Change of Heart

I had another look at the jerseys just now and I like them but they need a Blue cloer instead of Gold. and maybe a Blue line at the end of the sieves.

The Pants and the helmet are fine and are REALLY COOL!!! :smiley:

Reeboz finally (almost) did it right, I'd loved to see these bad boys up agaist Saskatchewan!!!

I like them!

so true, Now seeing them in the field I love them

I don't love them, but I like them, much better than the current home ones. I wish they came out last year when our other jerseys were great!

Happy Bleed?

I still think they're shamefully ugly.

I was hoping they would have went with the jersey they had during the 80's and early 90's. That one has got to be my favorite out of em all.

Haha, Kanga. I knew you would get used to them. 8)