Chang likely to be dealt to Winnipeg

According to Ken Peters in today's article about Woodcock signing with the Cats:

[b]O'Billovich said the Cats will pursue trade talks with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers that could see QB Timmy Chang sent West. The Cat GM said he wants to talk about Chang's future with Tabbie bench boss Charlie Taaffe over the next couple of days.

"He may be a guy who we would consider (trading). I told (Bomber GM Brendan Taman) him I would get back to him," O'Billovich said.

Both the Bombers and Cats talked about Chang's availability last week at the league's annual meetings in Calgary.[/b]

No matter where Chang ends up playing, I hope he stays in the CFL and does well.

I really like his cockiness/confidence. He achieves a very likable balance.

Could see this comming with Ritchie long Term Signing.

I agree. I think Chang has talent, but we have to admit two major things:

  1. It was not fair to throw him to the wolves by starting him against what is arguably the most difficult defence in the CFL for an experienced QB to read (those blue guys), let alone a raw CFL rookie.

  2. Chang will never develop by being a third string QB in Hamilton behind Printers and Williams; for him to have a career, he needs to go somewhere where he can be second string and actually get some meaningful time in both practices and games, which just isn't going to happen in Hamilton.

I'd be sorry to see him go. I know he bombed in his debut but the team put him in an extremley difficult situation. I believe that in the right situation where he can learn 3-down football behind a decent O-line, with good weapons at his disposal, good coaching and strong mentoring from a more experienced QB (like Kevin Glen) he can become a good pro up here.

If he's traded, I wish him well. Heck, as bad as his debut turned out to be, he provided us with something to get revved up about last year and that ain't all bad.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree with Madjack and barneyfife,

and besides, I can't see us getting
anything worthwhile for Timmy.

A low draft pick or a Special teams guy.

If the Bombers can't sign Ryan Dinwiddie.
and Obie can get a starter sure go for it.

I think Obie is stalling to see
what happens with Ryan Dinwiddie.

He already said Winnipeg was interested last week.

We have invested a year training in Timmy,
I think we are better off keeping him.

Ron, I think you're probably bang on about Obie waiting to see if the shoe drops with regards to Dinwiddie; if Taman doesn't get him re-signed, the price for Chang will go up.

Not a bad way to proceed, maximizing the return, even if it may make Chang twist in the wind for a bit. It's a business decision, after all.

If I'm Chang I'd be happy to go to Winnipeg. He won't get meaningful reps in Hamilton, either in practice or in games. He also won't learn much behind Printers and Williams, because they are both mobile QBs who can make things happen with their feet, and Chang can't do that.

In Winnipeg he'd be behind Glenn, who is much more like Chang in style, being a drop back passer who does not run much.

So it's win-win for Timmy; he gets more practice and playing time, and he can learn from an experienced QB who has a similar skill set.

So...........wonder who Obie wants coming from Winnipeg in such a deal?

Hmmmm, let's see ... a quick PEREUSAL of the FACTS reveals the Hamilton Tiger Cats are the 5th Team Chang has had an OPPORTUNITY to show himself to ... and potentially the 5th Organization to GIVE HIM UP.

Does ANYBODY see a TREND developing here ?

Didn't THINK sooooooo ...


I wonder how many organizations have given up on Richie and Casey boys and girls…O that many. :roll:

It is par for the course for college players
to be cut from several professional teams.

If they aren't first round draft picks

chances are slim they will stick with
the first team they try out with

The main reason they are invited
to camp is to serve as competition

for players who play their position,

to make sure these players work hard
to hold on to their jobs, boys.

Does ANYBODY see a TREND developing here ?
I think I do. We will trade Chang for almost nothing to save a few dollars. That seems to be a real trend and another might be the fact the team on paper continues to look WEAKer than last year, if that's possible. Do you think Woodcock is cheaper than Ralph, I would guess "yes"

Obie, so far, "that don't impress me much"

Sure hope you prove me wrong.

I would prefer to have a different style, #3 QB, available to bring in. If Printers can't get it done, what can Williams do different? Although if Printers gets hurt, Williams makes alot of sense. (and I do like Williams)

We need to bring in a young QB who is capable of scrambling if we hope to win. Presently, the offence is being built around Printers and Williams, two scramblers. Chang doesn't fit that mould. Putting him in our new offence would be like putting a round peg in a square hole.

Chang could very well excel in Winnipeg, because they have built their offence around a drop-back QB, not a scrambling one.

Hopefully Taman sees Chang's potential value in that regard and sends us a starter in return.

"Woodcock cheaper than Ralph."
It was well documented that Ralph wanted to go back EAST because of his daughter, and Obie obliged enough to do so (as he should).
This is NOT a money thing. Get your facts straight....
The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Meanstreak: :thup:
Can't see what Taman sees in Chang. I'll be glad to see Chang outta here but maybe it will be better for him with Winnipeg. Then we will see if all these excuses about "he was "thrown to the wolves" and "behind a lousy line" etc were right or not.

um... for anybody that thinks Williams is more confident than Chang, i'd like to remind you that Williams spent 2 or 3 years on the practice roster, taking snaps against defences.

there was an article last year where Williams stated that it's made him better because he's had nearly as many snaps as [then starter] Jason Mass.

(Football teams do this funny thing where the defence practices thier plays and execution, and for some reason need an offence to schrimage against. This O is usually 2n'd and 3rd stringers while the starters are off runing drills.)

he also said that it most definately helped him improve and learn the canadian game and become mor confident on the field. LEarning a wide variety of the leagues overall offencive systems.

anyway point is, it be a shame to offload chang and not keep him on the roster to steep. The kid needs more time, or hamilton will be kicking itself later, just like they did with AC. ooooo.. did i just say that? yup, looks like it. :smiley:

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? "Woodcock cheaper than Ralph." It was well documented that Ralph wanted to go back EAST because of his daughter, and Obie obliged enough to do so (as he should). This is NOT a money thing. Get your facts straight.... . The Eagle -
Whoa down Eagle. You don't need to put words in my mouth. I didn't say Obie wasn't a kind dear man for spending Ralph out west. He was.

I said the team on paper looks worse to me than last year and I think Woodchuck will cost the Cats less than Ralph. We know he didn't trade Ralph for Woodcock. But rather after deducting Ralphs salary and factoring in Woodcocks i would bet they saved money, again. In my opinion all the depth in the world won't help if you don't have quality starters.

what does anyone see in Chang? he is slow, has poor decision making abilities, no arm, no touch on the ball, he is getting older, he was average for his whole football career elsewhere. i just don't get what anyone see's in him.

Personally I don’t feel good about trading him to a Division rival - he has the potential to come back here and haunt us.

it will not haunt us

IMHO-Trade Chang for a draft pick, then draft a Top Cis Q.B :cowboy: