Chang or Maas?

Who should be the starting quarterback Chang or Maas my say on Chang because he aint scared to throw the long ball and he makes me more confident and more excited cuz he can roll out and throw a pretty good ball what is your say?


Who should be the starting quarterback Chang or Maas my say on Chang because he aint scared to throw the long ball and he makes me more confident and more excited cuz he can roll out and throw a pretty good ball what is your say?
As remarkably unique and insightful as this "new" thread is, it is gameday, Maas is starting, Chang will be ready if needed.

Go Ticats!

And winning the award for 1 millionth post about Maas vs. Chang is cincy_85!

cincy 85,

In case you didn't pick up the reference is the "sigh" above refers to the endless debates that have occured in these forums all week. Read any of the older threads if you want to read the repetitively restated positions of everyone on these forums on this topic.

Personally I'm pulling for Williams. :wink:

this post is for cincy 85, ocho cinco, if thats you,
go race another horse and blow your hammy up.while we're on the topic of horses, why do you insist on beating a dead one with this topic. stop adding fuel to the fire, its gameday and the issue has already been addressed by charlie-deal with it. why don't you just follow the lead of the coach and trust that
he'll make the decision when the time is right.correct me if i'm wrong but, no football decision has ever been made on a fan forum and i don't think we're about to see one anytime soon.

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The debate rages because Maas hasn't doused the flames of controversy. The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. CHIMMY CHANG! :rockin: Sock it to me yo baby!

why would ocho cinco be on a cfl website when he is one of the best recievers in the nfl and what im saying is pick a quarterback soon so we dont do the same thing as last year is blow it cuz we are changing qb's every game put in chang and u will get more then 4 w's trust me

I could live with that Bob

re- Caretaker wrote-Personally I'm pulling for Williams. Wink
---IMHO :thup: :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez if you like him that much just send down a memo to put him in. End of story. It's not like you own the team or anything. :? You know, the meddling owner thing.

Maas will stink up the joint. He has no Game. The Boo's will rain down like crazy I guarantee it. Coach will soon learn how unforgiving us Hamilton fans are. If he's smart Timmy will get a chance early after the first 4 series or else this game will be over in the first quater. Sorry if some here don't want to here it but its reality. Maas is still hurt and he hurts the team by playing before he is ready. What good is a QB that can't throw? I like Jason but I also like wins.

If offence moves the ball as slow as NY. rush hour traffic on Madison Avenue then you have to go with Chang before it gets out of hand. Don't make the same maastake as last game and don't become another victim of denial.

i called you ocho cinco cause your name is cincy 85.
who does chad johnson play for? cincy. what # is he? 85. if you don't want to be mistaken for ocho cinco then change your name. no, i didn't think that chad would be on a cfl website- it was a joke. as for your post-, why would anyone "trust" you when you say that chang would put up W's more so than jason?
is it because you really hope that chang would and thats enough for people to trust you cause if it was that easy do you not think that charlie would have that knowledge as well? don't put yourself in a position higher than the guys that are paid to make the decisions.

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Mass has not proven himself to be as great a quarterback as he thinks he is. He can rarely complete a pass, and when he does, it is for a short gain on a second down, kill the offensive drive anyways. Keep Mass as starting but Tommy should also be getting a number of plays each game to help better develope his tallents because he is too young to be starting.

The only hope for the Ticats is to play Chang, give him the reps he needs. Maas did nothing last year and has done nothing this year. How long does it take for people to realize Maas is killing this team? it appears to me that the offence has no confidence in Maas and do not perform under his leadership.
When Chang comes into the game, it's exciting and he gives the Cats a chance to perform. He gives the offense a chance to get into the game. With Mass it's one, two and out. That's demoralizing and it's killing this team.
Maas supporters have got to realize that he is not the saviour they think he is. Most of the passes tonight were off the mark, too slow in coming. In one pass early in the game he se up his receiver to get his head taken off. I'm surprised the receiver didn't come over and slap maass in the head for even throwing that ball.
It's time for Chang to start. How much worse can it be?

because it doesn't matter.
chang has a quicker release and has better feet so this so called is better for him. but why can't build we a good offence around maas and his style .