Chang Losing Patience? Will he leave?

Chang has told Taaffe "in no uncertain terms" he wants to start.

Has Timmy suggested to Charlie that there may be greener pastures elsewhere for him in the football world, to apply his skills?

Why is Charlie waffling on who his starting QB will be Saturday?

I sense tension.

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Go elsewhere? It's only been two games. He's under contract

Waffling? He's not waffling. He's doing exactly what he said he'd do, which is to decide who will start based on this week's practice.

There are still at least a couple of practices to go. Then Charlie will decide.

Is there some reason that he has to pick a starter right now? No.

The 'no uncertain terms' was probably Chang telle Taaffe that Maas is terrible!

i guess i was out of the loop but what happened to QB Shaun King?

Where is the tension?? I don't see it. I would be more concerned if Chang didn't say he wanted to start.

If Chang comes in and he does a poor job, he'll leave because we fans will run in out of town.

And in true Ticat tradition, when he leaves and signs with another team, he will start and become an All-Star.

I don't see where he lost his patience. He's a competitor and he wants to start. He feels he's good enough to do so and he asked. It's really not anything to make an issue of.

I think you are reading a little too hard in to things. Charlie said it himself, you want your quaterback to have confidence in himself and his skills and he is glad Chang stepped up at asked to start. That is pretty much it, end of story.

Charlie even noted that he has to make sure he doesn't rush Timmy and risk shattering his confidence. So I don't want everyone to be shocked if you see Maas under centre to start the game on Saturday.

Coach Taaffe will do what he feels is the best for the short and long term for this football club. Just have a little patience that's all!

Pretty please?

  • paul

I agree Paul. It's a fine line here just like a baseball manager has when to pull the starting pitcher or not. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

But I like that Chang is vocal to be the starter. Take the bull by the horns and let let the coaches decide.

He was cut during training camp after the first preseason game.

They'r Both Quaterbacks
they both want ball when game is on the line. That takes Balls!!!!
Both Men like Each other and There is Respect.

But This Chariles Team make no Mistakes who the top Cat is .. It is Charlie..

Oh, the hyperbole is scintillating!

I highly doubt that Chang is intending to leave.
I also believe that one thing that coaches really desire and respect is a player with CONFIDENCE, and any time that a skillful player steps up to the plate and requests a more active role on the team and has the tools to carry it out he is displaying a level of confidence that we have not seen in this town in some time. I would think that confidence is not something that is rampant on this team, with the veterans who have not had a winning season in quite a while and the rookies who have yet to win a game this season.
When a player steps up and shows confidence, not only in his own ability but also in his rapport and teamwork with his fellow players, it can be highly contagious, especially if this player can make things happen. His team mates will want to be on the field and do the very best they can with a team leader with confidence. Pro football players can also sense the confidence that a good player has and I believe that Timmy Chang is more confident every time that we get to see him play.
I would suspect that Timmy Chang has had enough playing time to get a pretty good look at how things work in this league against a couple of well schooled and highly skilled defenses and it would not surprise me to see him start against Montreal and if things work out he could even play the entire game. Especially after what the coaching staff and fans have seen to date as well as, and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE he is displaying by asking to be the starter and ultimately the winning QB.
I hope it works out.

I truly believe Chang will start Saturday and it is already known.....

Taffe really has no choice but to start him after pulling Maas twice in two games. He indicated Maas is the starter at the start of the season but has started the controversy of pulling him. If the reason for the slow start is the complicated playbook and "gelling" then he would have kept him in to have Maas get used to it. And if that is not the case then coaching may be a problem.

I think Chang is the starter and they have yet to announce it as it will keep the media pressure of him and then the focus of media and fans focus is who should start and not who is. Add some "I want to start" qoutes and you start to build him as a leader.

Chris Schultz would be the first to agree that confidence is a major contributing factor to success, and he’s stated that by looking at Maas, he has lost his confidence.

Chang looks confident.

Therein lies the single biggest difference in my books right now.

Even if Chang wanted to leave, where is he going to go? His options are very limited. It's not like he can pick up the phone and get himself a NFL job. Arena? I don't think so. That's about it as far as playing options go.

He merely expressed his desire to play to Taafe. I'd be more concerned if he didn't do that. Anyway, I don't think I'd start him given the team's lousy line and receivers. Taafe would just be setting him up for failure. He needs to be put in a situation where he has a chance of succeeding.

An Argo-Cat fan

We can solve the whole thing right now. Put in Richie Williams to start.
There - I said it.
Now, before you all start falling off your chairs - here is why:
R. Williams has been with the Cats since last year. If nothing else, him still being here means he deserves a chance.
Next, he is the most mobile of the QBs. This is KEY, since the O-line has been really offensive, and we could use his feet. If he falters, we can put in Chang, and the rest is history.
If they BOTH falter, then we are in REALLY BIG trouble....

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I think that the only chance for Timmy Chang to succeed is behind the center calling plays. I don't think that this would set him up for failure as he has been behind the O line enough now to get a grasp of what he has to deal with. He has displayed poise and character in the time he has been sent in to the game and his ability to read the defense and find the willing receiver or the opening for the running back will only improve the more minutes he gets.
Also he does display confidence and I believe that the players around him have confidence in him to make things happen.
I think that the more experience the team gets as a unit then the better combined team play we will see and Chang seems to have some respect from his team mates to move the ball, keep the offense on the field and give them the experience of team play which will lead to an increase in confidence in all of the players.

I'll lay a poker chip on this idea.

yeah it won't be long until this city runs chang outta town just like they did CLEMENTS CALVILLO MCAMANUS AND MAAS.