Chang...will be starting Saturday against Montreal

A lot of people will be getting their wish this Saturday. Chang will be starting as the number 1.
How do I know ? the math.
The Offence regardless of all the reasons, has not been able to do anything with Maas at the helm.
That was 24 games ago..
The Defence..not only last year, but also this year, has been on the field...far, far too long in games, as the Offence continues to many.. 2 and out drives.
Buy the start of the 3rd quarter..the Defence is simply..worn out.. and would have trouble, even stopping the mail-man.
Lets hope that this young man Tim Chang..can start to turn things around in Steeltown.
Because there is a hell of a lot..about to be dumped, on his shoulders....

I don't care who starts as long as we are able to be competitive and put some drives together. I think this defense could be in the top half of the league if we can score some points and give them a rest we can really see what the defense can do!

I think Chang should be the starting QB. Maas hasn't proved anything to anyone since he got here. Yes, he has the rare good game, but that's not going to get us to the Grey Cup. We need someone in the QB position, who is a clear thinker and has a quick release. If he can run a few yards himself when the moment calls for it, that would be a bonus. It's too bad about Maas, but he just didn't step up to the plate when we really needed him to.

Maas will be starting I bet but on a short leash.

This short leash cliche is driving me nuts. Either he can cut the mustard or he CANNOT. He may have the short leash, but it's the fans that have to bend down with their pooper scoopers in hand and pick up Maas' mess, unceasingly.

:lol: OH, C'mon, don't "sugar-coat" it :roll: :wink:

Tell us how you Really Feel! :lol: :lol:

Gee wiz woody, who needs a guy on a leash? It’s so indecisive it isn’t even funny.

I could honestly see them starting Chang only to appease the crowd.

Worst case scenario is that Maas starts and has a poor first series---the crowd will be all over him from the get-go anyway, and that would make it worse.

If Chang starts, does okay--or not, everyone will be cool with it. Then Maas could come in anytime after and likely get a less abusive reception.

From the title of this thread I assumed Coach Taaffe made an announcement. Silly me...just idle speculation disguised as fact.

Blah, blah, blah...this is getting old.

Too bad.


Maas makes you yawn too, eh? :wink:

Chang might be the better QB behind the Cats' O-line because he can get the ball away quicker. Maas doesnt stand a chance if he doesnt get 3 good seconds after the snap to make plays.