Change the way hockey is played

It has recently come to my attention that some kids coaches at putting their teams in no contact leagues. One line I heard was if beer leagues can do it so can kids.

I wouldn’t mind this at every level. Never happen but…

Two things that piss me off about how the pros, and I assume pre pros, play is how they use their stick. From careless high sticking to cross checking from behind. I think the penalties should be increased to 3 min.

and in cases such as tonight with Oshie

Where there is injury the player should be gone until the injured player returns to the ice.

If they would truly enforce the stick rules, Chara would be in the box most of the game. Just watch him carving up players. He’s the worst and nothing is done.

He and a few others.
Faulk on the Hurricanes last night for example on a Caps player ( do not recall who) right in front of his goaltender Mrazk.

One opinion is a two minute power play is 2 minutes regardless if a goal is scored by the team having the advantage.
I the early days of the nhl 20s -30s I believe, this is the way it was.
It was changed because Montreal a power house at the time would score repeatly some times as much as 5 goals.
In the 70 hockey night in canada ran a serial of hockey in the early days and it was there I learned of it.

It’ll be interesting what Bettman says to this committee:

DRYDEN: NHL needs to address these concussion issues

On Wednesday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will appear before a government of Canada parliamentary subcommittee on concussions in sports.

The committee began its hearings in November. It heard, first of all, from athletes — boys, girls, women, men — from many different sports. The athletes talked about their experiences, the brain injuries they suffered, the symptoms they felt, the diagnoses and treatments they received and the life effects they live with — about how their lives have changed and what that means for them and those around them.

It heard from medical people, from researchers who have made the brain their life’s study and doctors who have made the health and well-being of their patients their life’s work, from those who know the most and the best about what is known and isn’t known, about what they are able to do and what they aren’t and what others must do. … (April 30/19)
[b]Banning hits to head would mean end of all hits in NHL, Bettman says [/b] Bettman also says he hasn't seen any evidence to link long-term brain damage and multiple blows to the head while playing the game.