Chang should seek trade

chang should seek a trade to maybe let's say B.C or any other team or maybe opt. out of his contract and try out for atlanta cuz I hear their down a QB.staying in steeltown and given a chance to start over a lousy QB is ridiculous enough

B.C.? He'd never get any playing time there.

He can't opt out of his contract.

We'll take him, we can send Brazzell back your way lol. Not that I have a problem with him here, that would just be hillarious.


can you tell me what he has done in the cfl to seek a trade?

he needs to learn the game,he's only been in the league 4 games .. he'll get his games in,in time..

Buck Pierce..Now, he should ask for a trade.

A rookie QB who has never started a game in his career should seek a trade?


You make a good point and think logically.

Obviously the creator of this thread has no clue whats up. You would be more productive banging your head against the wall all day vs. making this thread.

Good grief, he's only been here 4 games and it's his first full professional season. He's in no position to demand a trade.

By that logic, Buck Pierce, Jarious Jackson, Akilli Smith, Stephan LeFors, Marcus Crandell, Damon Allen, Mike McMahon and maybe Marcus Brady should all be demanding trades too.

As someone else said, he has a lot to learn. It will come from watching film, seeing how the coaching staff prepares, makes adjustments, how Maas handles himeself in pressure situations, etc, etc.

I'm sure Chang is well aware that the guy who was feted at Ivor Wynne last Saturday for eclipsing 50,000 yards in career passing was essentially groomed into being a starter by none other than....Charlie Taaffe. If he wants to join the 50,000 yard club he will watch, listen and put his faith in Charlie.

you guys make dumb topics like this all the time its the 4th game we are young team and chang is one of our best players so be a fan and stop complaining

i think chang should stay in...if timmy is seeing this.. "eh brada you sacrificed to much to even want to be traded...your time will come ... patience is a virtue...even though you do not have much playing, i think its an advantage...a big advantage... you can watch from the sidelines of all the other teams and there tendencies.. than once you've done that..hopefully they let you play by the 6th game....knowing you from watching UH sure you use your arm against the other teams weaknesses which you have studied"...

~by a st. louis alumni

Chang asking for trade is a silly topic. Now, seeking a trade for a good cornerback to replace D. Anderson who clearly now has a war with his team to add to his shawdy play. Perhaps offer Cory Holmes?

Silly is definitely the operative word here.

It's amazing to me on how little alot of the people out here know about football

Toon, you have 4 posts here.

Maybe let's say you're a B.C. fan.

[Are you crazy , we gave away callvio and look where he is to-day. We must be PATIENT and give Timmy a chance to learn our game . Mark my words he will be great , he"s young and must be allowed to grow.Stop
with the critizing and start to encourage , this is a new adventure. HELLO ! b

] :roll: [/b]

ok.... enough with the stupid posts... ok?

Can we trade forum members .......
Lets see Chang four starts should be traded ...
Toon four posts ..........should demand a trade ................

Go for a brain - scan. Without any doubt,there is nothing in your head except sawdust........

are you nuts :lol: :lol: we need him as a big insurance policy for Maas :thup: