Change Canadian National Anthem too?

If we're going to change things, perhaps the anthem needs changing to?

progressive Canadian National Anthem

What does that have to do with the national anthem?

I'd prefer to have the jumbtron scoreboard showing William Wallace (Mel Gibson) running in battle while the anthem plays this arrangement without words. I always want two verses and not just one.

Brave Heart-like version (Mel Gibson)

Improved TV ratings to get the fans fired up for the game.

This is a good one to improve ratings in the CFL, specifically for the western division (horse ranchers in Calgary):

Walk off the Earth version

TV ratings and fans at the game are opposites

And you really think more people will watch because of the National anthem that they never show in the first place because they are showing commercials?

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I prefer the instrumental version of the Canadian national anthem. No switching back-and-forth between English and French.

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Whats wrong with that?
C'est quoi le problème avec ça

And I could be wrong on this but it seems to me that few do actually change

Not sure why some of the wording in the anthem changed (from all thy sons command to all of us command)

because some think all my son's is sexist And I do believe it was originally all of us

Wasn't aware of that. When did it change before?

1914 But If I remember correctly(what I read not 1914) it was not exactly in all of us command but the old english version similar to that

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Thou dost in us command way :flushed: (I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not)

...that whole line, no matter how it’s phrased, is awkward...the entire line should be edited to something else IMO...

“Oh Canada,
Our home and native land,
True, patriot love,
Let’s all sing with the band!”


But it was originally written in French and the English version has nothing to do with the French version

Therein lies the problem. TSN/CBC should show the national anthem.

Also, I'm wondering if it would be ok to occasionally mess up the anthem on purpose just to get the league some attention? Roseanne Barr

If I may ask. Where do you live? CBC? CBC has not shown a game in 15 year. Do you think that abomination was our anthem?

And no do not cheapen our Anthem but using it to get attention

Yes, I know it wasn't the Canadian Anthem.

You never know when CBC wants back in and beats out TSN for a future league contract.

Ok, so what I'm hearing is you don't want anyone to joke around with the Canadian Anthem.

Rumour has it the lyricist's very first draft attempt went like this.

"O Canada
Our home and native land.
I need more words
But I've got nothing planned."