Chang is not ready to start!!!

Here is a excerpt from one of my past posts:
this is a comment made by June Jones chang's
head coach at UOH.
Quote: Timmy chang had an exceptionaly quick
release, but he didn't spend enough time
studying film, I think one of timmy's
weaknesses was reading the defence, which
is why he threw so many interceptions.
end Quote.

I think Chang is going to be a GOOD QB, but he
needs time to develop in the CFL.
I think he should get some game experience but
not be the starter yet.
He should not be thrown to the DOG's by starting.
This could cause him to loose confedence like MAAS.

I think MAAS should STart the first half of the
season. and then work in Chang..

CHOW!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

Did June Jones recently make that comment?

That comment was made after Chang had left
UOH. and after Chang had not been drafted.

I will never understand how the all time NCAA passing leader was not drafted.

Maybe because he's also the NCAA's all-time interception leader too...

He still won a lot and always produced.

Some great info on Chang I found here:

"He currently holds the NCAA Division I-A records for total offensive yards (18,210), most career passing yards (17,078), most career plays from scrimmage (2,587), most passes completed without an interception (80), and is second to Ty Detmer's 121 touchdown passes (120). He also holds the all-time interception record with 67.

Chang was MVP of the 2003 Hawaii Bowl and Co-MVP with Chad Owens of the 2004 Hawaii Bowl in victories over Houston and UAB. Chang was also a Heisman canidate for the 2003 season.

Chang was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award for the 2002 season."

67 INT vs. 120 TD is a great ratio. Many pro QB's have ratios much worse.

On the other hand,Maas takes too much time reading the D, by the time he makes his decision to throw all he has left is the 5 yd rout.

Question is, looking at Maas's college football career how did he ever make it into the CFL? I'm not trying to knock him, but, typically you don't see college back-ups make it to the big time.

The college comparrison between Maas and Chang is like night and day. Change will be decent, but not right away. I have confidence in Marcel and Taff in developing Chang to be the future starter.

I do wonder though if playing Maas now will cause irreparable damage to his shoulder which apparently is still healing from off-season surgery. I wonder what the official, if there is such a thing, medical advice is on this?

Appearently MAAS can throw deep without any
problem, he was not asked too. I watched
CH11 news and he said that he was taking
what Calgary was giving him and that was
th short passes.

Yes They where Cover 2 and Other Zones.
The Stamps Wanted to take away the Long and Mid Ranges Passing game .

One of our Half Time Adjustment was to go the Quick Slant.

Chang had the all-time NCAA passing records because he played on an offence that just about always threw the ball deep...Also the NCAA schedule is strategically formed to create even matchups, which means Hawaii was not always facing the highest level of competition...This means Chang most likely does not have all the tools to be a successful QB in the NFL...Also how does Ty Detmer have the all-time NCAA touchdown record???

Maas is not a starter, but a bac up, I remember him saying a while back he was happy being #2 behind ray. That tells you alot when a QB is happy being #2. I don't think he has it to be a leader. IMO

Oh come on there pikk, he's damned if he says he wants to be a starter under Ray as then he isn't deemed by some to be a team player. And then the opposite as others like you say he doesn't have it to be no. 1 and a leader. Bottom line, he doesn't come to Hamilton to be given a chance to be no. 1 if he doesn't want a shot at being no. 1 and the guy, he would have told management in Edmonton he just wanted to stay there and they would have accomodated him I think.

Me thinks that Chang is better suited to this offence. Maas seems to respond better coming off the bench anyway. I think coach Taafe is just trying to not bruise Maas' confidence. Or maybe he likes him because he also has 2 aa's in his last name?

Chang may or may not be ready to start but one thing is for sure---we won't know until he does.
"Maas doesn't call his own plays, the OC calls the plays, he is taking what is given to him, blah blah blah....."
This would be fine if it were one game--but it isn't. It is one game and one season and the same logic has been presented as to why he doesn't through deep. All QBs get different looks. All take what is given them. All through deep sometimes--except Maas. If I were a defensive coordinator playing Hamilton I would not take away the deep pass first---why would I? There are no proven deep threats among our receivers and no proven willingness to even attempt a deep pass, never mind complete one. Last year we were told he was healthy and he wasn't. This year again we are told he is healthy but his play and the play selection dictates otherwise. I don't understand why we would play an injured QB--it seems illogical, but history (last year) tells us it is possible.
Clemons has the pinballs to give Bishop a start ahead of a legend. Hopefully Taaffe will not wait until it is too late.....

well said tomboy(the pinballs)lol


After the saturday game I still think chang
is not ready to start!!!
He needs time to settle down and read
MAAS is not the problem !! the receivers are!!!

I think Chang read the defenses just fine tonight... he missed 1 play but other than that he did alright. This kid is NOT made of glass, he has shown MORE leadership out there than Maas has and the Offense seems to brighten up when he's at the helm. He makes things happen and SHOULD be starting next week against the Als, they are in the same boat as us with a fragile confidence and it could potentially be a GREAT game for Chang!

i agree the whole offence is out of sync.i don't know if it's because of all the new starters or the recieving corps is just not talented enough.