Change in Colour of Notifications?

New notifications used to be highlighted in red and now appear to be highlighted in black on the black background making it very difficult to see which ones are actually new. Was this a deliberate change or just something messed up on my phone?

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It hasn’t happened for me so it might just be your phone. If it has happened to anyone else perhaps they can weigh in and if necessary we can let administration know about it.


if there are any issues with the current color setup, can someone let me know. it seems ok for me on my devices, but that doesn't mean it's entirely ok for everyone.

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Still black for me where it used to be red. Tough to see in all except the darkest lighting.

do you mean the menu highlights in dark mode?

can you post a screenshot?

Not sure how well you can see that but the top two notifications are unread and thus highlighted in black where they used to be red.

do you mean they are highlighted in grey? i mean, i think i can make the grey a little lighter.

They used to be highlighted in red so it was really obvious when you had unread notifications. Maybe an issue when Chrome updated itself on my phone most recently?

yes but the text is red so the hightlight colour can't be the same.

I can't remember exactly what it was before but something changed and now it's very hard to see.

are you sure your device brightness isn't turned right down or something? because i can see the hightlights as grey (same as mine) in your screenshot.

there is also an option for the light coloured interface, which might help. you can access it in your profile preferences settings under interface.

@Eskimos4Ever i did make some subtle changes to the menu background colors of the new and hover elements. let me know if anything improves or not.

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Not sure what you changed exactly but it's much better now. Back to the way it was before, it seems.

Thank you!

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you’re welcome. i simply lightened those particular grey shades a bit. so glad it helped. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I note as well that clicking on your icon on the top right still leads to the drop down menu being shaded in grey rather than red. That came with the Discourse updates. Are you able to change it back to what it was?

If you click on the arrow at the bottom to make the drop down menu a full screen menu it changes back to red for some reason.

??? i don't see any of that like you do. in mobile view. the grey shading is dark enough so that the red font is seen. i don't get how you can't see it whether it is highlighted or not - it's red on grey. can you post a screenshot from your phone? when i click the arrow to make the menu bigger it looks fine to me.

what was it before?

just a note to users in general, you should be able to run a different color theme on different devices. i do. for example, on my phone and ipad i have it set as light and on my laptop i have the dark setting. the setting should be local to your device (via the site cookies). mobile view works in both color themes too.

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