Chang has Signed

Chang has been signed...heard it on the Fan.

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Wow this is great. Ive watch Chnag play in college and hes one of the best passers ive seen at college level. Makes good reads and releases well. id say he has a good shot at being the starting QB for the cats next year. Great signing MD

Is it your typical 1+1?

I haven’t seen anything yet on the details.

Isn't it great to finally have a GM who brings in an exciting, young, well-known, very accomplished American college QB?

With Taaffe teaching Chang, this young gun could do great things in Hamilton.

Maas better bring his A game to camp.

Its probably a 1 & 1 but I dont see Chang getting a good opportunity in the NFL until he can prove himself in the CFL.

I seldom get excited about rookie American QBs
because of the difficulty they all have adjusting
to our wide open, pass first, fast paced game.

Most never learn to make their reads quickly enough
to get the fluid passing rythym they are used to
and results comparable to what they had in the U.S.

Most of those that do are seldom overnight successes,

they usually take years to achieve success as CFL QBs

but as Marcel Desjardins said,

“He’s is a guy who did incredible things in college..."

He rewrote the NCAA record book at the University of Hawaii,
as the NCAA’s all-time leader in passing yards (17,072),

completions (1,388) and attempts (2,436) along with throwing
the second-most touchdowns (117) in Division I history.


I am very Pleased .. With the Signing Of Chang :thup:

Sheesh, I'm really beginning to think I'M the PROBLEM ... from what I remember of Timmy Chang is a NOODLE ARM, that BENEFITTED IMMENSELY from the SYSTEM he played in.

I'm not sure June Jones (his college coach) even knows what a RB is ... I remember Timmy CONSISTENTLY threw 50 times A GAME ...

Not that I WISH any ILL WILL on the guy, (in fact I HOPE YOU DO WELL Timmy )... but to think he will come into camp and USURP - ANY of the THREE arms is being OPTIMISTIC ... and to think he will be a STARTER this SEASON is pure FANTASY.


I've been touting Chang as a CFL QB here and elsewhere for more than a year now. While I'm glad to see him get a chance here, I do wish it was with the Argos!! Damn, but now I'll have to cheer for the Cats!! Who'da thunk it?

Anyway, if he gets a legitimate chance to show his stuff at training camp, I think he's your QB for the next decade. He can play and he's smart. Oooooh, he shoulda been signed by the double blue. :cry:

An Argo/Cats fan

Ya' he might be our QB for the next decade, BF

but then again Timmy might surprise us
and be our starting QB before 2010. :smiley:

There are few overnight CFL QB successes.

Chang has proven he can hit his recievers, thats All important, and he can throw a catchable pass!- he fits the Cavilo,PaoPao,J.C Watts (SP),physical mould. athletic and smart, this was a Great move by ticats Gm! :thup: — to short for nfl coaches who stick to the book, :cowboy: the do the safe thing so you cant be fired book!

Umm no, he couldn't make it in the nfl cause he isn't that great. He throws deep about as well as Maas does, he'll get killed at the pro level if the db's don't have to cover deep. His CFL career will last about as long as Jason Gesser's did.

Damn nice to seeing him here giving it a shot. :thup:

Good news. I just hope the doesn't make any mistakes or they'll run him out of town like they do everyone else.

Our Saviour, our saviour, our new born king. Grey-Cup here we come.

What? He hasn't proven anything yet? He probably won't even start? He played on a pass happy team?

Jamie Ran himself out of town, b/c he isnt a CFL calibur place-kicker. Simply too many misses, and at 29 years old he isn't getting any younger.

Timmy Chang is the NCAA all-time leading passer, and in a passing league he should Excel with the Cats.

Buddy, Borehamgirl knows what she's talking about. Jamie is just the latest of a long list of players that have been ran out of town by the "fans" of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. As soon as Chang makes a mistake, everyone will call for his head.

its funny how "borehamgirl" is the only person who is defending Jamie's perfromance over the last 3 years.

we would have been a much better team if we had a capable kicker. for confidence of the offense and Defense

Ask Stubblefield what being the NCAA leader at something got him the first go-around here.

I wish the kid luck, but I hope he lives up to the big expectations already set out for him.

Borehamgirl is NOT the only person who defended Boreham. I did, Mikey did, and a few other people did as well. We would have been a much better team if we had coaches, a reliable QB, and a team that didn't have to deal with a great deal of injuries.