Chang.....lights it up in Bomberville.....

Timmy Chang…our new starting QB.
Reminds me of a young Deiter Brock…
Who said this kid would need 2 or 3 years…to be a starter in the C.F.L.???
Not this poster…
And to think…he is only going to get better…with time… :thup: :thup:

And a great win for the team…preseason…or not. :thup: :thup:

He not quite the starter Yet..
But he has made a The Team..IMO

I withheld judgement on him till he saw game time and I must say I am impressed.

But gotta give props to

Dwight Anderson
JoJo Walker
and Nate Curry

Amazing game for all 4

and of Course Setta..cant wait to see him next week, see that Hangtime that Zamprin was raving about.

yeh crazyness, good game cats


You go A.D and lil bro #77

Ticats or on a mission

didnt setta miss a 39 yarder?

how did richie williams do?..i havent heard anything about his game.

Richie played poorly, couldn`t find an open reciever, looked to run before passing, etc. That was also combined with poor protection from the O-line.

That was in the waning minutes, I believe, sig.

According to Coach Sal,

our rookie Canadian O-linemen gave Richie
sub-standard protection at the time.

[Rempel, Ince, Hogarth etc.]

Richie was supposed to divide time
with King and Chang in the 1st half.

Didn't happen.

Richie got a few minutes here and there
most of which were clean up minutes.

I would like to see Richie in
for a full quarter early on
with some vets on the O-line.

Nice work fellas, only preseason but great to see the effort.

I'm so sick of all this NHL talk stuff, glad things are finally getting going in the CFL - the best league in the world!!!

The QB game plan Perry Lefko spoke of
in this thread wasn't completed carried out.

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Could the reason that Richie got short-change in the first half be
Charlie's excitement about Timmy Chang's excellent performance?

richie will be given a shot next week as well i belive