Chang as the starting QB...his time will come....

I have read a lot of postes regarding Chang should be the number #1.
And I have to question this...
Jason Maas has not played a matter of fact over the last 4 or 5 games he has improved with each well as the rest of the team.
Tim Chang will no doubt be the starting QB for the Cats at some point..sooner than later I believe.
I only hope that Marcel locks him-up under long term he does not get away.. and he will be the starter for many years to come { I hope. }
As long as the Cats have a shot at a play-off spot this year..Maas will be the starter. Maas { love him or hate him ) has the experiance in the C.F.L. Chang...does not..plain and simple.
Some folks have been saying that if Tim was starting the Cats would be 7 and 0 rather than 1 and 6.
I'm sorry to burst the balloon..but that is only wishfull thinking...
Reading the Defence is key to being a stand-out QB in the C.F.L. You only have to look at guys like Danny Mac to drive this point home. Danny was one of the Masters at reading the Defence. That is why he was one of the the game.
Tim Chang on the not standing there, just for the hell of it. He is learning...learning the Defencive stunts and movements that will help him make that split-second that he does not have to be scraped off the turf, with a shovel.
Or even worse...injured, perhaps seriously.
There is too much at risk at this point...for the long just simply " start him ".
Maas has played well. If I question anything on the is some of the play-calling. And that is not Jason's call.
Am I a big Maas fan ? No. But I do believe that Maas has the experiance reading the Defence..and at this point.. Chang does not.
Chang reminds me of a young Dieter Brock.. he has one hell of an arm, throws a rocket-ball, and can do something Brock could not..scramble like hell.
All positive..positive things.
So cheer up Tim Chang supporters...his time will come, like I said. Sooner, much sooner than later.
Cheers :thup:

Well thi sthread is doomed from the start.

No one has said we'd be 7-0, that is Maas luvers putting words in peoples mouths. I do however believe we could have won every game except the first 2 with Chang in there.

This season was over from the start so Chang or Butler should have started this season since Maas was injured for the first half. We're going with all rookies anyways, Maas's role should have been to coach and help Chang and Rock devolop from the 3rd q.b spot.

Rocky lost out to Williams and asked for his release. 7-0 is asking for a BIT much, but I still believe that Maas was the best QB for the past 5 games.

How do you know that Maas was injured? Are you the team doctor?

because he couldn't throw deep. Don't you remember Lancaster telling everyone he was injured and then there was Curry last week saying Maas couldn't throw deep, then there were many stories about practices last year where the defence was laughing at Maas because he couldn't throw over 35 yards. His longest pass of last year was 45 yards!

Last year dude, last year.

If what you said is true about what Curry said, then I expect to see him on the skidoo out of here very soon...

[sarcasm]Wow, i'm shocked. Amazed actually, maybe even a bit puzzled. If Maas can't throw more than 35yds, the defense is laughing at him and his own receivers say he can't throw and Lancaster says he's injured then why is he still playing? Conspiracy theory? Taaffe has no idea what he is doing? Management doesn't want to look bad for trading for him? What is it? I mean I really want to know why is Maas playing if it is so obvious to everybody that he is that bad? Again I am shocked, I've been hoodwinked[/sarcasm]

Drexel....This season was "over" from the start?
I do not agree..
So start Chang and Butler ?
Earth to Drexel...Earth to Drexel....
The season is a long way..from being over, my fellow Ti-Cat fan...
And the 7 and 0 if Chang was starting..was a comment, posted by Drexel...
So I guess "that" was you. :thup: :thup:

Great opening post to what will eventually devolve into irrational conjecture.

OK go and find where I said 7-0.

It was over from the start because Marcel decided the best thing to do was go with the rookie movement. Do you actually think he went out and tried to form a grey cup contending team for this season?

Whatever, you must be Michael Moores fact checker.

This is one fan who is "happy" about the so called "Rookie Movement" with the Cats...long long overdue.

Yep it should have been done at least 5 years ago.

SJRiley, nice post, well thought out except for the fact you are just waisting your breath! The hard core Mass Haters are like the mob with torches in the horror movies, relentless. About the only post recently that hasn't been hijacked into a lets "Draw & Quarter" Mass tirade has been the ones about beer. Given enough time though they find a link. Nice try though.

Explain to me how that could happen with a bankrupt ownership?

Sorry, I was under the impression everything you stated about the players laughing at Maas, Maas not being able to throw 35 yards and Lancaster saying he was hurt was fact. I didn't think it was fact but, after you made your first statement that I quoted I assumed it would have been fact.

OH, I forgot you don't need facts to bash our QB, so sorry. Carry on.

Yes I was presenting facts, everything I have said has been mentioned during CBC broadcasts, even the part about defenders laughing at Maas because they knew they didn't have to cover past 35 yards. And here is another fact Maas's t.d total for last year, 8, even though 2 of those receivers are now t.d catching machines with other q.b's getting them the ball. Carry on! and leave me alone lmao.

Gotta agree. This thread is based on lies. Don't agree that we could have one every game tho. We have serious problems beides the QB position even tho my belief is that the QB situation is the only area that is not being addressed