Change of subject -- Reciever situation

I count 16+ recievers at the moment

Andy Fantuz
Jason Clermont
Weston Dressler
DJ Flick
Matt Dominguez
Rob Bagg
Chris Getzlaf
Adam Nicolson
Corey Grant
Mike Palmer
Gerran Walker
Adarius Bowman
Dave McKoy
Vincent Marshall

And now:
Brandon "Bam" Childress
Johnny Quinn

There's a lot of attention on the QB question, which has already been answered ad nausiem.

For ET:

How would you rate these recievers by categories like Size, Speed, Hands, Mentals, Work Ethic, SMS value, Overall?

What would be your top 6-pack going into training camp? Who's gonna be the breakout guy this year ( DJ and Dressler were really nice in '07 and '08 )? Do you still have faith in Bowman, after as many disappointing performances as a Bishop or Crandell? Is there still enough SMS value left in Dominguez or Flick?

Kudos on the Clermont signing ... have you sold enough jerseys to pay his salary already?

There, of course, will be changes to the list you posted above...additions and subtractions.

I'm not comfortable at this point evaluating each individual player. But, I will say this, when we make the additional moves (which will include adding another three or four receivers, whom we have already identified), we fully expect to have a tremendous receiving corps, which will have size, speed and, most importantly, very good Canadian talent!!!

By the way, your list of returning guys should also include Carl Berman, who is recovering well from the unfortunate torn achilles...the injury he suffered when "horse collared" in the Calgary game. Carl, before that brutal luck, was really coming on strong. His return to green and white (assuming he continues to make a full recovery) is not one of three or four I mentioned. Rather, he is in addition to the new guys we plan to sign for 2008!

Carl was the fastest guy on our entire team. Still can't believe his luck, or our collective luck, at receiver last year (Fantuz, Dominguez, Flick, Berman, Bowman, McKoy, etc). 2009 can't get here fast enough...

Signing Clermont was big. I like having the potential of three good Canadian recievers in Clermont, Fantuz and Getzlaf (who I think has great potential). Reciever definitly will not be a weakness on this team.

Flick, Grant and Palmer won't be back in 2009. Younger, faster, cheaper.

I think if Flick makes a full recovery, barring SMS reasons he darn well better be back. As for palmer, sorry you had a few good games but... we just need consistancy. And i really like Corey and would be very sad to see him go, unfortunatly it might almost be time, but don't get me wrong he can still catch a ball! Im just worried his speed and stuff will soon kick the bucket.

The problem I see is that we have a dozen guys who are slotbacks, and only a few that are WR.

The top slotback positions will be filled by Fantuz, Clermont and Dressler -- with 10 guys fighting for time at the 4th spot.

As much as I like Berman -- I don't know how well he'll compete with Flick, Getzlaf, Nicolson for time. But since the 4th SB spot will most likely be the return specialist, he has some potential at making it in.

The WR we have are Dominguez, Grant, Bagg, Walker, and Bowman. None of them really stood out at the WR position last year. Partially because the WR was underutilized, and partly because nobody really had time to get comfortable. The O-Line falling apart preventing any time to make those wide throws didn't help either.

We won't have a tremendous receiving corps until we actually have something resembling a real weapon on the outside.

I'm trying to get a picture of your direction in regards to the WR position -- whether it be to develop from within, via trade, or via new recruits.

We also can't maintain 16+ recievers in the SMS era ... so there needs to be some subtractions made in order to keep the team competative. Unfortunately, opening the door for other teams to dip into our talent pool ( where we end up playing against guys like Jamel Richardson, Elijah Thurmon, and Derek Armstrong ).

Our wide receiver spots are called X and Z, and we are confident that several of our guys can play those spots very effectively. Just for clarity’s sake, much of DJ Flick’s career has been at X…which, for what it’s worth, was not stated in one of the earlier posts on this matter. DJ’s status is uncertain, of course, with our club (we have spoken privately, but that’s not for this forum at this time). But, as to this big-picture discussion, it should be noted that DJ’s a smart guy who is very capable of playing multiple positions. If he’s elsewhere next year, that flexibility will be one of his several assets.

But, as to the young “outside guys,” we believe in “year two” you will could see good things from Gerran Walker and Adarius Bowman. And, Chris Jones, who was added to our practice roster in October is a skilled big guy. Recently signed guys like Johnny Quinn (X) and Bam Childress (Z) are both naturals at those spots. And, as we grow younger over the next few weeks, we will be adding another two or three quality American wideouts who we have protected on our neg list.

Hope that helps…

Hey Eric, hows it going? One guy I am very interested in seeing this season (and whom I expect big things) is Adarius Bowman. This kid has all the tools, big, strong, decent speed, runs good routes, etc but did struggle with his hands last season. From what I have seen and read, this wasn't a problem for him in college so I assume it is correctable. We've seen guys in the past struggle with this same thing like Jamal Richardson and Andy Fantuz, both of whom have turned into premier receivers in this league. I am hoping we will see the same out of AD in the future.