Chang starts Labour Day!

Chang starts Labour Day. How do I know, because I said so. :wink:

Anyone else want Chang to start?

I agree!! Why?? In the past few years we've changed everything - coaches, managers, players...well most players except the quarter back! So maybe that's the change that's needed! Ya think????? GEE EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED EXCEPT THE QUARTERBACK???? IT'S TIME!!!

CHANG CHANG CHANG. did you see him out there? he was unstopable. if chang had more than 2 series we woulda probably got a touchy downy. Chang to start.Chang to start.Chang to start.

Totally agree not only because our starter always looks lost out there but if next year is a club option on J. Maas's contract
"l hope they don't pick it up" let's see if Chang is ready to be the number 1 guy.

A quote from Coach Taaffe after the game:

"We have to answer some questions about Timmy Chang if in fact he can play. If one guy isn't doing it we have to give the other guy a chance. We're never going to find out about him if he isn't out there playing."

I am definately not a Maas fan but I do think that Chang looked ordinary and skittish last night when he finally entered the ball game. His feet were constantly moving when he was releasing the ball and he looked real unsettled. I think things are still moving a little fast out there for him yet. I hope he is the answer we need but it took so long for him to get a chance i forget the question.

I would have to say the O line has to be fixed ASAP even if Chang would start......

Regarding the O line .
They don't get any credit ,but also escape from most fans knowing who was called more than once in the game.

Is there anywhere that stats are shown regarding who was penalised.

Do we really need to know,well the Ref's mike was turned off (in mercy?) during the second quarter last night and I could only lip read so much a couple of sixty -somethings (9...?)
for procedure etc.

Can we beat the Argos without a healthy Jese?

I can't believe the coach is saying this at this point. This is just efin ridiculous, he doesn't sound like he's done a thing to mentor Chang or develop him or anything while going with an injured q.b all year. If I owned the Cats Taafe would be put in a cardboard box and fedexed back to the states asap. Bob doesn't seem to be paying attention to this mess.

Yeah. "We have to find out if he can play"???? What on earth is going on here? What was Chang hired for if he can't play?
This kind of comment boggles my mind. For the first time I am beginning to wonder about the competency of this coaching staff.
How can a team that has had a bye week look so ill-prepared.

He's skittish in large part because receivers weren't getting open when he was in, either. The Als played deeper zones and the pass rush they had was causing him to move around looking for a checkdown to bail him out. This isn't the ideal scenario for any rookie QB to succeed.

The O-line play (particularly Woodard's, IMO) did not afford much time for either Jason or Timmy to get the job done for most of the night. We couldn't finish in the red zone to allow for a closer game where Jesse could have remained a primary component of the gameplan.

There are a whole lot of issues that go beyond who is QB. The point is, however, that at some point the kid will be starting at this rate.

Oski Wee Wee,

Timmy Chang:

  • Warrior quarterback Timmy Chang has broke the NCAA career passing record. Chang has compiled 17,072 passing yards and moved into first place surpassing by Ty Detmer (Brigham Young) with a 7-yard touchdown pass to Jason Rivers in the first quarter against Louisiana Tech on Nov. 6. The team quad-captain has thrown for at least 200 yards in 14 straight games, at least one touchdown pass in 11 straight games, two or more touchdowns in 8 straight games, and more than 300 yards in 7 straight games.
  • Heisman Trophy Candidate

Just a few of Chang's NCAA heroics:

  • Oct, 25, 2002 – at Fresno State
    Chang’s dogged determination leads Hawai‘i to its first win at Fresno in 30 years. A lackluster Warrior squad stared at a 21-9 fourth-quarter deficit before Chang led a UH charge of 22 unanswered points. His 13-yard touchdown pass to Britton Komine on fourth down puts the Warriors up for good with two minutes to play. Chang’s final stat line reads 462 yards passing and two touchdowns on 36 completions.

  • Nov. 23, 2002 – vs. Cincinnati
    Despite suffering a sprained knee early that sidelines him for nearly two quarters, Chang refuses to watch his team lose. With UH trailing 19-14 with five minutes left in the game, Chang returns to the field and finds Jeremiah Cockheran for a 33-yard TD pass to give the Warriors a thrilling 20-19 comeback win over the Bearcats.

  • Oct. 18, 2003 – at Louisiana Tech
    Trailing by a touchdown going into the final quarter, Chang throws three touchdown passes during an eight-minute span in the fourth quarter. His 17-yard toss to Michael Brewster with 3:59 remaining proves to be the game-winner as Hawai‘i picks up a 44-41 win over the Bulldogs in its first-ever visit to Joe Aillet Stadium. Chang finishes with 534 yards and five touchdowns, both career-highs.

  • Dec. 25, 2003 – vs. Houston (Sheraton Hawai‘i Bowl)
    UH trailed by as many as 10 points early on until Chang replaced an injured Jason Whieldon in the first quarter. The junior quarterback ties his career-high with five touchdowns, including two in overtime, to propel the Warriors to just its third bowl win ever, a 54-48 victory over Houston. Chang finishes with 475 yards and snags bowl MVP honors.

  • He came from a run an shoot offence which we play in .......yeh, I just don't know if he's ready either !!!! Jeese Charlie, pick some better words, you say it like he's never played football!!! :cowboy:

And he also spent time with the Eagles learning Reid's wco playbook that make Charlies look like and instruction manual on how to put together a card-board box.

The problem with stats like these is it shows that Chang hasn't played since 2003.

Thats a long time for a Quarterback to go without playing especially when he is stepping it up a big notch to pro football.

That is the issue here.

He's played in Europe and in the preseason with Philly last year.

We have nothing else to lose, Start Chang. Although I still beleive he needs a lot of work, he might as well finish off this season for some experience so next year he can lead us to the playoffs. I like the hard nosed style of mass but unfortunatly his time here should be done, trade him and try to get some decent O lineman and give the team to Chang #1, Williams #2 and go out and sign another QB

OK ,that sounds a bit better .....

Any idea how he did in Europe ?

Chang has got to start. I don’t know if his play during practice has earned him the right or not.

What I do know is that Maas’ play has earned him the right to sit and watch.

As for looking skittish. I think everybody would look skittish if the opposing D knew you were throwing on every down and could just takea run at you.

Bishop mentioned that getting the chance to start allows you to force the defence to adjust to you, rather than vice versa. The same applies with Chang.

I agree with the trading of Maas for O-linemen and some spare parts/picks, I don’t think Williams is anything special to be bumped to #2.


Couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe Charlie also had the nerve to say “If one guy’s not doing it, we have to give the other guy a chance. We’re never going to find out about him if he is not out there playing.”

Charlie talks like it’s just plain common sense to start Chang, like he’s making some bold move that is really going to shake things up. Where was this logic six weeks ago when we needed it?