Chang may Start Labour Day..Steve Milton

Labour-ing under Chang?

Steve Milton The Hamilton Spectator
MONTREAL (Aug 27, 2007)

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an excerpt

'Judging by his demeanour

after another humiliating loss here Saturday night,
the frustrated Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach
is leaning toward starting rookie Timmy Chang
over Maas on Labour Day.'

Forget the lean, Mr. Taaffe,

and jump in with both feet.

As much as it was painful to watch the game on Saturday night, I think this might be a bit of a blessing in disguise.

With the recent close loses leading up to the Alouette game, the team seemed to be making progress offensively with Jason Maas at the helm.

Now that the team has suffered this setback and a very pronounced regression coming off the bye week, I hope it illustrates to Charlie and the staff that unfortunately Jason Maas doesn't look like he has the confidence or decision making ability to lead the team to a victory.

If there is a silver lining to the loss, it is that the blowout uncovers a lot of problems the team has now and gives them a lot more time to correct the personnel, whereas another close loss would only hide the Ticats deficiencies for yet another week.

I have been very confident in the coaching staff's decision to stick with Jason Maas during the course of this season and last, but it has become painfully obvious that a change has to be made and that obviously means it is officially time to kick the tires on Timmy Chang and give him a full week of reps and preparation as the starter.

If they do go with Timmy for Labour Day, I hope he studies his @$$ off because the ____s are a veteran and tough defense to face in your first start!

  • paul

You Chang supporters probably salivated more
than you do when you cut into a juicy steak

when you read this part of Steve's article

'Maas' recent history against the Argos,
dating back 52 weeks,

should absolutely seal
the decision for a change.

You'll recall that

late in the second quarter
of July's home opener
against the Cats' bitter rivals,

Chang took over from the struggling starter

and stayed at the helm until Richie Williams
was paid a courtesy call in the dying moments.

Chang completed his first three passes,
then threw an interception
and wasn't much of a threat thereafter.

In last year's back-to-back matches,
both of which were won by the Argos,

Maas played all but the late stages
of the Labour Day massacre.

The result was a grand total
of 15 points over two games,
all on field goals.

So, in the past calendar year,

Maas has played 21/2 games against Toronto,

thrown 61 passes, completed only 29,
and had eight intercepted.

He has generated no touchdown passes,
nor touchdowns of any kind.

All 15 points the offence has mustered
while he was at the helm

against a tough Toronto defence
came off field goals.

There is no evidence yet that Chang
can be the guy to lead this offence
out of the desert and onto some kind of oasis.

But there is plenty of evidence
that Maas hasn't done it against Toronto.'

This makes sense in a morbid sort of way.

It sure will perk up interest.

On second thought, maybe for Timmy's sake
Charlie should start Richie Williams.

Ron, you use the phrase 'you Chang supporters' which would indicate that you are not yet one of us.
Is it possible that you are still a holdout from the inevitable? Can you not see the writing on the wall?

Kidding, my friend... But, I do hope you will be willing to jump on board when the change comes...

Regarding rookie QBs, as you know, Wilf,
I am a student of history...which says
the majority of rookie QBs fail in the CFL

I would love for another Ticat rookie QB

other than the one we had 35 years ago,
Chuck Ealey, who led us to the Grey Cup

have, at least, one historic Labour Day game.

It will not change the history of CFL QBs
who fail as starters in their rookie year,
even if Timmy Chang does win on Labour Day.

And if Timmy does start, I hope
he plays well and finishes the game.

If he doesn't there is always, one of
the best relief pitchers in the CFL,

Jason Maas to come in and save the day! :smiley:

I agree Wilf that it’s time now for Chang to step off the sidelines and take a good crack at it…after all he’s our #2 and in no professional sport should a #2 not be ready to start…(which I can’t believe he isn’t by now)

Ron. of course you're right about rookie QB's. They are on a learning curve. They need time. But, they are all different.

You mention Chuck Ealey. I also remember Bernie Custis, who was sensational in his first year with us. These kids are all at different stages of their development. At what stage is Chang? We really don't know yet. He may be ready now, he may need a couple of years, he may fizzle out shortly. But, we'll never know until he gets a real chance to start and make his own impact.

Bottom line is this...With Chang, we can't have worse results than we get now.

You got that right, Wilf.

By the way, Wilf, Casey Printers
wasn`t a rookie that year
when he lit it up for B.C.

He spent a year on the practice roster.

And there are several other starting QBs
who fans think were in their rookie year

who weren`t actually in their 1st year.


Can anybody help me on this É

Who were they É

If Taafe is going to start Chang, I hope the decision's already been made so that he gets the first team reps all week. Give him every chance to succeed.

What is with this indecisiveness?

An Argo-Cat fan

I believe Ricky Ray and Kerry Joseph both made an impact in their first year in the league. Like most CFLers these days, they bounced around other leagues before landing here, but they definitely made a quick impression once they got their chance.

If Timmy Chang does get the start on Labour Day, I hope Jesse Lumsden is feeling better because the Ticats are going to need to run the ball a lot more effectively with him and Anthony Davis to open up the pass and give Timmy a chance.

The ____s don't have a strong run defense, but if they get Chang in a lot of 2nd and longs it is going to be a long and painful afternoon. Lots of blitzes, zone blitzes, and confusing coverages for our highly touted rookie QB.

I wish him all the luck in the world!

  • paul

I have always been split on the decision to start Chang this soon. He is more raw than any othe rookie QB's you have mentioned. However, after watching the game in Montreal it is time. Maas does not look off his receivers at all. He locked onto one guy on every snap.

The major problems however do seem to be systematic. 7 carries 35 yards. Those are Lumsden's numbers. That is 5 yards a carry. His first run goes for 5 yards. He runs 6 more times the rest of the game. Now i know it's not the NFL, but, if a RB averages 5 ypc, he gets about a 20-25 carries. Why did Lumsden not get more carries. He was on the field he should get the carries.

Also the defence didn't help at all. Our DB's were playing 10 yards off the WR's that's how Montreal kept the ball outr of our hands so long.

There is more than QB trouble but maybe Chang gives enough of a park and plays just well enough to keep us in it and let one of playmakers win the game. He doesn't ave to win the game to keep the starting job, he just needs to play well enough to lose it.

To start Chang in the next two games against the Argos is a HUGE mistake. We need two wins to salvage the season but more importantly these are the two biggest games in the season no matter the record. Media from both cities circulating through all practises and press conferences. Fans expectations high. You would be throwing Chang into the wolves and may ruin his career before it starts. Give him a chance to do well as a starter. Start Maas with a short leash on both games…get Chang prepared for Winnipeg if we lose both games. Gives him time to physically and mentally prepare for a start on the road, away from distrations. If you pull outtwo wins then continue with Mass…if not then Chang with no pressure to develop an offence going into next year.

As much as I do agree with you about needing to win the next 2 games let's be realistic. We aren't going to win both games with Maas in there. Maas's arm plays right into the Argos defensive gameplan. No deep throws. Jason Maas throws exactly what the Argos are willing to give you. We will be settling for FG's all day if he starts. If Chang really isn't ready to start then I say a true 2 qb system be implemented, Chang and Maas get a 60-40 split or 70-30. That way you still have the deep ball threat coming in.

Cant hurt to Start Chang, Maas is not able to put the ball in the end zone, ,Montreal game proved it once and for all, Make use of Williams as well, , With a RB like Lumsden the run can set up the pass, all the QB has to do is execute properly, Put the ball where the recievers can make a play, also the qb,s Have to scramble and make yardage when pocket brakes down, and be agressive, --playbook is looking good , Just comes down to execution :thup:

I don’t have the stats, but didn’t Kerrigan and Hobart get thrown into the fire during their rookie years?

I have been a backer of maas ,but it is time for someone new.Last game it seemed we was pointing fingers at everyone but himself.I think the team has also given up.