Change to Bomber's logo?

I noticed when watching the draft that the logo that the Blue Bombers had in the background had changed back to the pre-2005 one with the white W (plus blue and gold ball/lightning bolt). I assume they are changing back to that logo for the upcoming season. Anyone following the Bombers know if that’s true?
I hope so, as I really didn’t like the all blue one they’ve been using, couldn’t make out the details of the logo as well as the old one (the W and ball both being blue).
I know it’s not much of a change, but I think it looks better. More contrast between the W and the ball/bolt.
Was hoping they’d change back to the old royal blue as well, but looks like they’re sticking with the navy blue.

Any other teams making any logo or uni changes this coming season?

What happened with the Argos? They had a poll to see if bringing back the football ship logo would be popular, anyone know the result of that?

The Bombers aren't changing their logo this season. They have a new display background that allows for different logos to be displayed.

OK, strange they'd use the pre-'05 logo instead of the current one. Anyway, I like that one better, they should change back to it anyway. :wink: