Right now there are WAYY to many season series that have 2 games in 3 weeks or home and homes.

Winnipeg and Edmonton only meet in the first 3 weeks this year.. AGAIN!!

The only Series that should be done in under 3 weeks is Sask vs. Winnipeg and BC vs. MTL Labour Day games.
Only 2 of the what 28 series in the CFL.

The schedule should be:(IMO)
INTER-Division = East vs. West
INTRA-Division = Within a Division(East vs. East and West vs. West)

First 6 games:
3 weeks of inter division Followed by 3 weeks of intra division means all teams have played all other teams except 1.(Winnipeg + Sask, MTL + BC, Calgary + TO or HAM, Edm + TO or Ham)

So far each team has:
3 Inter Division(of 8 )
3 Intra Divsion(of 10)

Second 6 games:
week 7: 1 week of inter division
-2 weeks with only 2 games(Divisional showcases, count as 1 week of Intra division)
Next 4 weeks have a split in which each team has 2 inter division and 2 intra division games.

SO FAR each team has:
6 Intra Division(of 10)
6 Inter Division(of 8 )

Last 6 games:
Start of by finishing the Inter Division(east vs. West) with 2 weeks(2 games) for each team
then the last 4 weeks are all Intra division(inside ones own Conference)

This means the key point of the season(the last third) is the third of the season most focused on Divisional games, Those all important 4 point games take up the last 4 games.

Example of the schedule:(using WPG)
Week 1: @ Edm
Week 2: vs. BCL
Week 3: vs. Cal
Week 4: @ MTL
Week 5: vs. Ham
Week 6: @ TO

Week 7: vs. Edm(series done)
Week 8: Bye
Week 9: vs MTL
Week 10: @ Sask
Week 11: vs. Sask
Week 12: @ Ham
Week 13: vs. TO

Week 14: @ BCL
Week 15: @ Cal
Week 16: vs. Ham
Week 17: vs. MTL
Week 18: @ TO
Week 19: @ Ham

Home/Away can be switched around, Notice that all teams are played the proper amount of times, but only Sask is a double header(due to Labour day/Banjo bowl) No other team is played without having 2 games between meetings

Now I understand there are some scheduling issues for teams, but really is it that hard?

Teams make Millions have I don't think any team other then really TO has stadium issues(Blue Jays)

Winnipeg, Sask, Edmonton, MTL, BCL, Calgary and Hamilton are Primary Tenants of their Stadiums are they not?
The schedule is made in Febuary more then enough time to be able and book concerts and such around the CFL game that week.

i agree i gets boring watching the same two teams week after week what is this BASEBALL?

agree...altho i didnt read your whole novel.

CBC must be pissed off that they paid for the cfl rights and had to show hamilton on consecutive weeks on national television, what a disgrace, i guess CBC is satisfied they wont have cfl rights next year so they wont have to waste their time and money to show a football team that couldnt even compete in CIS football right now. You can change the GM, Coach, Team President, and roster, but Hamilton will always be Hamilton.

Schedule is how it’s spelled by the way. I think I understand the message you were trying to get across.

Are you saying that teams shouldn’t meet in consecutive weeks or have the season series done before the midway point of the season?

It’s very hard to follow that initial post, poorly worded and confusing.

thats a typical barnes7 post.

ya i kinda got confused after the first 2 sentences but thats ok i think i got the idea of it

But how do you mess up the word schedule so badly when it's permanently in the top left hand corner of the site? :wink:

Basic Concept:
Spread out all the Series over the course of the season.
have no more then 2 series started/finished in 1 third of the season.
those two series are: MTL vs. BCL and SSK vs. WPG
the other 26 series across the league would be spread out over the year.

yes I know, everyone else who posts has perfect spelling and Grammar don't they?

Have all Inter -divisional games(Division vs. Division) done by week 16, making the last 4 weeks of the season all inside the division.
this way the end of season playoff races are "determined" by 4 point games.

yes all teams play the same 18 game schedule, but it gives the perception of teams being able to have more control over their own fate.

I agree with, Barnes. I've never really been a fan of the "double headers." I mean, the CFL only has 8 teams to begin with, and that point in emphasized when you have Hamilton @ Winnipeg one week, and then Winnipeg @ Hamilton the next. Spread it out.

Yes you can only do so much with 8 teams, that's why MORE teams are needed.

I agree 100% with barnes7! I've never liked the back to back games. Spreading it out makes each meeting more exciting due to roster changes,winning/losing streaks and injuries along with playoff inplications towards the end of the season. Yes argotom we do need more teams but we both know thats a pipe dream right now.

yep, I don't like the back-to-backers either. I think the league is perhaps trying to emulate the success of the Labour Day Classics throughout the schedule?. Dumb idea.

With only 8 teams in the league, fans need some variety in their opponents. Last year the Lions played Sask. three times in the opening five weeks? Perhaps this year's schedule is improved, but the games against the same opponents should be spaced out more.

I know the league has problems with Rogers Centre (there I said it!), but I can't see how scheduling alternating home & away games and not playing the same team two consecutive weeks can be that difficult in an eight-team league?

Although I do like the scheduling as far as the days go. This week is purrfect. Games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights! They should be doing this throughout the season. You will probably find the TV ratings for this weeks games will be higher than when they have double-headers on Friday.

For some reason the league usually waits until Labour Day to start playing on Sundays, in direct competition to the NFL startup. As far as TV ratings go, I think they should play on Sunday's right from June 20th. Start the season as close to the end of the Stanley Cup Finals as possible, but still extending the season to late November. There is a TV hole on Sunday's in the summer which could be exploited by the CFL. Fans in Regina, Wpg and Calgary have shown they don't mind attending Sunday games in the summer.

This could work out as well as the CBC's venture into Saturday night games in the summer, which have resulted in record TV ratings for the network. Formerly eschewed, (the CBC ignored the CFL in the summer for many years). Now this seems like a no-brainer to tap into the vacant Saturday night sports market after the HNIC shuts down.

Same as Sunday afternoons. If fans throughout North America knew there was always a CFL Sunday game on, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, right through the NFL season, it could further enhace their TV ratings.

I like the traditional games like the Labour Day ones and winnipeg vs. sask. ones. The rest should be spread out more. Meaningful games saved to late in the season are hard to orchestrate because one can never predict what will happen during a season ( injuries etc.) so it will never be a perfect schedule.

sask doesnt even play hamilton until week 16....then they play them again the next week....dumb dumb dumb.

the riders are playing the same 6 opponents over and over for 15 weeks....who makes these crappy schedules?

Winnipeg doesn't play calgary till like week 16 and double header for them too... huh? how does that work.

It's 8 teams!

How can hard can it be to avoid double headers?

There are only 4 double headers allowed:
Sask vs. WPG
TO vs. Hamilton
BC vs. MTL
CAL vs Edmonton

Labour day then Labour day rematch.

That's it!

Again beat the dead horse.. WINNIPEG ONLY PLAYS 3 TEAMS OVER THE FIRST 6 WEEKS OF THE SEASON!(6 games)


Week 1 change:
Calgary @ Edmonton
WPG @ Hamilton

Week 6:
WPG @ Edmonton
Hamilton @ Calgary

OMG, Just solved both 2 problems with winnipegs schedule:
the home and home with Hamilton, Meeting Edmonton twice over 3 weeks.

Isn't that amazing?
It doesn't effect the other 4 teams does it? nope.
It's that easy and now Winnipegs Schedule is so much better.
There is no effect on Edmonton, Hamilton or Calgary's schedules.

Week 12:
Ham @ SSK

Week 17:

No home and home for Calgary/WPG or HAM/SSK

Calgary now has 2 games in 3 weeks vs. Division rival SSK, but that's it.

Now Winnipegs schedule along with Calgary, SSK and Hamiltons are much more fan friendly.

it's that simple to fix the schedule.

I am a wild and crazy guy, but I think they should just do round robin style.

Have every team play every team an equal amount of times.

You see, whoever makes the schedule is a believer that the back to back games are a good idea. They feel it generates more interest by the 2nd consecutive meeting.

However I agree with most of you guys, it doesn't make it more exciting, it makes it less exciting.

The schedule used to be you played back to back maybe once or twice a year. One year, in a 4 week peroid, the Riders played the Stamps 3 times. Usually the sked worked out that in the first 9 or 10 weeks you played each team at least once, teams that you played 3 or 4 times twice. Now, it seems you just play back-to-back games. I do agree that more teams are needed, then the schedule will be a lot better.

ya the doulbe header can either make a team look really good or really bad. One team that is normally very good is haveing a slump when a certain team plays them and it makes their record look amazing, but then when you play against a team the is playing very well and you lose twice to them you record becomes not so good