Chang Needs To Be QB!

K seriously how many more times do we have to lose before Chang even gets a chance to become Qb Taffe has got to be one of the most biased coaches towards rookies who wan't to show leadership qualities and want to step in for a washed up back up Qb From Edmonton I won't mention any names :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah so Taffe do you not honestly hear the stadium every time Mass Screws up yelling put chang in! or we want Chang We Want Chang!! how much longer do u need to ingore the fans with what they want at least let him start a few times I mean we can't keep starting with Mass heck we've given him too many chances to get his act straightened out so you know what it's time for a change it's CHANG TIME!!! NOW!!!

Fan Frustrated With Coach

P.S. Might I say Marshall would have already played Chang By Now Props Marshall I miss you man!!

Hamilton has a long history of sticking with its starting QB for much too long. Taaffe has actually been proactive in switching QBs, much more so than any coach in the last 10 yrs. Starting the backup, well, that's another story, I can't remember that happening unless the starter was hurt.

That's a good point, PC45. Very true.

Will it comfort the naysayers?

NOT A CHANCE..but nice try though.

Actually, Maas hasn't screwed up much in the past 4 games. But at the same time he hasn't done enough to win more games. He's been the quarterback who takes what the defense gives him and not the type of QB who will scare a defense.
Maas hasn't made many mistakes lately but he's got to take more chances. I believe Chang is the type who will make some mistakes but takes chances in order for his team to win rather than care about his stats.

To Maas' credit he does seem to get a good pre-snap read so he knows where he's going with the football. However, he telegraphs his passes and he's always throwing the short balls. You won't score points doing that all the time because receivers will drop balls, or there will be knockdowns, and then you're in a long yardage situation and your drive is over.

It's not like Chang has rocks between his ears, he ran the run-and-shoot at Hawaii which is one of the most complicated offences out there. I'm sure he'd do just fine if we let him play.

Maas takes what the defence gives him ,is absolutely correct.Any defence would be happy to give Maas 6 yard completions all day ,because they know it usually translates to zero touchdowns .A winning QB goes for the kill and disects a defence apart ,Maas does not have the ability to disect a defence ,and that is why we are 1 and 6 and lose the winnable games .What do we have to lose if Chang starts on a 1 and 6 team ?

I don't see too many bad sides to putting Chang in there. There's the constant argument "Oh, he's not ready yet." Well that's what they said in Dallas last year before Romo went in, and he made the Pro Bowl.

By putting Chang in there the Cats suddenly can complete long passes (which loosens up the defence against both run and pass), you get him some experience in real game situations and the fans will get some value for their entertainment dollar. Maas isn't exactly exciting to watch.

So what if Chang loses a couple of games, we're already losing. Better to get him some experience now so that he'll be ready to fill the shoes of "QB of the future" sooner rather than later.

The only reason I could see for NOT putting him in now is if he were risking injury. If our O-line was really bad, maybe it would be better to keep him on the bench. But our line is fine, so put him in coach.


Welcome back, Mrs Chang.

P.S. Might I say Marshall would have already played Chang By Now Props Marshall I miss you man!!
Lol. Did you ask Mr. Marshall yourself, or is it just a gut feeling?

Quite frankly every coach in the CFL or who has ever coached in the CFL would have put him in. It's a no brainer. The Cats are 1-6. Do we need a reminder in this off week.
Marshall's looking pretty good. Just a reminder, he was also coach of the year.

Chang Needs To Be QB!
I guess the issue is not whether Chang (personally) needs to be the QB or whether the TEAM needs him at QB.

They can certainly TRY him there a bit more but there haven't been real clear insertion points in the last 3 games except maybe that lousy 3rd quarter several weeks ago. At that time the coaches may have been taking it on the chin regarding 1/2 time adjustments.

I'm with several others. No wins in the next 2 and we'll see him... a lot, I imagine.

As far as I'm concerned we are already
out of the play-offs. I have no problem
with the QBing at this time.
You must realise this team is chalked
with ROOKIES!and more ROOKIES!
Rome was not built in a day!
Games are CLOSE which means we are
heading in the right direction.
Time to quite bitching, and give the
team time to gel. Next year I think we
will blow everyone away. so hang tight! :cowboy:

Chang needs to play ,there I said it finally ,I'm on side for Chang to play ....more anyway as opposed to no reps like he presently is suffering through .

This theory (one QB to play the whole game like in the stone age)is so Lancasterish ,second world war bomber technology in the year 2007,give me a break and play Chang some will ya?

I completely forgot about that. In fact from what I remember Bill Parcell's never wanted to put Romo in but was feeling presure from Jones to play him. Everything I have seen from Chang indicates he is ready, and I don't know how Bob can be so patient with Taafe, he needs to step in and order Taafe to start playing Chang like owners in the NFl do. Because lets face it, all coaches are stubborn and burned out at this point of the season from endless nights in the filmroom and going on about 3 hours of sleep a night and are incapable of making rational decisions. They like to make things overly complex and over think things, when in fact the answer may seem and is very simple to those of us on the outside looking in.

you could always ignore this thread and let the people who want to discuss it do so. Is it too much to just leave one pro Chang post alone this season without trying to grief it?

And if Maas is playing well enough to win?

Then we would win

Mass is boring and Chang has a style that is exciting so I'd prefer to watch exciting Football with a healthy up coming player like Chang!

So, you would prefer to lose with an "exciting" QB rather than win with a "boring" QB?

I'd take the win any day...

If Chang isnt ready then the best thing for him is to play and learn. We can do that now, since the season has already been pretty much lost or...........we can wait till next year. If we wait till next year then we risk another season while he gets experience. We have a chance now to give it to him with nothing to lose really, maas has already cost us the playoffs by mid season.