Changes at Receiver

So, with the removal of Yeast from the offence what should we do now? Just put someone in his place? Not if i had my way.

If I were making the changes to the offence here's what I would do.

Bring in Cavil,

Move Ralph to Shortside WR
Move Flick to the Slot
Insert Cavil at Slot as 5th/6th receiver
Add Morreale as 6th/5th receiver (for Ratio Purposes)

Leaving us with...

Peterson - Vaughn - Cavil - Flick - Ralph

Morreale comes in for either of the slots, or Radlein/Holmes as permitted.

IMO having Flick take Yeast's spot is what we should have done last season, Ive always said he should be in the slot as he was in Ottawa (IIRC) so use his talent on the inside and get the tall guys on the outside.

This also gets Cavil in the lineup and Morreale on the field.

Any thoughts?

I'm not a big supporter of Morreale at all, however, I think we good use this and have success.

If Morreale weren't to work out we could always give Fleming some game reps as well.

This makes sense to me. In the CFL the best receivers should your slots.

Flick has good hands, and will go over the middle. He has looked good on some slant patterns this year.

They claim Ralph (aka White Lightning) is the fastest player on the team. Let him run some posts and corner routes, particularly near the end zone.

I like the idea of Cavil being inside with the 5 receiver set. You need to have a taller guy to go to, particularly if the blitz is coming.

Any idea who is going to take Yeasts spot on the roster? Will Ranek take that spot if he plays, or will they bring up Fleming?

Not adverse to that idea at all, Crash. I would use Morreale more than we have. Moving Flick into the slot could work.

I really think that we need to put Holmes in the SB mix more. Using his speed will give us more options in the intermediate zones, especially if we can send him out of the backfield in motion into the slot to create mismatches.

Oski Wee Wee,

Morreale has done nothing to lose his spot in this offence other than age by 1 year. He lost his spot to Brazzell after setting a career high in catches, lost it this year basically to Vaughn and nobody can complain... but at this point... after cutting a receiver for his effort, why not play another due to HIS effort.

Its about chemistry and getting guys that work well together, not always about the 6 best talented guys.


Way to go sir. Excellent suggestions :rockin: .
Problem is the same old offensive coaches are still at work :frowning: . They have been under-using and mis-using all these good players since the season began which is one big reason we are 1-6.

Yeah, I'd love to see Cavil. And I definately agree that Flick should be moved inside. He has great hands and runs great routes...but he's not that tall, and not especially fast. I've thought of him as a prototypical slotback.

What the heck happened to Willie Quinnie. he's still active, right?

Oh yeah, and play Cavil.

bring back archie!

Folks, you're just shuffling the chairs on the Titanic. Apart from Vaughan, there really isn't a standout receiver in the group. It doesn't much matter who's in there since they're all just average pass catchers. Dropping Yeast was addition by subtraction though. Good move by the Cats.

An Argo fan

And you have 1 more win than us.

This coming from the 2-4 Exxon Valdez. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Popcorn? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

He Been at IWS a lot ..
I think they should give him a look on The Taxi Team..

No Contract
He can work out and we can see if he's is back

If so Offer him a 1 year deal at the Base Salary .. No Bounes

We know His Heart is Black and Gold..
Is He Able to take the pounding now..

Barney you should worry about your own recievers before you worry about ours ok ??

I personally seen Archie working out today and talked to him as he was having a break . He knows hes been blackballed and its a shame . Lancaster was standing thier not 20 feet away and it was like Archie wasnt even thier . which is a shame since he caught so many big passes for the man when he really didnt have much else .

How come Lancaster can still coach yet Amerson is washed up ?? He WILL go over the middle which is something Yeast wasnt to thrilled about doing .

Hes younger than Vaughn and im sure he could fit in somwhere . Give the man a chance will you ????

wouldn't hurt to give Ian Fleming his opportunity

if ranek goes in against winnipeg and gets nicked again, that leaves holmes playing at running back/slot and as a kick returner. and ronnie doesn't like guys doing too much double duty. so i think you could see davon fowlkes make his cfl debut as a kick returner. he was returning an awful lot of kicks today with holmes in practice.
this doesn't mean morreale shouldn't get more reps; he should.
but it also means we need someone else beside holmes to return punts and kicks. and that isn't cavil.

Crash introduces some great ideas.

Introducing Amerson in lieu of Yeast yields some excellent opportunities, even if you are getting over to asking "old men" to bail you out of the rough, and there are controversies at the OLine and QB that need be addressed.

Why and how Ronnie deals with it is one of the reasons we have him as interim Head Coach. Lets see how the Man comes to the Moment in Winnipeg with the assets so plainly available.

These are some great ideas.
I think that just might work.
Maybe you should be the OC, can't be any worse than we have.


Play the guys who are producing and showing the effort. Morreale may not be the best of the bunch but he still produces and visibly gives an effort from the start to the finish of each game. Many other of our receivers do not...don't let the door hit you on the way out Yeast.

Morreale is underutilized on this team, well at least in my opinion.

Mine too. Well said :rockin: .

I actually have to agree with Barney on this matter, even though he's an Argo fan. Our receivers are very inconsistent, Vaughn excluded, and we don't know what we will get from game to game. I've been most disappointed in Flick as his body language has been atrocious this year. There are times when it appears that he has given up on routes. This may have something to do with the lack of touches he has received this year. I was hoping it would just be a matter of time before they were all on the same page, but I'm not so sure anymore.

I have no issue with changing things around, my only concern is that it appeared that Maas was starting to get in sync with the receivers, changing them may be counter productive (I know, we only have 1 win and were shut out in our last game - how much more counter productive can you get).

With respect to Archie, he falls into the same category as the others, too inconsistent for my taste.