Okay, lets seriously look at this team:

Defense – they played horrid at the start of the season. They had a new (well replacement) DC, who was implementing new strategy…zone, which takes time. They have played better every game, and look fairly good now.

Defensive line – yeah, there are issues, but they have improved, which has shocked me. Getting Hawkins back will help. I was disappointed the DL was not beefed up in the off-season, but it is leaps and bounds better than week 1, and has been getting pretty good pressure, especially against BC.

Secondary – it has looked pretty good. They are giving up passes underneath in a bend don’t break strategy, but overall look solid, especially with the return of Patrick. Tristan Jackson has also melded extremely well into the D…nice pickup!

Linebackers – not much to complain about here. We have lost some depth, but the starting core is still top notch.

Special teams – Eddie has been amazing, and ST looks improved. We have not had them make a game changer, but they also have not really cost us like last season. A big improvement over last year IMO, and it will likely only get better with a first year ST coach.

Defensive Coordination – There were lots of people up and down Hall to start the season, but the D has stepped up. I think that a vote would show most people are okay with the D.

Offense – The O has been ineffective, clearly. They played great in one half of one game (and won). We need over 26 points to win a game…we have done that 2 of 6 games and won one of those.

Offensive Line – Seems to be playing much much better than last season. DD has time for the most part. They look pretty good.

Running Backs – Cates is injured, but others have stepped up nicely. They seem to be underutilized in favor of standing in shotgun and throwing deep.

Receivers – we walked into this season missing Andy. The plan was to use Koch more…he got hurt prior to regular season. JC seems to be under utilized. Sisco has been invisible. Nunn apparently practices well, but does not seem to fit in thus far. Wheeleright looks good on this team, but got hurt preseason. Baggs is out, likely for the season. Geztlaf drops 2 a game, and needs to be benched for a couple games, much like Andy was a few seasons back, but we don’t have anyone to fill that void until somebody gets off the 9 game. Dressler looks great, but can not do it alone.

QB – DD had a rough start with 6 INT early, but in fairness, 4 of those were touched by his receiver first, so in my eyes he is responsible for 2. The receivers are not helping him with 4+ drops a game! He is becoming a pocket passer, and needs to run 6 times a game, and roll out more often.

Offensive Co-ordination – this, in my eyes, is the issue. The long ball is not working. It is a boom or bust offense that when clicking is tough to beat, but the league knows what is coming next. We as fans can predict 80% of the plays or better, how much is being anticipated by DC who study this stuff for a living. There are moments of brilliance, but at the end of the day the play calling is providing a lackluster offensive scheme that is leaving tight coverage. They played well in Montreal in the first half…why not run that play package more…a mobile DD, passes underneath, deep passes when they bite…play what they give you, not what you want!

Head Coach – There have been a few things I have question with Marshall, but I honestly believe he gets a passing grade. Now, if the offense does not get going he has to go, because it is his team. If I am in his shoes I punt Berry to save my own job.

Nice post, depop. One further point to your critique of the offense: I don't feel Berry is using pre-snap motion and misdirection very effectively this season. I see many plays where the receivers hit the line straight on and run patterns that don't cross with each other, making it easier for DBs to stay with their respective receivers or defend their zone. Whatever happened to the rub? A receiver like Fantuz can make something out of nothing; a lesser receiver like Getzlaf needs his coaches to put him in a position to succeed with deceptive pre-snap motion and rubs to help him create separation from the DB.

Since Trestman and Hufnagel came into the league, offenses have evolved a fair bit, to the point where complex pre-snap motion, stacked routes, and rubs are now standard for just about every offense. Berry needs to get with the times IMO. You can't just play bombs-away offense like it's 1995 anymore.

pre-motion is a good point. I have noticed that, but chalked it up to a basically new reveiving corps. That is one things that Berry has historically implimented well, perhaps better than any other team.

Ah, that makes sense. I too have seen him use it in the past and wondered why it was absent this year.

doug berry is sucking as offence coordinator, you need to utilize each playerrs talents, has there been 1 play this year that is strictly set up for dd to run? wheres a dressler sweep? wheres some shovel passes, wheres some sweeps to running backs, wheres a odd stew foord run, has a wide reciever even tried stretching the field, effrin hill has caught anything past 7-8yrds! doug berry needs some vision and plays for specific players on the field using dressler as just a reciever is criminal, only throwing the long ball to your slot backs is fail! not specically calling dd's # to run is lose! must i go on ,yes, rolll him out, let him take snaps not just shotgun, create sum differnet looks and start using your players properly, you doug berry are failing this team!

That is exactly what is wrong with DB and RH - both living in the past. RH's defensive strategy will never ever win us a football game given the struggles that we have on offense. Look at how Winnipeg plays D - agressive coverages and pass rushing schemes held the flying high Esks at bay last night - after going down 10 points their DC made the adjustments and voila a win. Our Dc keeps playing the same tired old schemes no matter what the scenario and oops we lost again. Play action and pre-snap motion are almost non-existent in Berry's world. We have potentially one of the best QB's in the leaague and we aren't developing the strategies to help our O be more successful. (fewer drops by the receivers would help also). Again I see very little adjustment in our Ofeensive schemes during the course os the game. Surely Marshall didn't pick these two throwbacks as his Co-ordinators - I think he was pressured into selecting them from the Rider brass. Either way someething must be done now or a long season is going to get very very long for the Rider Nation.

As to our special teams - I was very happy with their play until last night. Eddie had surely his worst game as a Rider. We gave up field position on every punt and our return game was almost an afterthought. This is one area I believe will recover from one bad game - given the other coaches I don't have such confidence for the other 2 phases of our game.

I agree with the thread regarding OC-Berry... It's been bloom or bust, long bomb, or numb bench bum. Berry needs to get with the times. Why not run some option / play action passing with a rolling DD? Play to the strengths of the players you have. Don't try and 'remold' clay that has been set.

DD is NOT a pocket passer.. if thats what berry wants, he should go coach elsewhere, because i'll back durant first. he's busting hump. Also whats with the receivers? Seems like we have 1 receiver out there and he's getting double teamd lots. Maybe they need to start throwing to hughes in the tight-end spot more often, it seemd to catch everyone off guard. Plus its fun to see him get chased from behind / bull over db's.

$ 0.02

Ken Miller as O.C. for the rest of this season, and then find a good fit for the future in the off season. Berry is then expendable TODAY. I will even give him my Westjet credit to help with his relocation.
Miller is more than familiar with the personnell and was quite successfull in his time at that post in the Grey Cup winning year. It would be the most seamless transition available for this year.
Oh, and one of my favourite plays last night was when the Riders figured they could attempt a field goal with no HOLDER. Talk about sanlot football at it's best.

If Miller was willing to do that it would be great, but I am not sure if he would.

I still can't believe Crandel is gone, a guy that DD openly looked up to and respected. pity

If Miller is willing to come in they could still potentially bring in the successor this year for some hands on training with Ken.

Eddie struggled yesterday, but he also did say his leg was sore all week. He has been doing stellar last otherwise though. His short punts were killing us with the no yards all game, but I can not fault him, because he gave warning all week. I still have more confidence in Eddie on FGs than i do Congi, especially over 40.

By the look of his demenour on the sidelines last night, I am sure he knows that this is what has to happen. I would assume that that role is a bit less taxing on him than Head coach was, and I think he is getting himself up for it, and think he will do it. If I'm Marshall, I'm meeting with Miller at this moment, figuring out all the logistics that are required to make this move by Monday. It's my livelyhood on the line, and I'm not surrendering it beause of a wrong fit at one of my
co-ordinator positions. Not saying Berry is not a good coach, but just doesn't seem to be the right fit for what the Riders have to offer, personnell wise at this time. Miller is the MAN after all when this whole hiearchy is broken down, and he now realizes that what's going on is not going to cut it, and He's a damn good O.C.
Remember it was him that almost publicly called out Lapolice in September 09 or 10, whenever it was, for the bland offence that was going on during the 3 or 4 game losing streak, got more involved, and led Riders to a couple G.C. berths, with a revised offensive play book for the last 7 or 8 games. This move is the Riders only hope of salvaging this season IMO.

I agree. I did not notice Miller on the sideline…was he there the whole game? The fact he was on the sideline in an away game is a big statement. I would assume he was getting some closeup observation…not a good sign for somebody.

Miller taking over as OC would be good and bad. On the good side the Riders would likely have a much better offensive unit. On the bad side I might smile so big that my cheeks split open.

Yeh, he was there, with a close camera shot, in the fourth quarter. I think it was soon after the missed holder thing on the field goal. He looked way more stressed than anyone, who has done so much for the organization, at his age, should have to deal with. I haver a feeling it is eighter the above mentioned scenario, or he will be walking away altogether from his CFL days, sooner than later.

Here's hoping Miller comes back. I think I mentioned on another thread, it would be nice to get permission to talk to Crandell and bring him back as an apprentice under Miller, to take over OC next year (or maybe even the one after). Another one I wouldn't mind in the OC role would be Dave Dickenson, but good luck getting him to leave Calgary. I think he may be a lifer there.

Now here's an interesting thought....if Miller DOES remove Berry, and take his place, will Taman (maybe? Hopefully?) resign in protest at being overruled and at having his buddy fired out from under him? At the very least, it might make for some interesting meetings behind closed doors. :twisted:

Again...Crandell is under contrat as an OC already....NO WAY will a team let someone interview for a lateral move. Forget about it.

Why would Tanam quit over this. He is not going to have a temper tantrum, he has a good gig going, and he would be a part of any final decision. He ain't going nowhere unless he is pushed out, and I don't think that is anywhere near immediate plans.

Not sure there's a whole lot of change coming here....seems we have gone to a rebuild mode. The Greycup game last year showed we were missing a few pieces, and this year with all the changes were missing more. What ryles me is the fact we will dump a player for not fitting in during the season...aka a Tad Kornegay, but we refuse to change up coaching...aka Jim Daley. There was lots of speculation we didn't have enough of the right kind of players for special teams. So where is Mr. Daley now, he was let go in the off season. So does anyone see any changes coming for the coaches, I don't think so, especially when were talking of Doug Berry, remember he was the O.C. under Kenny. If there was a problem, there would have been a change there in the off season, oh and remember coach Marshall, and coach Berry have coached together before, just the rolls were reversed. On the other hand, is anyone tired of seeing young coaches come through our organization, only go off on their own and and have pretty good starts to their new careers. Mr Lapolice, seems that ship has been righted, Cavis Reed with the Eks. seems to be on the right course, still waiting to see them slide some, but looks like their on the right path, and of course Marcus Crandell, who by all accounts has turned around Ricky Ray slide the last couple of years bad. I didn't realize that Crandell was an OC, I thought he was an assistant. :oops: oops. Sorry about that.

I was just putting the idea out there that it would be cool if Taman quit. Why would he do so? Well, lets see, a lot of people already know that the organization doesn't trust him. That's why Miller has to sign off on his moves.

Now lets add to that the hypothetical that Berry gets fired. Berry is not only Taman's buddy, but also Taman's pick, which reflects upon Taman's capabilities. If Berry gets fired over Taman's objections, then the GM has essentially lost all authority and credibility with the team, and also with all the other GMs in the league. No one will deal with him, but will go straight to Miller instead. After all, why use a go-between when you can deal directly with the person who actually has the authority to make decisions?

If (note the "IF") such a situation were to arise, its realistic to think that either Taman might feel emasculated, and leave out of pride, or (more likely) the Riders brass realize that the GM position is being filled by a stuffed shirt who is doing little more than holding a title, and fire him.

I'm not saying it will happen...its just nice to dream 8)

Sure Doug Berry was Brendan's choice for coach back in Winnipeg, buy as it goes here, he was Kenny's pick last year, and as I understand it Coach Marshall was allowed to pick his coaching staff, so he was again Kenny's, Brendan's and coach Marshall's pick. Don't see anything happening here for the coaches, as we didn't get rid of Jim Daley last year either in the middle of a season. Coaches can go stale or flat like a player, would love to see these guys graded out like they do the players, from time to Hoping that all this experience we boast on this coaching staff can get it figured out. I wouldn't think this has anything to do with someone being upset about not getting chosen for the job of H.C. because that would ruin their chances for getting this one down the road, or any other for that matter. As I have said before, I think right now we are doing more teaching than we are coaching right now, and there in would be our problem. On the other hand if DB has gone flat, well then coach Marshall needs to push him, if he already isn't.


Actually, the last 6 games. He was Durants' Q.B. coach in Sask for the last couple years, and was his player mentor when Durant got to Sask. and Crandell was the starter. Add to that, Crandells' wife is from Regina, Crandell has some business interests in Regina, I don't see how you could have asked for a better fit as O.C.. Given what he has already shown in Edmonton at that position, I have to put that one in the "One that got away" category. That's why a few of us were calling for him as O.C. during the off-season, before Edmonton scooped him up. No way he would have left if given the same opportunity here.

Getting Crandell back would be nice but a long shot.

Obviously, Berry has to go. Anyone would be better than him. I'd go down the list of recent QBs, but Damon Allan would be worth a try. If never heard it suggested before but with his experience, I'd try him first. Heck I think I'll start a thread on this.

I would say we had a few get away. I liked Paul Lapolice, he seems to have found a nice fit as a head coach, Kavis Reed, also seemed to slip away. heard a rumor he was to be groomed as our next coach if Tillman was still here. Moot point now, but look where he ended up, and the other to slip away was Ritchie Hall, who seemed to find the totally wrong fit up in Edmonton, and now Ritchie is back. When he left everyone was mad we didn't make him our head coach, and until recently most wanted him Its amazing what happens when you win or loose, in the eyes of the spectators