Chang to Armstead, Ralph or Bauman,

Wow!....with the speed of Armstead and Ralph, plus Bauman and Gardner, now's a good time to put the arm of Chang to good use.
Could you imagine this, plus Jesse running and catching out of the backfield.
Hopefully we don't let all this talent go to waste.
Oh yah, I can't forget Nate Curry and Jo Jo Walker.
This offence should be the class of the league with all the talent.

just my two cents worth.

A certain factor you indicated without inserting boosted your posts worth to 10 cents.

Yep, this will make the team practices even more fun to watch! :wink:

Chang to Armstead = instant heart attack for safeties! LMAO

Time, a matter of time...


Oski Wee Bombbbbbbbbbbb,

Me thinks with the speed of Armstead and Ralph, we should be scorching a lot of db's.
With the deep speed our running game and short passing game all of a sudden become much better.
Chang should be able to spray the ball around a little easier now. Oh yah, I mustn't forget Kori Dickerson. This guy has been a pleasant surprise.
With all the receiving talent on this team we should be lighting it up.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda…a common theme this year.

So when does Chang start? I can't see all these great receivers settling for 6 yard passes.

It all starts with the O-line. If they give the QB time to set up, time for the receivers to get down field and open up holes for the backs to offset the pass, even Maas may be able to make use of these talented players.

As much as I'd like to see Chang start with these receivers at his disposal, I'd be just as happy to see Maas have a breakout game and return to his Esk's form.

An Argo-Cat fan

Just a thought. I was watching NFL network and they were replaying a game between Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. Tampa Bay had a punt returner by the name of CHAD OWENS. Why does this matter? When Chang was traded here Owens was the WR that was catching all the TD’s in the video clips fans had posted on the forum. I checked his bio and he’s kicked around practice rosters around the NFL. I know we don’t need a WR but I’m sure Timmy could get him to come here and he’d have a guy he was comfortable throwing to.Again this is just a thought. but check it out. Timmy would you want him here?

[url=,Chad,17] ... ns,Chad,17[/url]

After being drafted by Jacksonville back in 2005, Chad Owens has spent time on their active roster or practice squad. Tampa Bay is only the second team he's been on.