Changements au règlements

Well the rule changes for the most part have been ratified. As an old school kind of guy I`m having some issues with them.

With the waggle and the no contact beyond 5 yards, inside receivers might have a field day against DBs. Coverage skills will be paramount, perhaps one reason Popp signed Chris Thompson, an older guy but reportedly strong in coverage.

The punt return rules look to be turning a special play into a common one, with all the open space now available to returners. A guy like Banks was amazing at being able to wind his way out of tight confinement. With the new rules and open space all returners will be at an equal footing.

I have mixed feelings about the 32 yard convert. It had been a meaningless play, but now are you giving it too much importance? I sure would hate to see the Als lose a game because of a missed convert.

Barring the convert rule, I HATE all these changes. And I can't believe that they've hastily implemented so many potentially transformative changes in a single offseason. This reeks of panic and overreaction to the metrics of a single season, which is not a large enough sample size for anyone to establish causation between an aspect of the game and scoring.

God, this is awful. Even one of these rules could have lasting consequences on the CFL game for years to come. But all together? This makes three-down football unrecognizable to me. This is not how you effect change in your game. If you want to get it right, you study the problem for more than one fracking offseason, you mandate a task force to take a close look at the game, and then you come up with a package of changes that you implement GRADUALLY, over the span of several years, so you can see how each element is interacting with the base system already in place. You don't just go nuts and get rid of defensive jamming and holding for O-linemen on punts, change no-yards, convert, and two-point convert rules, AND make it easier for tempo offences to run in a single damn offseason.

And rather than invent new rules, howsabout you fix the rules you hastily implemented the previous season, which play no small part in the decline in scoring? Off the cuff, they added to the number of DIs last year, not anticipating that teams would almost invariably use that DI spot to rotate in a fresh d-lineman, thereby making pass rushes more effective over 60 minutes. A simple fix: mandate a limit to how many DIs can be used on each side of the ball. But no, I guess we're not going to fix the half-assed changes we've already made. The solution is to make more half-assed changes without considering the consequences! :roll: :roll: :thdn: :thdn:

Well said, agree 100%.

En-dehors de la modification aux règles de la transformation, je ne suis pas convaincu que ces changements vont améliorer le spectacle.

Pour les bottés de dégagement, on va voir plus de mouchoirs lancés parce que des joueurs de ligne auront accidentellement franchi la ligne de mêlée avant le botté. D'autre part, si l'adversaire a un bon retourneur, on verra plus de bottés hors lignes et plus de simples.

Pour ce qui est des contacts entre receveurs et couvreurs après les 5 verges, il va y avoir un plus grand nombre de cas limites qui entraîneront une punition.

Moving the kick to the 32 and the 2 pointer to the 3 makes the “convert” an important decision for the HC.
At least there will be some suspense, both in the decision and in the play/kick.
Teams will have to develop 2 point packages, which may create a specialized role for the 2nd/3rd string QB.
It could even lead to more short yardage, non-QG sneak, 3rd down gambles.

Thats the other thing. Theyre trying to speed up the game and make it more fan friendly. But all these changes at once are going to cause a flag festival.

Je me faisais des réflexions à propos du nouveau règlement à propos de l'immunité des receveurs.

Si je trouve que ce règlement sera probablement une erreur, il demeure que les meilleures défensives devraient être celles qui vont s'en tirer le mieux. Les demis des Alouettes sont parmi ceux qui faisaient les meilleures couvertures l'an dernier et rien ne laisse penser que ce ne sera pas encore le cas cette saison. Cependant, avec la profondeur de la tertiaire des Alouettes, peut-être qu'en utilisant plus de demis défensifs en rotation, les Alouettes pourraient avoir une bonne façon de contrer la fatigue de leur tertiaire. En mettant parfois Lue, Edem, Ellis ou Thompson sur le terrain, on permettrait à White, Brown, Parker, Brouillette et Tisdale de souffler davantage durant une partie, ce qui pourrait s'avérer payant en fin de rencontre.

Je regardais l'alignement des Alouettes et je me disais que Mike Edem pourrait voir plus de jeu cette saison.

Avec les nouveaux règlements à propos des receveurs, la vitesse de récupération d'Edem pourrait lui valoir plus de présences sur le terrain.

Agree 100%

All of these rule changes are knee jerks, because of idiots like Paul Friesen whining that scoring was down and mindless throngs agreeing with him because it sounded good.

To me, the real reasons for offenses not scoring as much:

  • the extra DI (as I’ve said before)
  • a natural cyclical swing where defenses have caught up to offenses
  • the addition of an extra team (Ottawa), diluting roster talent (especially starting national talent, which is why I’d love to see the starting 7 reduced to starting 6)
  • a transition period at QB whereby many of the good or elite QBs who made offenses click all over the league are either retired (Calvillo), on the decline (Burris), or getting injured more frequently (Ray, Durant)
  • too much coaching turnover (which is why I’d like a cap on football ops so teams are forced into continuity on both sides of the ball)

Some sports change the rules every season. Some like NASCAR have even changed them in season. Coaches learned to game the system. In football they watch so much film, that they learn the tendencies of the individual officials and crews.

I really don't see a problem with this rule change. My interest for CFL ball was at a low point last year. Seeing guys dive on second and third and long situations hoping to get an interference call. Lost count how many times defenders obstructed and shielded receivers with NO idea where the ball was. It needed to be done.

An area where I think the league missed an opportunity, was changing the rules to curb the abuse of officials. Tired of seeing players argue and call for flags. Seeing HC abuse officials and the CFL's low point last season seeing Barker on camera pressuring an official to make a call on the GOAL LINE !

Disagree. As Nik Lewis said, guys have been getting open for years with contact. If you have more continuity on offense, one fewer starting national on the roster, and a football ops cap, the playing field gets leveled out and the talent dilution from the 9th team doesn’t have as much impact. Also, why panic after one year of scoring being down? I just don’t get it. You have a field that’s a mile long and a mile wide, with unlimited backfield motion and defenses lining up a yard off the ball and you need MORE help to score and sustain drives? That’s on the coaches and players, not on enemy defenses.

I think they panicked because of the falling ticket sales and ratings. But we are back to what we were saying when these changes were announced. Let's see how games are called...

Regardless of how the games are called, there’s no going back from these drastic changes to the game. Unwarranted and unnecessary to me. Let’s hope things aren’t effed up too badly…

That would definitely have an impact on Johnny’s “Fire _____” threads. Retroactively, it would also have given Dan Hawkins plenty of time to learn French.

Well, if there had been a cap on football ops, the team might not have spent so long dithering over who to hire before settling on Hawkins. Not being able to buy your way out of trouble with a quick firing will do wonders for efficiency in the front office. :wink: