Change to NFL Instant Replay

The NFL is going HD for the refs with a move up from 20" to 26" screens while allowing the refs to choose where they will stand.

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Anyone know the details of the CFL system?

The Etch-A-Sketch may have an extra knob for quick erasures without the need to shake the monitor....

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Oski Wee The Play On The Field Stands Ad Nauseum,

OMFG... too funny.. sadly TOO TRUE!!!

Russ you seem to be in rare form tonight

Merci. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That may not be a good thing. :smiley:


Yet, another, MYSTERY to me ... could someone EXPLAIN why it MUST be an on-field Official which REVIEWS the play!!???

MORE times than NOT I have made the call LONG before the FOOL under the umbrella has even viewed the replay.

Why not just have another TRAINED OFFICIAL sitting in a remote site in front of a few monitors ?? He can send a Rogers TEXT MESSAGE to the on-field ref's Blackberry.

That RINKY DINK, BUSH, on-field contraption is a JOKE ...

That goes DOUBLE for the NFL ... you would THINK they could get it RIGHT !!


I think that the challenged plays should be reviewed by an of-field official (perhaps in the press box area). This could help prevent the Referee from "protection" or "covering up" a bad call by one of his on-field officials.

Unless and until the CFL can get 40+ HD cameras in a stadium for every game, then we will have to live with what we have. It is still better than what we had a short while ago...