Change one thing

Let's say the Rider brass comes to you and says, "Well, tell me what you want us to change. One thing that will begin to steer us in the right direction and why."

What is the one thing on the 2011 Roughriders you would change?

NOTHING! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Their record.

I dont think the Riders are as bad as their record indicates. Heck we have been through slumps like this the past two seasons which generally come in the middle of the season (so has Calgary and to a lesser extent Montreal as well). I dont expect the Riders to miss the playoffs this season; they will likely finish third in the west or possibly second. The west is not necessarily broken open at this point and a three or four game winning streak will put the Riders back in the hunt for the west.

How can you say we aren't as bad as our record?

We have let up 104 points in 3 games.
We have double the INTs than we do passing TDs (receivers' fault moreso than Durant's IMO).
We've lost the field position battle every single game this year.
We haven't had a lead yet. WE HAVEN'T HAD A LEAD! settle Thyllin' settle :oops: :? :expressionless:
The receivers/QB chemistry looks like my touch football team, the Tigers, back in 1991.

We are playing terrible. Yes, I believe we will improve. But, right now, we ARE as bad as our record indicates.

in seriousness...I would say we need a star or two on the d-line to them.

I may have said something with the offense, but in all honesty I just don't know what that DD playing THAT bad (i tend to think not), is it all the new faces in the receiving corps (i think this is a part of it), is it Doug Berry (that might be part of it to), is it motivation from the coaching staff (maybe, but I'm sorry, if you can't get motivated and inspired and hungry at this point it is time for a new career path), are they lacking a leader (I don't think so, I think that JC could be the leader if they let him).

Well, my real 'change one thing' would probably be 'fire Taman', but that's a long-term solution that won't improve the on-field product right here, right now. So in the absence of getting rid of Taman, I'll say: add one star defensive end to the line. With some consistent four-man pressure, the defensive secondary will be less exposed playing zone, and should improve even further once Patrick and Hawkins return from the IR.

Get rid of Richie Hall.

This is a team that has made it to the Grey Cup the past two seasons and has been in competition for first in the west really for the past five seasons. When I say that we arent as bad as our record shows I know the stats behind the way our team is playing. I just fail to accept that this team has went from penthouse to outhouse in just 9 months. I dont believe our defense is 104 points bad. I dont believe our offense is that bad where we have less than 50 yards in one half of play just like when we hit that slump last season right around the end of the season we werent as bad as the way we were playing. I do, however, believe the Riders should have made some sort of changes this week whether it be coaches or players.

This is more for the Rider priders that post on here so here's what I would like: I would like to read feedback from "cflisthebest" because he's done his time out of respect and in good faith. He would have alot of Quality comments. :cowboy:

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you just made contact. I agree entirely.

No, this is not that team. This is a different team, with different coaches, different receivers, different defence, different kickers, different management, different philosophy. And some key return starters that are frustrated because it's not the same team.

I disagree. Firing Taman is indeed the long-term solution, but it ALSO would have short-term benefits. Look at the statement it would make from the perspective of the player..."We just fired the man who hired you. How secure do you think YOUR job is? Now, go and produce, or join Mr. Taman on the EI line!"

Also, I think it would show the players that management expects results, and are holding themselves accountable. Maybe then the players might start to hold themselves accountable. If not, then its better to start making changes now, before they turn into cap hits after week 9.

change 1 thing? your expectations at how good you think your team is??

Not a bright fellow are you? We are here criticizing the team. How does that state that we think the team is so good?

No, really, please answer.

Just my opinion, but I don't think that type of motivation is good for anything but an extremely short-term surge (one, maybe two games). To me, the Riders' issues are related to personnel, not to players feeling too comfortable. I don't care how urgently you feel the need to make plays -- if you aren't a star rush end, you aren't going to be able to pressure the quarterback with any consistency. :wink:

...I'm not convinced that Marshall is HC material...he might have his X's and O's down okay, but I don't see him as the great motivator that a HC needs to be...go back to your opening game against Edmonton...many of you might not have seen it because you were at the game but they played the coaches pre-game lockerroom speeches and Kavis Reed by the end of his had his team fired up like a bunch of bezerker vikings looking to rape and pillage something, starving to hit someone....Marshall was like:

"all right guys, so go out there and, um, play really well, let's not make mistakes, and, um, have a good game"

...sounded like he was talking to a bantam team...and since then he has gone on record to say he is not a great speech guy...and the rider's game in Hamilton was heartless, no passion I have to question your team's ability to get up for a game... change one thing: someone, a veteran, in that locker-room has to take command of this team's mindset and try to instill a sense of laying it all out, emptying the tank, $0.02...

Agreed. He should email me on here and I'll make posts on his behalf. I'm sure there's a loop hole in his agreement! :wink:

Well the way I see it is; the bet was made in the CFL forum which is fine, but this is his home forum and should post his thoughts in here. That's the way I feel anyway.

I agree with you totally on that point. The only point I disagreed with was that there would be NO short term benefits to firing Taman. At this point, I think ANY advantage, even one that only lasts a game or two, is a blessing. But these possible short term effects would still only be tangential to the main long term benefit: Getting a better GM who could provide better on-field personnel for the coaching staff to work with.

Basically, D&P, I think that you and I agree...the main problem is the GM right now.