at a lot of CFL stadiums now. The older fans aren't going to be standing around or wandering around the stadium a lot can't handle the stairs.
But it's good that the team/city have identified the changing demographics.

while my wife and I don't go near our seats at any game, we wont' be interested at an endzone bar setup.

concourse west side will continue to be our spot....along with about 35 other regulars.

not sure I want to sit at one endzone the entire game.

The increase in communal areas is great, i think we all enjoy the relaxed atmosphere out of the seats. The kids zone is smart too.

They moved the steam whistle too, that will free up space for people to stand around.

Stadiums gonna look even emptier during play now with all this new stuff. In the end this place was built for football

I sit on the concourse level in the wheelchair section 108 near the visitors bench, the concourse is crowded enough because the people try to push the wheelchairs out of the way or they will lean on them. If we need to leave our seats to get food or whatever they refuse to move. The security can see this going on but they don't want do anything I have told the organization about this they refuse to listen.

They should fence off an area along the concourse and sell standing only tickets, then the seats can be sold to someone who uses them.

Now that's disgusting. Over behind our section, 112, I've been hustled out by the security people just for standing there before the game, waiting to wander down to our seats. As we should be. If someone was sitting or standing in my seat, I'd expect security to step in. I think you should phone the club after every game that happens, and even during the game send a text to the scoreboard geek!

But that was the purpose of building a concourse, for fans to stand have a beer, meet friends and watch the game from there or go back to their seats. I have seen the same thing in Ottawa, fans plant themselves on the concourse and never go back to their seats of course you are going to see empty seats.
I would rather see them staying on the concourse rather than going back and forth to their seats.
That is no different than what happens at the soccer games at BMO, the fans crowd around behind the north goal.
They sold standing room only tickets in Ottawa the past two years at the east final, it just created a more crowded concourse with an extra 1,000 fans in there.

If there are problems with wheel chairs getting crowded out, all they have to do is mark the area and have security enforce it.

they have a line on the ground separating the concourse & the seating area but people don't see it & most of the security doesn't enforce it. I have contacted the organization about this after every game & they don't seem to care that the disabled are having issues. I have been a long time season ticket holder

I'm not a fan of the crowded concourse. Sometimes it's difficult to get to the stairs and washrooms weaving through the masses. I've had beer spilled on me ( accidentally) just trying to walk to my seats. If you can't even walk to get to your seats, there has to be some sort of fire code/safety issue involved. Before everyone jumps down my throat, I'll admit I'm old and believe the football game is the reason to be there, not the standing around for 3 hours drinking of overpriced beer. :smiley:

you even get near that yellow line, heck breath on it, and security tells you to back's the only job security has.

the vast majority of folks are very respectful.

there will always be drunkards, especially by 4th quarter, that seem to listen a little less than the others.

I've never seen anyone PUSH a wheelchair bound person out of the way....that would be incredibly rude, intolerable, and would likely get you a "firm chat" from those around who would also not stand for that.

The area where "buds crew" (big yellow shirt folks) and the "box J concourse crew" generally congregate, approx 35 yard line on the south side, west concourse, is the best behaved area in the entire concourse. A little more ruckus near the 20-35 yard line on the north side, west concourse.

Never been to the east side concourse yet.

Can you advise exactly WHAT is getting out of hand?

Child labour security? Seriously.

Geez, I'm almost 40, but apparently unless you sit in your seat, preferably on your hands, you're getting out of hand.

It absolutely is about football.....if you think it is about anything else, your vision is going with your age.