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Field Goal kicking. When have the Cats had that. Boreham is Boring. You would actually think this guy would improve with time but he just does not seem to have the ability.

the only DB they need to change is Chris Martin, Toronto slotbacks took him to school and now Ben Cahoon burned him for 100yds in receiving. He is frigging brutal.

Was a Boreham Backer, now GET HIM OUT. I can understand if he was missing close, but my GOD he is missing by 15 yds.

I said the same thing last year. Coaches refuse to see the light on Boreham and Auggie etc...

Also, just like last year our half times adjustments are obviously second rate to the other teams as we cannot score in the second half.

I said this last week, why Ranek over Holmes

Mass 1 td 4 ints


Pass defense was fine. Montreal just blanketted everyone. Boreham gets the boot soon. i sued to be a boreham backer but after today, im "questionining my alliegance". Secondary didnt play abd but not great either. Bradley over Martin enxt time. LBs played well, oline played well, recievers played decent, dline played decent. ST has to get better on the coverage. Imagine if Laundry was back there? Penalties killed us. That and those stupid hitch passes.

u can watch alouette games from all last season, and the first 2 from this season....u will notice they only have 3 or 4 plays:

-8 yard pass to the sidelines ( right and left )
-edwards rushing
-over the middle to cahoon

i dont know why this is so hard to figure out???...they do the first and second until the defence expects them, then they do the long strike to cahoon....

Did you notice that Armour was taken out and Hitchcock was put in ?? I think this is when the D started to play much better !!!!!

i honestly think ranek should go.. trade him for a quality CB... and maby a draft pick

The secondary has got to be changed somehow. During the off season the team concentrated on the offence, yes they needed some help there as well and as the season goes on the offence should come together. Last year I felt it was the secondary that was the weakest area on the team. They never seemed to stop the pass when needed. The secondary is almost the same as last year and they still have the same problem. We also see difficulties again this year with making tackles. I think it is time to consider replacing the Defensive coordinator.

ok like u wonder about this guy his only job is to kick hes not like corey out there that plays punt return then goes and plays running about etc etc.. u'd think for a guy that only kicks he would be able to make a close kick