Change the uniforms - Please

Just a though, but seeing that we are going through a new period, I think the team should change those ugly uniforms with the sad colors and go back to the original colors of red and white at home with the wings on the helmuts.
Use Philly Eagles as an example......Enought with those ugly uniform combination.

I agree. the current uniforms have that 70's Donna Summer look to them. Especially the chrome pants...

Less is more :slight_smile:

I don't know. I kind of like the current uniforms and the logo the way they are. 8)

Burgundy jersey for Home games
White jersey for Away games

I have no problems with that....

3rd jersey should be a "Vintage" blue jersey from the 70's era !

I personally hate the black jersey (Al's Office, I know you are reading this...Don't tell us on your site that fans love it like last year !), we are not the Detroit Lions !

As for the pants color (silver, burgundy, ect...), I don't care !

Would really be cool if they brought back leather helmets too. :smiley: but with bluetooth

I like their blue jerseys, with blue pants.
I like their away uniforms as they are, with BLUE pants.

Other than that, I like the bergundy jerseys also.

Anything but Black!

I would love to see the Als in the red and white (white and red). That great red bird wing on the helmet meant something to me as a kid. I remember receiving such a CFL helmit in a box of cereal. With some slight updating, the uniform would be a real winner.

You can only hope the team is listening!

I believe the most awesome uniform they had was the one they had in 2005 with the Alouette bird facing "head on" on each sleeve. That uniform seemed to enhance the reds and the blues and the bird looked awesome on each sleeve. I believe they wore the red pants with that jersey. For those of you who want to see this uniform, just find 2005 Grey Cup footage. They wore this beautiful uniform for the 2005 Grey Cup.

This uniform was never seen again... I guess when you lose a Grey Cup in double overtime, you make changes... The uniform should not have paid for the price of change. As for the new black and gray uniform, that and the solid black with little blue stripes are aweful!

Which ever uniform they have, it will be better than this one:

[url=] ... cordes.gif[/url]

Seriously, I did a web search and could only find the helmet. Does anyone have a photo of a "vintage" Concordes uniform?