Change the Safety Rule

My pet peeve is that when the team punt from own 20 to 15 yard line, and the teams line up to punt the ball and the punter runs back to their end zone and concede the safety and the team option either kick off from 35 yard line or start a drive from own 35. It kills any momentum the team may earn in the term of field position.

I would propose the safety rule change:

If any team concede safety, there will be free kick from own 20 yards, that way, the starting position of opposition team on average would be around mid-field instead of own 35 yard line, a huge difference in field position in the game.

The reason behind this propose is that the team must earn their field position back instead of giving away for free and have a good field position back without earning it back. This rule will eliminate the team from using "punter concedes the safety strategy"


This again?
How does giving up 2 points constitute free?

These safety topics are becoming as bad as the expansion topics... I see no need to change the rules.

Oh on that note, did anyone see that passion in Quebec City for Laval :wink:

The Saftey rule is fine it is part of the game.
if you want to change that then why don't you get rid of the rouge and taking the ball on the 35 after a field goal.

Why is it this site gets all these wanna be commisioners in during Grey Cup week?

I think there will be fewer safeties next year because there have been a more than a few times where a team has conceded a safety (to gain field position and prevent an easy opposition TD) only to have the opposition drive the ball and score anyway.

They tried to avoid giving up 7 and instead gave up 9.

IMO all the safeties this year (and last) are a fad, and in a few years the number of safeties conceded will go back to normal.

No team should gain any advantage by running into their endzone and falling down. This is a play which should be discouraged as nobody wants to see it. It is much more fair and exciting having the team just punt the ball and take their chances.

There may be occasions when coaches can use this tactic, but move the kickoff back 10 or 15 yards (or giving the receiving team the option of scrimmaging at their 45 yd line) to discourage the "intentional safety" from being used unless under dire circumstances (facing a 70 km wind, for instance.)

The rogue rule is perfect rule and it has no need to change. Just the consequences if they concede safety on purpose that the field position would be altered and it can potentially be two and out and maybe go for a field goal or punt so that the pressure of field position continue.

I don't care for being a commissioners, just stating my opinion as a fan.

I don't know if it has been brought it up before. Again, giving up 2 points cost that team but gained the field position back with opponent getting the ball on its own 35 yard line with the potential of 2 and outs and that team get the ball back with better field position than the previous drive. It constitutes better field position if it happens.

How would you know? If you are playing against the worst offense in the league, you might as well take advantage of it. There are no guarantees that they will go for TD after the safety. Maybe on a better offensive team can do that on a regular basis.

I just don't see the teams will change and go back to normal as long as field position still there. And there is no guarantee that the fad will not last.

Exactly, I forgot about the wind factor. It should be an fair advantage for that team facing the wind. I'd rather teams battle the element out because they know that the wind will hurt them for at least two quarters of the game.

I want the teams to see that all teams being afraid of concede the safety rule instead of embracing that consequence advantage.

if i am not mistaken i heard mention of the league looking into the ruling this off season and conceding the points on punts. bu as it stands right now i can't any drastic change other then where the ball is placed after the safety is commited. no more points can be changed. even if they change the kick off to a unt from the 35 seeing how that will give the return team better yardage. but the ruling right now is the ony real fit in the ay the rules are set and there is no huge reason to change it.

IMO the safety rule works - the team giving up the safety still has to stop it's opponent in order that the strategy doesn't backfire point and field position wise.

Glen Suitor, is that you?

You know what? I'll bite. Let's change the safety rule, and while we're at it, let's eliminate kneel downs in the final 3 minutes of the half('cause that's boring). let's take out the 55 yard line, 'cause it doen't make sense. Let's make it so touchdowns only count if you place the ball on the ground in the endzone. Let's move the goal posts the the back of the enzone, and last but not least, let's add a down or two!


The only rule that should be reviewed is interference on a lose ball and the penalty applied, but in all honesty i'm not expecting to many people to understand what I'm talking about.

IMO the safety rule works - the team giving up the safety still has to stop it's opponent in order that the strategy doesn't backfire point and field position wise.
Should we cheer when our QB gets sacked in the endzone? Just look at all the yardage we gain!

Traditionally in Canadian Football, teams had to kick-off from the 20 yd line after giving up a safety. Like in the NFL, no team ever gave up a safety on purpose. The CFL moved the kickoff after a safety up to the 35 yd line in the 1980's. This was done to to keep the games closer and not having the two point safety causing the game to be essentially over.

I understand the sentiment of the current 35-yd line kickoff, but this rule is being abused by some coaches. Like in the playoffs this year where kickers have waddled back into the endzone from the 5 yd line, running around like a chicken with their head cut off, then cowardly stepping out of bounds just before the enraged tacklers reach him. Man, that play is exciting! Especially if the punter is short and fat!! :lol: Often they try to run down the clock, even if their team is behind in the score! This play makes a mockery of the CFL and the game of football.

Just move the kickoff back 10 yds, then teams can still give up intentional safeties, but maybe just not as often or as part of a team's strategy.