Chang or Maas

Jason Maas completion %61.8 ttl yrds 1184 rating 82.3
Timmy Chang completion %47.1 ttl yrds 259 rating 58.2

The numbers say it all and with Changs limited playing time he still managed to throw 2 interceptions while Maas has thrown only 5 which is at par with the rest of the league so no more bull**** about Timmy Chang right now Jason is the starter until someone better comes along and it definetly isnt Timmy not this season anyways

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ur bit late on the whole ''chang or maas'' thing...that ended last friday night

I wouldn’t play Carnac and absolve Jason from being pushed after a 1-5 beginning to the season. My read on Maas is that he responds best when having to compete.

Given that, I don’t particularly care if Jason starts all the remaining games this season as long as Chang gets meaningful reps in situations where Jason may not be lighting it up.

If he plays as he did against the Bombers last game, Maas deserves to be the starter. He’s had a handful of starts in the two seasons he’s been here where I’ve seen the necessary level of production (read TD passes and red zone TD scoring percentage) to say I’ve been comfortable with his performance.

I really hope he’s setting an upward trend as the O-line and receiving corps continues to gel. I want to see Jason light it up against Edmonton. Until he can get on a winning roll, I’m not going to break out the annointing oil just yet. The track record as a whole has been underwhelming to do that.

Oski Wee Wee,

But all signs are good so far.. the O-line has really improved


He's 1-5 don't forget that. One win in five starts does not make a starter. Plus you can't compare stats with such an uneven amount of playing time and under completely different circumstances. let's hold our judgement until after the Edmonton game. If Maas plays decent (like he did last game and the Cats win) then he gets the start but if he plays like most of the other five games we lost, I reserve the right to once again fight for Chang to lead the charge. I do however expect a decent game out of Maas this Saturday.

I think your comparison is unfair. If the roles were reversed I wonder what the stats would be? Let's say, Maas had to come in late in games trailing by 'x' points. He'd have no chance to set up his own rhythm over the course of a full game (e.g. mix in the run with passes) because almost every down would have to be a passing down. Also, he'd have no chance to take his time and play for field position because with the clock against him, he'd have to try and score on every single possession. The opposition D gets to lay back and wait for him to pass. And by the time he got in, he'd be playing behind an O-line that had been beaten on for 50 minutes. Nor would he have gotten first team reps all week to fully prepare himself for the game.

On the basis of his last start, Maas deserves to start this weekend but for me it doesn't go beyond that. My jury is still out on Maas and it's not likely to come back for a few more weeks. He's been mediocre for too many weeks to have that over-shadowed by one decent game.

An Argo-Cat fan

This topic is another waste of time. I'm glad a lot of you are not coaches as by now Chang would be the starter and we would have gotten slaughtered in the last 3 -4 weeks instead of being competitive. Maas is the starter and will remain the starter until 1 of 3 things happen 1/ We are getting blown out 2/ He gets injured or 3/ We are out of the playoffs and looking to groom him for next year. I do like Chang but he is not a starter as of yet; his time will come. I'm tired of these dumb comments suggesting he's earned another start. He is the starter and thats the end of it. Remember last time(s) we tried to rush a young QB into this role they failed miserably( Eakin and Calvillo-traded to Montreal). The other issue I have is that we need to give our QB a chance by not taking so many stupid penalties (160 yards last week) again. Everytime we get penalized it makes the whole team have to work harder to get an extra 5 or 10 yards.

I'd go with Chang, Maas is average and still hasn't shown he can make the tough throws into tight spots. If Lumsden gets hurt then Maas won't be able to do anything because the defence will then be able to take away the 10 yards routes with their linebackers. As long as the D continues to give us the underneath stuff Maas will do alright and be able to manage games ok.

And the last post is ridiculous, we more like would have won the last 3 games with Chang in there, I guess you forgot the BC game where Maas threw 4 passes right into the hands of the defence and we lost despite a monster game from Jesse.


Give it up.
Maas will be the starter from now on unless he goes back to his old form again.
Your comparison with Chang is ridiculous. Chang has played better in his few appearances this season than Maas did all last season and most of this one. Maas stunk the place out until recently.
Now he deserves to start and all we can do is hope he continues to improve....finally. Kudo's to Charlie for his mentoring.

We lost the BC game for many reasons. Once again penalties, bad calls by Refs( confirmed by George Black). You obviously ignored the last part of my post about inserting a young QB in, and what its does to their confidence. Chang most likely would not have won those games. I'm at every game and yes he provided a quick boost in the Montreal game and then he consistently over threw his receivers the rest of the game. Chang is good but you don't destroy his confidence by throwing him to the lions. He will get his chance. Anyway Jason will be playing against his old team, so he should be famaliar with the playing surface and some of the Eskimo's players tendencies.

He didn't over throw his receivers, he had no one open so he threw to the open area hoping that one of his receivers would have made the adjustment and went there. I played q.b before and i used to do that all the time. From what I saw he knows where to go with the ball and he is very mature and is 25 years old with experience in Europe and the NFL. Look at Ricky Ray he lead his team to the Grey Cup at 22 years old, age is just a number, as long as he knows his play book and studies film he'll do just fine.



Maas :rockin:

For those who say we would have lost games if Chang had started, you have nothing to base that on. We don't know what Chang would have done because he has never been given the chance. We do, however, know what Maas has done and that is quarterbacked the team to five losses and one win. he's looked better with each passing game and his confidence seems to have improved each game as well. He should start this game but if he falters Chang should be in there. Maas has yet to prove himself as a starter with one win under his belt. If you think that he has, I think you are a little naieve. This week will certainly tell the tale. I expect the Cats to win under Maas. But it will take more than just a win to convince me that Maas is the man. he has to lead them to a win and play at least as well as last week to get my vote of confidence.

In a word - duh.

So elliquent!

Why do people want to throw chang to the wolves,he is still a ''kid'' who needs time. Maas is gellin,let him be.