Chang starting?

Lets face it, Chang started last week and played putridly. i think we should have kept Maas at least 2 weeks more to hold up until printers is ready. and what is with getting some 3rd string Joe Blow full back in return? an offensive lineman or a decent receiver would have been much better. All in all, i say a bad move, Chang is not the future, i would not even say he is a future back up. but we just traded away the best backup in the league for some never heard of full back.

Yep we pretty well gave the Argos another win with the timing of our second trade this week.
Guess after Saturday we can officially call the season.

OK what’s with all these arm chair gm’s? Don’t you think if he could have gotten a line man he would have. Obviously he did the deal he did because no one wanted Maas or if they did they definately didn’t feel like giving up anything to get him.

This whole situation could have been avoided had Chang started back when he should have when the season wasn't all but over. Whatever the case, he starts on Saturday, and if it doesn't go well, he keeps playing just like Maas was allowed to. Williams comes in the 4th quarter and then starts the next game. If he does well, then he's number #2 behind Printers who starts the rest of the season.

Im not an armchair GM or trying to be.
The point I am trying to make is getting in a new QB who isnt ready to play and letting one who has some sense of the crappy playbook go as fast as possible so we could start an even poorer ( in this point of his career) rookie and start him against a division rival while we still have a slim but there chance at hope pretty well means to me it was personal a PR move and not thought out.

If I was an armchair GM I would have let Printers go to one of the other teams who were drooling.Picked up whomever they let go much cheaper .Let Mass finish the season as starter or back up. Then use the Printers money to go get an Oline and a offensive coordinator who has some CFL experience not US high school.

If ANYTHING positive can come from this it will be that the COACHING staff get their WAKE UP call regarding this IMPOSTER they call Chang.

I just hope, after Chang throws a couple INT’s, takes a few sacks and generally proves his INABILITY to play at this level … they do not HESITATE to place Ritchie Williams in the game for the 2nd half.

Before Casey takes over the reigns, Williams DESERVES a chance to PROVE his worth as this team’s TRUE BACKUP QB.


P.S Although I, too, on one hand, can SECOND Guess the pickup of Printers (especially in light of Ritchie Willliams presence on the bench) on MONETARY grounds … I am POSITIVELY giddy about the prospect of WATCHING a man with his UNQUESTIONABLE talent, and athletic ability - live, up-close and personal !!

Sure it probably is LARGELY a PR move … but why complain about having his CONSIDERABLE talents in town ?

We agve Maas almost 29 games to prove himself and he was NOT the guy,give Chang at least 2 games .What would you have said if Maas had 2 quarters of football to prove himself? Maas will never be a starter in this league again ,unless the number 1 is out.Give Timmy Chang a little break,he is better than he showed last week,just watch!

Without the Threat of Lumsden the Argos will basically ignore the Run, thus making Tim's job much tougher . He will only learn the game by playing

Play Chang this season is done :roll:

why not see what he can do games getting the lions ready. jesus. the guy has barely played.

' Before Casey takes over the reigns, Williams DESERVES a chance to PROVE his worth as this team's TRUE BACKUP QB.'
Well said MEANSTREAK...and peace too !

Chang better enjoy his last start. He will now be deligated to official clipboard holder for the rest of the season and the next two.

Jason?... are you STILL pissed that Chang is better than you??

Chang really looked better than Jason last game. 4 ducks for 55 yards, 2-3 sacks, and likely a load-full in his pants. I actually felt sorry for the kid. A bit of fan pressure and the Cats cave and put the poor kid in against one of the best D's in the league. Smooth move...

Thank Gawd you're not the GM.... I predict we will see a different Chang today.... Let him loose with the long ball and have some fun...

Hey while I love Lumsden running the ball, I thought our guys did ok last week and expect a better effort this week.

IMO Chang Has only started 1 game, he,s got a good arm and just needs to know his recievers and the CFL pace , And Williams looks poised every time out, So Printers could still be "pushed" by these two qb ROOKIES-

Printers will dress but Chang will start according to Taafe quoted in today's TO Star. No Lumsden means the Argos get to tee-off on Chang since the Cats other backs don't get the same respect from the Argo D. I hope Chang takes his running shoes because he'll be doing alot of that this aft.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney's post is EXACTLY why I fear our Coaches are a bit out of touch ... because if average joe fan (no offense barney) can figure that Chang (or any QB playing today, for that matter) is going to "need his running shoes" ... then Ritchie Williams SHOULD be STARTING ... I mean, SERIOUSLY, do they NOT WATCH this guy in Practices ?

I will sh$# nickels, today, if Williams does NOT see the field in any MEANINGFUL way.