Change Of Quarterback Night.

This team looks so bush league when it runs promotions like last night and then proceeds to lose again. We have a managment who can only grasp at straws in it's ridiculousness. Scott Mitchell need to look for a new job. I want somebody who brings respect to the Ticats. With childish promotions like last night, it only makes losing more difficult to handle. I would fire Scott Mitchell so fast it isn't even funny.

It would be interesting to poll the players and see what they think about promotions like last night's. I would think in the media they would toe the line and say it was a fun thing, but behind closed doors if it was me, I would find it a bit disrespectful.

The franchise is pretty much saying we need to get lucky to win with the players we have (that they have chosen).

I guess my question would be- Do the players have any veto power over these types of things?

Coach Taaffe sounded very apologetic to the fans after last night's game and was very discouraged at the lack of discipline and blown I would think the players would be very grateful right now when the front office does everything in it's power to keep the fans entertained while the players and coaches learn to play as a team and stop shooting themselves in the foot all the time......

...without fans in the seats, it becomes a downward spiral for the entire franchise..... if fans can have a bit of fun during this process of building a winning team, so be fact the "wave" last week spoke volumes in that the fans are there to be entertained for their money and if the team on the field isn't providing that, then the fans will do it themselves. The players should be grateful right now that fans are still supporting them....Coach Taaffe expressed his gratefulness last night by saying just that so at least he's smart enough to recognize the fans and what they are sitting through. Kudos to him.

I agree they should be thankful. But do you think it is something they like? Again, IMHO it would kind of bug me. I understand people's argument will be that they aren't playing well and they need luck. At least when they do the wave it is cheering the team on or making the stadium loud.

I say give the fans some foam hammers and let them yell all they want. This just wasn't something I think would be seen as very positive from a player’s perspective.

Hey, in baseball, fans put on 'rally caps' to bring the team good luck when they are down.....I think the players actually encourage them to do so to bring as much karma their way as possible..... 8)

I agree. My opinion is fans, yes... The Team/Marketing department???, I question that.

Either way it didn't work. Either way I will be back cheering next game.

Players don't care about the marketing side of things.

Their to play football. Professional football.

Every team in every league performs "stunts" all the time to generate interest.

You think that they'll like this less than "Guaranteed Win Night"???