Chang/Avery on Fan 590 Thursday.

Are you ready for some Ticat/Argo football?

Timmy Chang and John Avery will join me in the Bullpen tomorrow morning to chat up Saturday's game.

One of them is on at 10:20, the other at 10:30. I think it's Avery/Chang in that order but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, listen to both and hear from both sides.

There'll be more on Football Friday as well.

Hope you enjoy the interviews and see you on Saturday!

Thanks for the heads up Hoagie... look forward to listening in as I do daily

Hoagie Your one of rge few Argo Fans I like..
Thanks for the heads up will listen in

I would be interested on Chang's feelings on playing in cold weather. Last I checked, I didn't recall seeing a snowfall or -10 in Hawaii. Does he feel it will pose a challenge to his passing game? Thanks.


What’s wrong with the Hamilton Harbour? I think it adds sex appeal to the region, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was nice to hear that other teams and their players appreciate the fans here in Hamilton. That was quite a tribute to us fans from Avery. I hope he doesn't think we'll cheer for him tho.

Hoagie asked Chang which he preferred, Hamliton Harbour or the beaches of Hawaii. After he stifled his laughter Chang said he liked Hamilton but the beaches win out.

Go figure.

An Argo-Cat fan

avery is one of the funniest people to listen to he can turn anything and just make you laugh

no duh, who wouldn’t prefer the beaches of Hawaii? There’s a reason why thousands of people pay hundreds of $$$ to fly to Hawaii.

Well he'd better establish himself here, if he hopes to earn enough money to stay in Hawaii. $400 a night hotel rooms. Cya later!

i dont think he lives in a hotel. :?

I know he doesn't live in a hotel, but it's indicative of the cost of living there. Dog the Bounty Hunter has to do a reality series on TV in order to just put food on the table. :stuck_out_tongue: