Chang Is The Mang!

Anybody who does not agree is just plain nuts. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm tired of falling asleep (no pun intended) until halftime. Maas puts me to sleep in a big hurry. Chang has the proven ablility to excite the fans. Maas? Wake me up at half time.

I'm excited about his play.

What I'm not excited about is that we are going to have ten threads about this between now and the Calgary game. LOL

Chang has entered that almost-sacred position in Hamilton, that of the "hare-apparent." Whenever the starter looks vulnerable, the wascly wabbit is released and the chase is on. While running for its life, Ticat fans begin exchanging hasenfeffer recipes.

I hope Maas is pushed. I hope he excels from the pushing. If he falters, Timmy will get his shot. That is Taaffe's rationale. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,

...And I like Taffe a ton.

If the media gets ahold of this thread they are going to believe there is a serious quarterback controversy going on in Hamilton.

...but do any of our QB's have any place to threaten to go?

sorry a hiccup.

Very Well said Russ..