Chang Lost That Game

If Timmy Chang held the ball better on Nick Setta's first field goal attempt, we make the field goal. Those lost two points came back to haunt us in the end. If we would have made that field goal early in the first quarter, then this game goes into overtime tied 19-19. Who knows what would have happened in OT? If Chang can't hold the ball better, I think it's time we get Richie Williams in there to do it and show us what he can do. So what if we go 1-7, 1-8 or 1-9, at least we will be developing a good placement holder.

Actually if the FG was successful we would have won 20-19. We would not have gone for and failed on the 2 point conversion. Therefore we would have had 3 more points.

Also If Taffe had not instructed Chang to start warming up on the sidelines near the end of the third quarter, Maas would have continued in the pathetic two-and-out pattern he had established so effectively throughout the second half, Maas would not have felt so “comfortable” being back in Edmonton again, the offensive line would not have been so belly-full of Elk that they couldn’t pick up the blitz, and we could all have gone and maxed-out our credit cards at Maas wife’s clothing shop.
If you think this rationale is suspect then read the start of this string.